Subject: [FFML] [Synopsis] Stories posted during the week ending Friday 2006-11-03
From: Andrew Petalik
Date: 11/5/2006, 10:23 PM

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Series: Naruto
Title: One Hundred Days
Chapter: 14
Author: Aaron Nowack
Web site:
Genre: Action/Adventure
Status: Waiting for C&C.

Synopsis: Naruto leaves on his three year training trip, and Sakura
begins the struggle to improve herself. How much will they have changed
when they meet again in one hundred days?

In Chapter Fourteen, The Darkest Hour: at home, Sakura does a lot of
thinking and makes some important discoveries as the Leaf Village heads
to war.  The situation in the Cloud Village explodes as the Akatsuki
member hiding there is revealed.  The Akatsuki aren't the only ones
interested in Naruto, though...


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