Subject: [FFML] Re: [XOVER][AMG] Drunkard's Walk 5, Chapter 3
From: The Wanderer
Date: 2/1/2007, 5:52 PM

Bob Schroeck wrote:

Well, it's been 15 months, but Chris and I have finally completed the
next installment.  In fact, we've completed the next two -- chapter 4
should not be long in coming.



I most certainly have!

   "...Nooby ooby walla,
    Dooby abba nabba,
    Early morning singing song!

    Good morning, Starshine,
    There's love in your skies,
    Reflecting the sunlight
    In my lover's eyes.

    Good morning, Starshine,
    So happy to be
    My love and me as we sing
    Our early morning singing song..."

Question is, of course, what - if anything - does this do for Doug?

(This may well have been hashed out on the DW forums long since, but I
haven't been caught up on even the parts of the forums which I try to
read regularly since about mid-August.)

"It's not all bad.  I mean, since you're not part of the Choir they
have no real authority over you, right?"

"Yeah, and *I* have no authority over *them*!"

"As long as you don't punch one.  You remember what happened last

...this almost reads as if, if he *did* punch one, he would then have
authority over them...

While almost certainly not true, and grammatically excusable given that
this is dialogue, it's still kind of a weird image.

I shrugged and said, "You heard the lady.  Thanks for the help, but
it looks like the plans have changed."  I grimaced. "Literally."  As
they left, I glanced at Chris.  "What about you?"

He shook his head with a small smile.  "Skuld knows better than to
tell me to leave.  I'm here because she gets all pouty if I don't
stay for the show."

Skuld made a rude noise and stuck her tongue out at him, and I
chuckled softly.

"Show?" Megumi asked him with a frown.  "What's coming next?"

"This," Skuld replied, stepping to one end of her workbench and
opening a long, narrow panel to reveal a bright red lever.  With a
smirk at us, she reached in and pulled it.

A very nicely impressive bit of staging, this - and one does wonder a
bit at the provenance of the anvil.

Skuld suddenly fell silent, and her eyes became distant.  Megumi
waited for a few moments, and was about to interject something --
anything! -- to restart the conversation, when Skuld said, softly,
"There was Another, once, the Warrior, Eternity...  but she's been
lost to us for so long."

"Well," Skuld shot her a thankful smile, then leaned back and
half-closed her eyes.  "You know that my sisters and I are a matched
set.  A team, of sorts.  We're always together, whatever pantheon our
Overselves express themselves through.  The maiden, the... the
mother, and the crone."


I see where this is going, and I love it.

The question is, is Doug going to get a chance to recognize this? And
would he even be in a position to do so, if he did?

(And, of course, who would the "male counterpart" of the Warrior be?)

I chuckled at the idea of cleaning an oven with dragon's blood (it
was a use for the stuff I'd never heard of, though I knew of almost a
dozen others)

More confirmation, if simple math were not enough, that the hypothetical
Harry Potter Step has definitely not happened yet.

and kept digging through the box. Interesting collection of doodads
in there -- a solitary cogwheel with a few missing teeth, a cracked
and chipped gem of a transparent golden hue, a hunk of broomstick,
among a lot of other odds and ends.

Why do I get the impression I should be able to almost recognize some of

"Nasty things," she repeated.  "Take a whole lot to kill, too, though
there was this one time a little mortal girl with a wooden sword
defeated one all by herself."

Although it's the most explicit of these references yet, I don't
recognize this one.

(Well, fictional to *me*.  But not long after that I dialed up one of
my alleged ex-employers just out of curiosity; I ended up talking
with a fellow who recognized my voice immediately and was
*absolutely* certain that I'd worked for him for five years.  I had
to navigate the treacherous shoals of nostalgia with him for a good
fifteen minutes before I could hang up.  Afterwards, I hoped
fervently that I never would run into "little Yuriko from Marketing",
not after finding out what my alleged boss had claimed he had walked
in on us doing during one Christmas party.

I'd just like to note that the out-of-chronological-order nature of
these "little Yuriko" references is somewhat disconcerting; it seems
kind of disjointed at best. One reference would be fine - but referring
back to it later *and* simultaneously referring forwards by virtue of
the fact that it hasn't happened yet, crossed with the fact that there
are probably good odds we'll never actually see it happen on stage,
queers the act a little.

Seeing this, I waved nonchalantly.  "It's not all that bad.  I can
sort of ... *nudge* my field to leave food and clothes and other
stuff alone, but it's like there's a certain level of activity it has
to have, so it makes other things happen instead."  I shot a wicked
grin at Belldandy first, then at Keiichi.  "You want to see?"

As someone else has commented, it does seem somewhat odd that Doug's
field in an AMS universe wouldn't cause bugs. Not that their absence
couldn't be explained away plausibly enough, but...

Excellent chapter, all in all. I look forward to the next one with
anticipation noticeably heightened by its reported imminence.

(Although the fact that I have to even consider the possibility of
mentioning this is enough to irritate me: note the reply address.)

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