Subject: [FFML] Re: [Fanfic][Final Fantasy VIII] A Fated Child
From: David Johnston
Date: 2/12/2007, 3:13 PM
To: Andrés Lou

Andr�s Lou wrote:

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Andr�s Lou wrote:

"Indeed, it isn't," said Quistis with a sigh. "But since
when does Rinoa care about rules? And I think she's
sticking the habit to Squall too."

And I think she's infecting Squall with that attitude.

Is the sentence you corrected gramatically wrong? Or does
it just sound awkward?

Well "sticking the habit to" just doesn't quite seem to make sense to 
me.   Mostly it's awkward phrasing.

"Ah! Ladies!" Headmaster Cid said loudly, seemingly coming out of
nowhere. "Wonderful job! I'm so proud of my students right
now I could burst! And, just between you and me, I sure feel
relieved that I did manage to pick up the right choices of
Instructors to handle the ceremony."

I don't think you should capitalise "Instructor", here.

But "Instructor", at least in this context, is a title, so I do
believe it should be capitalized, but, hey, if you do know better than 
me... ;-)

I'm not sure, but as I understand it, it's "Captain Kirk is one of many 
starship captains".  It's not a title when it's just used to refer not 
to an individual but to a class of people holding that title.  I could 
be wrong, though.

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