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Still, the hefty boy was skeptical. "But they're both girls,

Awww, so innocent and naive...

The other two boys turned to examine the shinobi in question; for
reasons that the slick-haired boy couldn't guess at, Sakura was once
again clad in just a light mesh undershirt, running shorts and a bra,

"Yeah, we can see what she's been *training*... H_H"

Predictably, it was Kiba who spoke first. "...I dunno, maybe Mitarashi's
just really rough in bed."

*SNRK* ..... H_H;;

"Not the bruises," Shikamaru corrected impatiently, "look at the muscles
on her calves and upper arms; they're more defined than they were

"Also, pay special attention to her thighs. Her smooth, creamy, supple

"Yeah, I guess she does got more meat on 'er." A faint leer spread
across Kiba's face, but it didn't seem to be directed at the object of
their scrutiny. "Heh... I wonder if Hinata would wanna do some 'strength

Ecchi! (Though I can't say I blame him for thinking it.)

"...I think I would like that, Kiba-kun," came a quiet, hopeful voice
from behind the boys. "Could you help me?"


*Huh... whipped by the shyest girl in school, and _neither_ of them know
it,* Shikamaru observed drolly, before coming to his fellow male's
rescue. "Hello, Hinata. I see you came prepared." He nodded down at the
large first aid kit that the Hyuuga girl had clutched in her arms.

"Did you also bring the ropes for the shibari?"

"No, they're definitely doin' it," the tattooed boy cut in. "Ino saw the
crazy woman sneakin' in Sakura's window this mornin', so she came ta my
house and we-"

"Humped like mutts in heat."

It was lucky that Kiba couldn't possibly have gotten redder than he
already was, as Hinata's inquisitive gaze fell upon him once more. "Uh-
_she_ watched em' gettin' busy in Sakura's room. I tried ta stop 'er- I
mean, Sakura's my neighbor, and I'd _never_ look through 'er window like
that -but'cha know how pushy Ino can be, right?"

Yup, that's Ino for you. A big pushy.

*Well, at least that explains why Haruno looks like she could chew
rocks, but why is Ino getting all bent out of shape over this?*

Because they wouldn't let her join in!

Shikamaru wondered agitatedly, ignoring Kiba's pleading eyes for the
moment. *Even if it's true, it's not _that_ big a deal. Ino's not petty,


"Sakura, we don't have to do this!" Ino began, speaking low enough that
only the people in the front row of their slowly growing audience could

"Not in public, anyway!"

She glanced around self-consciously at the crowd of friends, townsfolk
and curious foreigners that had gathered in the gate and along the
village wall, before continuing. "I don't hold it against you or
anything, really! I was just... surprised, and upset that you didn't
trust me enough to tell me about... this, and... you." Looking
distinctly uncomfortable for a moment, Ino waved a hand at Mitarashi
Anko. "And I'm worried about you! I mean, she's so- so- _old_!"

Ouch, BAD move.

Eventually, the white-knuckled fists that she held stiffly at her sides
relaxed, and she opened her eyes to cast Ino a steady, determined gaze.
"This is all just... a big _misunderstanding_, but we can talk about it
later. Right now, all I want to do is settle _our_ fight, nothing else."

"We can fuck like rabid weasels later."

"I don't have a clue what's going on behind that _huge_ forehead of
yours, Sakura, but if you seriously think that you've got a chance in
Hell of beating me just because of that freakish fluke at the exam,
you've got another thing coming!" Her anger resurrected mightier than


Learn it. Live it. Love it.

*Well, I'll give this to Sakura: she really knows how to push Ino's


A lot of it was well-deserved, as she was one of the best female ninja
in her generation,


Showing no lack of initiative, Sakura took the offensive immediately.
Dropping her stance until she was almost horizontal,

A position she's used to being in! WOOOOOOOOO!

In terms of speed, Ino and Sakura were about even, but Sakura's
ground-hugging advance had allowed her to enter striking range faster
than Ino had anticipated. The tactic left Sakura's back dangerously


Three of them bolted toward Ino in erratic trajectories, while the
fourth 'clone' shadowed the third. The pair approached from the right,
the odd fourth Sakura keeping the third between herself and Ino,
hopefully to avoid the blonde's notice until the last moment. That would
be the real Sakura; Shikamaru could tell by the way the smoke cloud had
moved when that pair exited.

I believe someone is in for a surprise.

"By the way," the taller woman broke in after a minute, startling
Sakura, "what the heck was with all that punching, kicking garbage back
there? I thought you were 'training.'" Anko's voice dripped with sarcasm
as she glanced over to give Sakura an incredulous look.

Despite herself, Sakura couldn't keep the flush of embarrassment from
her cheeks. "Er... well, I'm really only doing strength and stamina
training. Most of those moves I just copied from sparring with


Her next question was delivered with a more confused and less
condescending tone. "If you knew she couldn't catch you, why didn't you
just sneak up on her and clock her on the back of the head right from
the get-go?"


"All of it?" the brunette pressed, the shock in her voice clearly
evident. "Even that possession thing you used on me?" Almost shaking
with some unreadable emotion, Anko was glaring at her now, as if
_daring_ her to say that it was so.

Ah shit/

...A strangely un-muffled, worried voice. Unable to stand, Ino cast
around frantically for a second, searching for the source. When she
looked up the blonde's eyes widened in complete disbelief they locked
gazes with a pair of watery green orbs peering down at her, framed by a
large forehead, a wild shock of pink hair, and eight fingers gripping
the top edge of the stall door.

That is one of the weirdest, cutest mental images I can imagine. Especially
if I picture it as SD-Sakura. *_*

"Don't ask me! All I know is she's been stalking me since I woke up,
using some sort of genjutsu, so I can't find her," Ino explained
impatiently. "The pervert followed me right into the bathroom, so I
sprayed her and followed the trail out here, but it just stopped all of
a sudden. She can't be far."

" _sprayed_ her?" Kiba wondered, his thin eyebrows shooting right
to the top of his head.


"She was using it then too? Hmm..." Frowning as the pieces finally fell
into place, Ino lowered her head in contemplation. *Still, if Hinata
can't see her, and Kiba can't smell her, I don't know how-* Suddenly,
she reddened with embarrassment stared at Kiba. "Aaaah! Don't smell
_me_, you pervert dog-boy!"


"You did!" the blonde protested. Staring around, she noticed Anko
walking up behind Sakura, and her eyes widened. "Ah! I know what you're
doing! Stay away from me- I'm not like that!"

Just as Sakura was probably about to protest her innocence, the taller
woman leaned down and placed a hand on Sakura's shoulder. "Ooooh, I
think she's jealous!" Anko commented in a scandalized tone.


"I don't think she wants to see you right now, Sakura-chan. Let's just
go home- I think I know something that will make you feel better..."

"Aaargh! &#()&!"

"SAKURA-CHAN! What did you just say!?"

"...A-ah- hello, Mother."

*DIES laughing*

Oh man, this just gets better and better. XD

As for the PS3 being "an engineering
masterpiece"--so was the Spruce Goose.

That turkey didn't fly either
The Eternal Lost Lurker

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