Subject: [FFML] [C&C] [HP][Draft1] Paladin Chapter 2
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Date: 11/13/2006, 11:02 PM
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Pressing on!

Disclaimer: Harry Potter is the creation of J.K. Rowling. No money is  
being made from this and no such intent should be inferred.

Only one thing to do.

Hire a private investigator.

"The little guy says His name is Parvarus. Claims to be a God.  
Ginny's God, to be precise."

The possible jokes one could make of that sentence alone are effectively infinite.


Parvarus sighed. "Yes. A thousand years ago, my worshippers numbered  
in the thousands and the forests covered this land. My powers were  
infinite, and my brother Elos and I roamed freely with the mortals  
who lived here. I even gave some of them the ability to change to  
wolves by the light of the moon. Then, one day, one of the wizards  
who served me, Godric Gryffindor, came to me with three others, all  
outsiders and asked if they might build a school at the edge of the  
forest. They wished to gather all those of magical power in the land  
and teach them magic in safety."

Now THIS is good exposition. Highly nutritious too!

"Hogwarts!" Krum exclaimed. The tall Bulgarian was a graduate of the  
secretive and mysterious Durmstrang in the far northern reaches of  
the continent. He was at Hogwarts for Granger's sake, and little  
more, but he was also brilliant at Runes and much of the protective  
wards on the castle's remains were his doing.

Parvarus nodded. "Yes. This very castle. Elos didn't agree with my  
decision, nor did some of my followers, most of them, in fact. Elos  
gathered them to him and then they left."

"Where did they go?" Diggory asked. Cedric Diggory was a Hogwarts  
Graduate and was a brave and honest young man. It was an open secret  
that he fancied Tonks, but she was either not interested, or enjoying  
being chased.

Their two-person tag match last week had ended on a sour note when Diggory slipped in the fifth floor corridor and crashed into one of the castle paintings...


"But they usually get the job done," Remus pointed out, " and we have  
one thing they didn't. The God we're following is right here,  
visible, and handy. Voldemort has wrapped himself in an illusion of  
invincibility and the only way to shatter it is to make people see  
otherwise. This could be exactly the way to do that."

Okay! Now we're getting somewhere. A most curious analysis, and it felt a little rushed, but it's not like we're five pages from the epilogue, so it works fine.


"Ginny?" Tonks asked when the silence became too much.

"There's a good chance I'll get killed, isn't there?" Ginny asked Remus.

"Yes," Remus replied without hesitation. "Few Paladins died in bed of  
old age and fewer still did so with all their limbs. It's a hard and  
dangerous life. I can make no promises as to how you'll get back to  
your world, Ginny, only that for any danger you face, any burdens you  
bear, I will help you with them, any way I can."

"I'm in," Tonks said. "A short life, but a merry one."

"Same here," Krum said. "I'm sick of hiding."

"Yeah," Diggory put in, "better dead then a coward."

Strange words from this lot, considering the very situation they're in. But I suppose that sets us up for more exposition later.

Parvarus raised his hand and gestured. Half a loaf of bread fell onto  
the table.

"It's a start," Tonks noted.


Remus watched her go until she was out of sight and then swallowed hard.

Oh my . . .

I'm sensing a theme here...

Dang it, now I'm looking forward to the next part!

Good reading. Keep it up.

Rick Spiff

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