Subject: [FFML] [Con] [Info] Call for Fanfic Panelists Anime Central 2007
From: Pearson Mui
Date: 2/19/2007, 11:47 PM

It's that time again!  No, it's not time to spin the Wheel of 
Morality (TM), it's time to select panelists for the Anime Central 
2007 Fanfiction Panel!

Anime Central ( will take place on May 11-13 at the 
Hyatt Regency O'Hare in Rosemont, Illinois.  If you're going to be 
attending Acen and you're interested in being on the panel, please 
send the following information:

1.  Your name or preferred handle.

2.  Your real name, if different.

3.  A list of your preferred works, including any you may have 
written in the past year.

4.  The URL of your website, if any, or where your works can be found.

5.  If you've been on a fanfic panel before, and if so, where.

6.  (OPTIONAL) Why you'd like to be on the panel.

Please private mail me at by March 23 if you're 
interested.  The panel will be selected shortly after that.

Hope to hear from you soon!

--Pearson "Doc" Mui

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