Subject: [FFML] Important announcement
From: Sean Connor
Date: 2/28/2007, 4:00 PM

I have some unfortunate news to share.  Phillip Mak, who has hosted
this list for about five years now, has passed away, apparently of a
cerebral hemorrhage.

Allow me to take this opportunity to give condolences to his friends and
family, and to give thanks for his work in hosting this list.

Now, this does mean that we will have to move to a different server.  We
do have a new server for the list.  However, it's not ready yet, so the
list may experience a few days of downtime.

Rest assured that this will be temporary, though, and that the list will
be back.

Also, anyone who has a homepage hosted on may wish to make a
backup of your site, just in case.

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