Subject: [FFML] Re: [Fanfic][Naruto] Suiren, Chapter 7: Contact...
From: David Johnston
Date: 11/30/2006, 3:50 AM
To: Eimii

Eimii wrote:

 > *Well, at least that explains why Haruno looks like she could chew
 > rocks, but why is Ino getting all bent out of shape over this?*
 > Shikamaru wondered agitatedly, ignoring Kiba's pleading eyes for the
 > moment. *Even if it's true, it's not _that_ big a deal. Ino's not petty,
 > and Sakura's been her friend for a while... though maybe that's it.
 > Maybe she's just upset that Sakura didn't tell her; dammit, why do girls
 > have to be insane?*

Yeah, it's like they've all got split personalities or something!

 > Sighing in exasperation, Shikamaru grimaced and pointed at the field.
 > "Yeah, whatever- it looks like she's about to say something," he noted,
 > successfully distracting Hinata away from the flustered dog-boy.
 > Indeed, Ino had taken a step onto the road, and was getting Sakura's
 > attention. The blonde looked like she was in a slightly more reasonable
 > frame of mind than she'd been in earlier. She didn't look angry anymore,
 > and while she was definitely unhappy, she was trying very hard to hide
 > it.
 > "Sakura, we don't have to do this!" Ino began, speaking low enough that
 > only the people in the front row of their slowly growing audience could
 > hear.
 > She glanced around self-consciously at the crowd of friends, townsfolk
 > and curious foreigners that had gathered in the gate and along the
 > village wall, before continuing. "I don't hold it against you or
 > anything, really! I was just... surprised, and upset that you didn't
 > trust me enough to tell me about... this, and... you." Looking
 > distinctly uncomfortable for a moment, Ino waved a hand at Mitarashi
 > Anko. "And I'm worried about you! I mean, she's so- so- _old_!"
 > "_OLD_?! Why, you-" Anko sputtered, the suspiciously adoring look on her
 > face transforming instantly into a mask of rage. "Don't let her talk
 > about me like that, Sakura-chan! Kick 'er ass!"
 > "_SHUT UP_!" Sakura roared, making even the gate guards jump as she spun
 > around to give the jounin a terrifying glare of slow, painful death.
 > While Kiba dashed off after a whimpering Akamaru and everybody else was
 > busy stuffing their hearts back down their throats, Sakura closed her
 > eyes and started muttering under her breath.
 > Eventually, the white-knuckled fists that she held stiffly at her sides
 > relaxed, and she opened her eyes to cast Ino a steady, determined gaze.
 > "This is all just... a big _misunderstanding_, but we can talk about it
 > later. Right now, all I want to do is settle _our_ fight, nothing else."
 > Not waiting for her rival's reply, Sakura dropped into an empty-handed
 > taijutsu stance. "I'm sick and tired of being left behind, but I can't
 > move on without getting past _you_, so unless you'd like to admit defeat
 > in front of everyone here, and get out of my way..." She trailed off, an
 > uncharacteristically cocky, dangerous grin spreading across her face.
 > By now, Ino had recovered enough to gape in disbelief at the pink-haired
 > girl. "You- but- admit defeat to _you_?! Like Hell I will!" she
 > bellowed, the pressure of a hundred eyes bearing down on her until she
 > had no choice but to collapse or explode.
 > "I don't have a clue what's going on behind that _huge_ forehead of
 > yours, Sakura, but if you seriously think that you've got a chance in
 > Hell of beating me just because of that freakish fluke at the exam,
 > you've got another thing coming!" Her anger resurrected mightier than
 > before, Ino took her own fighting stance, glaring daggers at her
 > grinning opponent. "Bring it on!"
 > *Well, I'll give this to Sakura: she really knows how to push Ino's
 > buttons,* Shikamaru grumbled internally, wondering if Sakura had planned
 > on their being such a large number of witnesses. More than being pushy,

there being

 > vain, and delusional when it came to Sasuke, Ino's biggest weakness was
 > her pride.
 > A lot of it was well-deserved, as she was one of the best female ninja
 > in her generation,

Which doesn't exactly say a whole heck of a lot for the female ninja of 
her generation since I'm pretty sure Chouji could turn her into a 
pancake not to mention people like Rock Lee, Gaara, Sasuke and Naruto.
Ino's devastating in combination with Shikamaru, but on her own, not 

 > This was proven a moment later, as Ino wised up and reached for a kunai,
 > finally forcing Sakura to give her a bit of breathing room. "Alright,
 > Sakura, no more playing around! Time to get serious!" she shouted
 > confidently, though Shikamaru could tell that she was getting nervous.

Doesn't seem that proves anything.  Sakura's still ahead on points.

 > "No... they're bunshin, not illusions, but none of them is the real
 > Sakura. I don't see her at all.

Surely the Byakugan can see an invisible person.  Isn't that what the 
Byakugan does best?

 > "That's not a very nice thing to say, Ino-chan," Sakura whined, a hurt
 > look on her face as she leaned over Ino's back. Resting her chin on the
 > injured girl's good shoulder, she loosely draped her arms around Ino's
 > stomach. When blonde froze, blue eyes wide with shock, Sakura's pouty
 > expression turned mischievous, and she turned her head to give her rival
 > a playful lick on the cheek.

OK, so that's an echo of Anko looking like Sakura in Ino's mind.

 > "Ne, Ino-chan, please don't be mad, okay?" Sakura prodded. When this
 > provoked no response, she got a little closer. "Ino-chAAA!" Sputtering,
 > Sakura danced away, but not in time to avoid a good dousing as Ino
 > pressed her palm under the running tap in front of her.
 > Spinning, the blonde was only mildly surprised when she found that
 > Sakura had vanished once more, but this time she was prepared. Looking
 > down, she spotted a trail of wet footprints leading to the bathroom
 > door. She had neither heard nor seen it open, but that was probably part
 > of whatever illusion Sakura was using to hide from her.

Footprints?  That's some powerful hallucinating.

 > "Waaah! No!" Appearing out of nowhere, _another_ Sakura slid to a stop
 > in front of Ino, grabbing her feet. The new Sakura stared up at the
 > blonde with huge, teary, beseeching green eyes. "Don't fight!" she
 > pleaded, hugging Ino's legs tighter.

Hey.  That's a new personality.

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