Subject: [FFML] Re: [Naruto] One Hundred Days - Chapter Fourteen: The Darkest Hour
From: Aaron Nowack
Date: 11/5/2006, 1:14 AM

David Johnston wrote:
        Impossible, he or she would have been forced to conclude, was
not a word in Akatsuki's vocabulary.  Hardly surprising when that many
of the world's most powerful ninja, possessing countless forbidden and
secret techniques and several powerful bloodlines among them, pooled
their formidable resources.  It was difficult, and dangerous for many
reasons, for Akatsuki to meet in person, and so they developed a way
around that inconvenient fact.

Teleconferencing is an abomination under the laws of gods and men!

It is true!

        Kisame shrugged.  "I doubt we'll see him anytime soon," he
replied.  "Last I heard, he was locked up playing with that slaver woman
the new kid gave him."  He laughed again.

slaver or slave?

Slaver.  Reference to Kitakami Yuki, who was last seen being taken away
by an unnamed Akatsuki member (though his identity should be clear to
those reading the Part Two manga) to be a present to his new partner.

        "What is the current situation?" Itachi asked quietly.
        "The boy is being held by a rogue faction of Storm somewhere
inside the Cloud Village," Kaida replied.  "I have enough control of the
situation that he can't leave, but they're keeping him well-hidden."
        "I suppose we'll just have to show up and start killing Storm,"
Kisame proposed.  "Should be fun."
        Kaida ignored him, focusing on Itachi.  "I suggest you make
haste.  I except Jiraiya-kun to return soon, and that will make things


Yeah.  Thanks for the catch.

        If Naruto were the son of some infamous traitor like Orochimaru,
it would explain everything.  Sakura wasn't able to stop herself from
giggling at the ludicrous idea of Orochimaru himself being Naruto's
father - it wasn't like she knew what clan the renegade Sannin hailed
from, after all.  Then her mirth faded, as it was all too easy to
imagine how terrible it would be to be Orochimaru's son.  Even as
unlikely as that was, it seemed perversely plausible.

"<heavy gasping> Naruto, I am your father.  Search your heart, you know 
it to be true.

But that's another fanfic.

I'm sure it's been done.  Though, come to think of it, I don't believe
I've stumbled across it yet.

        As she entered the academy grounds, Sakura put the puzzle of
Naruto's family firmly out of her mind.  There would be time to think
more on that later, but now was not the time.  She nodded at Shikamaru,
who apparently had been loitering in the surprisingly calm academy
ground for her to arrive.  They entered the building together, the ANBU
guards barely giving them even a cursory glance.

They've been highly trained in cursory glancing.

Phase Two of ANBU training, right after "Dying Off-screen To Show How
Tough The Villain Is."

        The two Naruto exchange a glance, even as behind them the boy he
didn't know disrupted the third Naruto and stepped forward to help
Kidoumaru to his feet.  "What do you mean?" he asked.

Hm.  "exchanged".  And who says that line?

One of the Naruto.  I'll make that more clear.

Thank you for the comments!

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