Subject: [FFML] Re: [Spam] Calling All Authors
From: James and the Bluejay
Date: 2/26/2007, 10:57 PM
To: Kyle Emmerson

Kyle Emmerson wrote:
Novelas, the Fiction Wikia needs /your/ help!

The Fan Fiction section is still new. And as such, welcomes /any/ and 
/all/ authors to come in and post their Fan Fiction. Posting your 
fiction not interesting? Novelas also features a large collection of 
original stories, constructed worlds and more. With nearly 2000 pages, 
Novelas is still a fledgling wiki, but with your involvement, it can be 
so much more.

It's not just a free library. It's a community.

Kick start your browsers at

Or check out the Fan Fiction section at:

Come on in. We're waiting on /you/!

This might be interesting, but you overlooked one element of fan fiction 
- at least anime fan fiction, though I'm pretty sure it applies 
throughout - and that is the author.  For me, who wrote a story is at 
least as important as the title of that story.  On most of the stories I 
glanced at I couldn't find a single hint of who wrote it.

If you want to attract readers, you need some way to provide information 
on who wrote the story, what else they have written, and an easier link 
to comments about the story (sort of like a blog, I suppose).

Oh, by the way - the first url - gives a 404 
'file not found' error unless you add a following slash.


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