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Sakura managed to turn herself over before getting caught again.
"@()*&$^! Are you _really_ gay, or just insane?!" she shrieked into the
examiner's madly grinning face.


The green-eyed girl adopted an exaggerated look of disgust. "Yes,
unfortunately, I do. Sorry to disappoint you, but my tongue isn't long
enough for that."


After Sakura had stopped struggling, the jounin loosened her grip a bit
and placed her lips next to her captive's ear. "We'll just have to work
on that, then," she promised in a sultry whisper.


"I can show you what I mean by 'nice' right now, if you want," Anko
offered, giving Sakura a come-hither look.

Rolling her eyes, the young kunoichi stared dispassionately at her
nemesis. "If I have sex with you, will you stop bugging me about it?"
she deadpanned.


Slapping away the pink-haired girl's punch, Anko held on for a good
second before releasing her, leaving Sakura to rub the bright-red
impression her teeth had made. Anko's upper and lower canines had even
broken the skin, producing a slow dribble of crimson.

"What was that for?!"

Marking territory?

"OKETSU-BUNSHIN!" As the small spatter of fluid started to smoke, the
Jounin growled in annoyance at Sakura. "What the hell does it take to
make you _shut up_?"

A dick in her mouth?

"A little warning would be nice!" the younger kunoichi snapped, but her
attention was now focused on what had emerged from the rapidly
dissipating white cloud. Where the drops of blood had fallen, there now
stood a naked clone of _her_. "All that for a bunshin? And why isn't it
wearing any clothes?"

Anko made it, does she even need to ASK?

"Damn straight something's wrong!" Sakura roared, pointing at the
mirror. "My hair is _green_!" Indeed, gone were the striking locks the
color of cherry blossoms that the younger girl had so prided herself on.
In addition to gaining an unruly defiance of gravity, her hair had
turned an similarly shocking and much less becoming shade of verdant
forest green. "This isn't funny! _GREEN_?! What were you thinking?!"

It's not easy, bein' green...

"NO WAY! Absolutely not- I am _not_ going outside like this!"

"But Saaaakura-chaaaan, it's _perfect_!"

...oh damn.

The floppy-eared puppy bouncing along in the hood of Kiba's jacket let
out an indignant yip, stating in no uncertain terms that it wasn't _his_
fault that Kiba was such a heavy sleeper. Akamaru also growled a few
choice guesses as to why Kiba was so hot to see the soft spoken,
medicine-smelling girl that morning.


Pushing himself upright, the man adjusted his peony patterned white
kimono, which was draped loosely over a pair of beaten, faded blue jeans
and a gray undershirt. This haphazard choice of clothing, combined with
his tanned skin and the shock of dark green hair that crowned his head,


"...Wow, Kiba actually apologized. I guess there really is a first time
for everything." Reaching down to adjust the sword hanging at her hip,
which had been jostled by the impact, Sakura peered down the half-open
front of her kimono, and was suddenly struck by a crushing pang of
depression. *He just called me 'man.'*


At first, the faux green-haired girl had been incensed when Anko
suggested that she cross-dress, especially considering the way the
jounin had pitched the idea. *'You don't got much to hide, anyway!'
Goddamn exhibitionist cow...*


The technique functioned a lot like her 'cloaking' genjutsu, but in
reverse. Instead of 'suppressing' her presence in her victims' minds,
the technique 'enhanced' it instead. With a little tweaking, Sakura was
sure she could use it to provoke other kinds of reactions as well.


Leaning against the rear wall in what she hoped was a cool and aloof
pose, the green-haired kunoichi scanned the crowd for people she knew.
Not coincidentally, the first familiar face she noticed was Ino's.

Has anyone ever noticed that in a sans-serif font, Ino's name looks like
"ho"? That can't be a coincidence...

"AAAAARGH!" Face glowing like a brand, Ino slapped her hand to her eyes
and tried to run faster. *Dammit, what the hell does Sakura _see_ in
that woman?!*

I think she'd like to see a dagger in her. Preferably through the forehead.

As for the PS3 being "an engineering
masterpiece"--so was the Spruce Goose.

That turkey didn't fly either.
The Eternal Lost Lurker

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