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Subject: [FFML] Re: [fanfic][draft][Ranma/MKR] Fire in the Water, chapter 

Jorge A Pratt wrote:


This is not a gripe _against_ the use of Japanese in fics, but rather an
argument _for_ the use of English: running this scene in my mind, I feel
that --for an audience whose first or second language is English-- the
"Tasukete" removes the reader one step from the intended meaning. A
translated "Help"/"Help me" would feel much more visceral, more urgent, 
it would draw the reader in more strongly.

Jorge is absolutely right. Actually, in my case, he's more than right.

See, I know no japanese at all. Right up until I read Jorge's comments,
I thought Hikaru was calling some name I had forgotten from MKR. The
emotion came through fine, as it is derived from the context, but I got
absolutely the wrong meaning and would have been wondering later in the
fic when this Tasukete person was going to show up.

Part of the price you pay for only watching your anime dubbed... (The other 
being that US voice talent consists of people who can't get other acting 
jobs, while Japanese voice talent actually qualify for the name....)


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