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From: Aaron Nowack
Date: 11/24/2006, 11:31 PM
To: Eimii

Eimii wrote:

Well, we'll see what I can find that might use some changing. 
not much, but one never knows.

I think i was going to go into more detail during Sakura's visit to the 

Hmm.  I don't think that would add that much, though it wouldn't hurt
either.  We see the important part, after all.  Unless there's some
additional information or hints you want to add in there, I think it's
probably fine as is.

And good luck breaking that writer's block with the next chapter.  I
hate it when that happens to me.

I believe i shall just keep doing these renewals until i'm in a 'Naruto' 
mood again; it's been a while since the actual, original series has 
entertained me, which makes writing fanfiction for it hard...

Heh.  There's been enough entertaining bits and pieces to keep me at
least a bit interested, and a good number of useful additions to the
fanfic writer's toolbox.  The various disappointments actually sort of
inspire me, since they make me want to tell the story "right."

I just hope the story stops treading water soon.  Even the recent major
event didn't do much to advance the plot in any real fashion.

Poor, poor Sakura-chan.

Sakura gets abused a lot in this story, but only because i like her ^_^.

I understand.  I tend to do the same to the characters I like, also.  :)

"...I think I would like that, Kiba-kun," came a quiet, hopeful voice
from behind the boys. "Could you help me?"


I don't think i could write a Naruto fic where Hinata isn't cute; i'm 
not sure i could wrap my mind around the concept...

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I've got a story idea building that
has Hinata as much more of a dark, angsty type.  But it'd probably wind
up being a cute type of dark angst, anyway.  :)

(The idea basically involves swapping the ages and roles in the story of
  Neji and Itachi, so Neji slaughters the whole Hyuuga Clan except
Hinata and joins Akatsuki while Itachi is in Team Gai.  It'll probably
never get written, since I've yet to figure out what the _plot_ would
really be.)

Sakura has no idea how much she owes Shikamaru... think of how much
_worse_ things would be without him.

Maybe, maybe not; Shikamaru's efforts at damage control aren't _nearly_ 
as vigorous as Kiba's efforts at being a total ass...

True.  :)

On the other hand, "another thing" is what people tend to actually
_say_, and this is dialogue.  *shrug*

Aye; i wasn't even aware that there was an 'orignal source' to be 

Nor was I until relatively recently.

With a snarl, the blonde hopped back to her feet, but immediately had 
dodge needles from two directions at once. Despite her best efforts,
_both_ of them managed to graze her lightly. Blood welling from fresh
cuts on her thigh and cheek, Ino swept her gaze around the circle of
kunoichi, looking for the attack that she knew would follow.

Hmm.  Even knowing what she's doing, I'm not quite sure how Sakura
manages to pull that one off.

Hmm... what part is confusing you?

...I'm not quite sure what it was now.  I'll let you know if I remember.

Just as Sakura was probably about to protest her innocence, the 
woman leaned down and placed a hand on Sakura's shoulder. "Ooooh, I
think she's jealous!" Anko commented in a scandalized tone.

Ah, Anko.  Mistress of making a bad situation even _worse_.  :)

It wouldn't be as fun if she weren't so evil ^_^...

Indeed. :)

I've considered just using profanities... but honestly, i don't know a 
very good variety of them myself, and Sakura has a really, really foul 
mouth when she's upset. If she and Tayuya ever meet, it's going to be 
ugly ^_^;;...


I hope Suiren makes it to that part of the story; I have a feeling it
would be very... interesting.  :)

...well, hopefully I said something mildly useful in all that.  :)

Ah, usefulness is overrated! You did catch some stuff that i missed, 
though, so it's all good. Thanks for the reply!

You're welcome.

And now on to chapter 8... :)

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