Subject: [FFML] [Comet][LIME] Princess Comet and the Meteor Shower
From: "Henry J. Cobb" <>
Date: 11/27/2006, 11:39 PM

This story contains intense adult situations.  So if you're old enough to
read the story then you're too old to watch the Cosmic Baton Girl
Comet-san anime that's it's based on.

"Six years," I stared at the princess in my mirror.

"What's the matter, your Lowness?"  Muuku spoke without leaving my amulet.
 He was getting better at knowing when it wouldn't be safe to come out
into the open.

"It's been six years and I still don't have a clue where the prince is

"I don't think you've ever had a clue and you're not getting any younger."

"For your information I am a beautiful, eighteen years young princess. 
I've seen plenty of people on Earth with starlight in their eyes, but none
of them are the one.  At least Comet hasn't found him either."

My cell phone rang.  I looked at the caller id for a moment and then
answered it anyway, "Yes?  What is it?"


"That's Princess Meteor to you Comet!"

"Would Princess Meteor of the Castanet Star Empire kindly grace Princess
Comet of the Harmonica Star Empire with the pleasure of her company

"I suppose."

"Come to the beach at 10pm and come alone please.  Thank you."

I stared at my phone.  What was that all about?  Why did she want me to be
alone?  Other than Muuku there wasn't anybody I would be with, but why the

She must be planning something.  She's found the Prince and needs to
dispose of me so that she'll have a head start on the way back to the Star
Cluster.  Castanet won't have any warning at all when the attack comes. 
It's so ingenious, exactly the sort of plot I would have come up with. 
She's been fooling everybody with her sweet and innocent act all along. 
But she's underestimated me.  She shouldn't have given me warning.

"Princess?"  Muuku stuck his head out of my amulet.

I grabbed him by the neck and yanked him out, "Muuku, you'll have to stay
home for me tonight and watch the folks."  The last thing I needed was for
Muuku to blab everywhere that I'd found the Prince before I was ready.  I
had some old scores to settle back on Castanet before revealing my

"But your Lowness!"

"You will stay here.  Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes Meteor."

Comet walked out onto the beach at 9:55 pm and waited.

I looked all around, but couldn't see her backup.  I suppose that she
didn't want any witnesses either.

At precisely 10:00 pm I walked out to her under the stars.

"Princess Meteor, you've come."

"I know precisely what you're planning."

"You do?  That makes this easier, I suppose."

"Die!"  I summoned my baton and sent a deadly wave of energy at her.

She summoned her baton and spun it in front of her, absorbing my blast,
"Don't be silly.  You can't hurt a Star Princess with Star Energy."

"Damn, I had forgotten."

"But you can do this,"  She spun her baton again and sent a wave of energy
back at me.

I raised my baton and absorbed her attack.  I prepared another strike, but
something was wrong.  There was a warmth creeping down my arm from my
baton.  I started feeling fuzzy and dizzy.  I paused to catch my breath
and giggled.

No, I must focus on Comet, she's walking towards me.  I tried to raise my
baton, but she nudged it out of my weak grasp.  She's going to, she's
going to...

She kissed me and I stood there and took it.

Suddenly her fingers, her lips were all over me.  She lowered me gently to
the ground and started to remove my clothes and I didn't resist.

A passion grew in me and she seemed to know all the right places to stoke
the fire.  Then she finished me off by doing wonderful, unspeakable things
with her baton.

I lay panting in her arms afterwards, "That was amazing how you tossed
your baton up and caught it in your..."  I couldn't say it, even after
what we had done.

"I've had a lot of practice while waiting for our prince to come."

"You don't know where he is?"

"No, I think the Star Children have been blocking us."

"What!  How dare they?"

"What will you think will happen when I return to Harmonica with the
prince of Tambourine?"

"Harmonica and Tambourine will combine to crush Castanet."

"I wouldn't do that."

I looked into the eyes of my lover and knew the truth of her words, "It
doesn't matter.  Your royal advisors, all those old men, they've got it
all planned out.  The same would happen if I brought the prince back to
Castanet.  I guess that's why I haven't really been looking.  Millions of
people are going to die and all we can do is delay the inevitable."

"But what if we brought him back together?"


"The laws of the Star Cluster allow for Polygamy."

"It hasn't been done for hundreds of years."

"And the Cluster has been at war for all that time.  It's time to change
all of that."

"Why would you want to be in a marriage with me?"

"I've always liked you Meteor.  Being a princess has always come naturally
to you, while I've just been goofy.  When you're harsh I know it's just
because you expect things to be better and you'll do whatever it takes. 
It's that strength I admire."

"Being a princess is all about appearances.  Speaking of which, your hair
is a mess.  You can't go home like that.  How would you explain it to the
twins?  Come back to my place and you can use the shower."

"Is it big enough for two?"  She smiled at me and the warmth spread
through my heart again.

"I suppose."

We put our clothes back on and walked from the beach hand in hand.

At the top of the stairs from the beach she stopped and turned towards me,
"Tomorrow we'll find the Prince.  I just know it."

I looked at the starlight in her eyes and then I raised my free hand to
point at the stars, "And we're going to do it together!"

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