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Date: 11/3/2006, 8:42 PM

Nearly through my backlog! Hooray! ^_^

REVAMPED LEGAL DISCLAIMER: the Sailor Senshi belong to Kodansha and

You misspelled "Toei". No US company has the rights to Sailormoon anymore.
Haven't for quite a few years now.

*sigh* Back to the drawing board yet again for ye' old legal disclaimer, I 
see. I swear, that thing gets more criticism than half of what I write.... 

It stood almost twice as tall as Seiji did, with
a thick mane of golden hair that swirled about its heavy skull and a 
horn of purple crystal jutting from its brow.


Hehehe... yeah, in retrospect he does bear a certain resemblance to Griever 
the way I described him. Still, it could have been worse - people could have 
decided he looked like Leomon. I've already had comments on poor Badamon, 
just because he is unfortunately named. ^_^

enchanted steel cracked and crumbled away at his touch.

Ooooh, THAT'S gonna be expensive to repair.

Yeah, lucky for him that stuff usually patches itself up. Usually.

Come to think of it, he and Ryo never *did* get their helmets back after 
Mukala broke them, did they?

"I could so," Ail argued, placing his hands on his hips and
frowning slightly. "I've been working very hard at it, lately. I've
practically got one or two of them willing to listen to me."


Ail has always had a habit for saying the worst possible thing. Usually when 
he's trying to placate Ann. One of my favorite bits from canon is when he 
and Ann were doing their "mysterious watchers from the shadows" routine.

Ail: "So... these are the lovely Sailor Senshi."
Ann: "Lovely?"
Ail: "I meant to say 'evil'. The *evil* Sailor Senshi."

"They were trying to kill you, moron."

"In a very sensual manner!

Death by snoo-snoo?

He WISHES it was death by snoo-snoo! >_<

"You... sliced my ear," she said numbly, as blood began to pour
down her cheek, the almost invisible wound that ran the length of her
face opening wider as she spoke. "You cut my face."

Uh-oh. o.o;;

Yeah, we get to peek in on Ann and Ail again in chapter 10. She is still mad 
at Kamisori for doing that. He got *extra* rope for that little escapade. 

A shadow fell over her table, and Rei looked up into the beaming
face of Shin Mouri. As usual, the boy had an almost expectant look that
filled her with a strange urge to check her purse and find some
peppermints for him.

Wow, his breath is that bad?

Nah, he just has a permanent air of expectation. Shin is one of those guys 
who walks around looking like the world owes him some candy. And maybe a pat 
on the head, or something. :p

There was a scorch
mark on the ceiling, and a soot-streaked trash can lay on its side in 
vanity sink, water dripping from its lip to splash softly on the tiled

Wow, Rei had a tantrum. O.o;;

Well, she was trying to do a fire reading back in chapter 2 that went a 
little out of control. Aside from tossing the trash can in the sink, the 
Senshi have not done much to clean up after it. ^_^

"We'll get you a boyfriend if I have to drag you kicking and screaming
every inch of the way!"

And she means it, too.

With ever fibre of her being, bless her pointy little meatball head. I never 
worry about what kind of ruler Sailor Moon will be once she becomes Queen - 
Usagi is the kind of person whose idea of tyrannical oppression is bedtime 
at nine o' clock and no second helpings of dessert. The biggest problems her 
subjects would probably have is her compulsion to play "Mystery Date" with 
them. Or possibly force them to wear silly hats. :p

Anyway, thanks for writing! I'll try to get back to you on the other reply 
by the end of the night. ^_^


-Morgan Hudson

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