Subject: [FFML] Re: Choosing a setting
From: Patrick
Date: 2/1/2007, 3:38 AM

I would have the near-immortal setting down on Earth for
a decade or two and setting up some sort of secret society
for the dual-purpose of picking out the best candidate for
the job and prepping said candidate for having his/her view
of the world turned on its head.

I will endeavour to give a concrete example:
The near-immortal arrives on Earth just after the Battle of
Waterloo, masquerades as someone born and raised in a
colonial possession of England returning to London. He/she/it
sets up as a person of independent means and establishes
a school which accepts orphans. Over the course time as
the young 'uns grow up and are educated he/she/it tests
selected youngsters for the job at hand.

As the kids approach their late teens one is selected and
given the full treatment and sent on to do job for which
he/she was selected.

This is in fact I set my own story which has never been
shared with anyone.
Dendarii Free Mercenary Fleet
Daring rescues our specialty.

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