Subject: [FFML] Re: [C&C][YST/SM] Ronin Summer: Convergence 9
From: "Morgan Hudson" <>
Date: 11/3/2006, 10:47 PM

And here we go again! ^_^

My masters
wait for that moment with growing anticipation, Sailor Moon - they shall
show you the most delightful of tortures...."

Orthrus: "They start by stubbing your toe, and then they say BAD THINGS 
about you! Behind your back, even! Just pray that you are not so fierce an 
opponent that they are forced to begin taunting your fashion sense and 
commenting on your hairstyle!"


"SHINE AQUA RHAPHSODY!" Sailor Mercury cried out, pirouetting in

"Rhapsody" only has one H in it. Incidentally, so does "pirhouette".

Huh. See, once again I begin using a spell checker, and once again my 
spelling declines. It boggles me how that keeps happening. >_<

"Get away from her!" Sailor Mercury cried out, scrambling back
to her feet and racing towards the hulking beast. Letting the blonde 
fall from his teeth, Orthrus rose to his full height and chortled, 
catching Sailor Mercury's wrist as she flailed at him. Twisting her hand
behind her back, the youma spun her around and wrapped his other arm
around her throat. Her wildly kicking boots scraped against the ashphalt

Asphalt is another word that only has one H in it. :)

People who spell "color" with an extra "u" get to spell "asphalt" with an 
extra "h". :p

The echoes and
reverberations squealed and bounced against each other until the only
thing audible was a constant, high-pitched tone.

*THUD* Not THAT "attack".

It seemed like a good place for it. I mean, who better to use a supersonic 
scream on than a giant dog? ^_^

"My name's Nise Suiko," the slender youth explained, "and I
seriously doubt that." Running his fingers under the edge of his collar,
he fished out a plinth of gleaming purple crystal that dangled around 
neck on a silver chain.

He has the base of a podium or column support made out of crystal on a 
around his neck?

Uh... maybe the hernia from dragging that huge chunk of rock around is what 
makes him so irritable?  ^_^;;;

...isn't that kinda heavy? And, um...big?

(Maybe 'pendant' or 'sliver' or 'shard' would work better here?)

Riiiiiight. Will fix. ^_~

At least Tuxedo Kamen's mask had lenses
built into it - the person who had designed Seiji's mystical armour had
been focusing on things other than eye protection.

"I have a triple-layer codpiece..."

Talk about someone who has their priorities straight! ^_^

Kaos: "Finally, the mystic yoroi are complete! And the demons of the world 
shall break their knees upon them...."

"Gosh, I hope destroying railway property isn't illegal," Sailor
Venus mused to herself as she examined her handiwork. "If I get the cops
after me again, Artemis will never let me live it down."


Minako never breaks any law that she is AWARE of. That actually leaves her a 
lot of wiggle room, when push comes to shove. :p

"You can't make an omelet without breaking some legs, Luna,"

Mental note: Keep Minako the HELL out of the kitchen.

I think that's a lesson that most of her friends have learned a very long 
time ago. ^_^

Don't you see, young Sanada? You were never meant to be a

"You were meant to be the NPC who complains about cabbages."

Ryo: "Ah, don't even get me *started* on the cabbages! Man, if I see one 
more of those things, I'm gonna...."

Look at what you are without me! Look at what has
become of you!"

Well, let's see. They're alive, they're happy, they're not evil, and some 
them are finding girlfriends...seems to me like they're pretty well off.

Arago: "Hahaha! Perhaps now you remember that the greatest strength a hero 
can have is his angst? With everything going so well for you, you're 
powerless against me!"

Ryo: "My god, he's RIGHT! What have we DONE?"


...okay, that whole vision was just mean.

Thank you. It's hard to come up with something that would have a chance of 
unnerving someone as forthright and noble as Ryo Sanada. Fortunately, he has 
a whole *whack* of issues once you poke through that generic heroic 
appearance. ^_^

"Shin, I'm not going to leave you alone with this sociopath-"

"I happen to be a psychopath, thank you very much! The least you
can do is get it right!"

Hate it when people do that.

Well, accuracy is important when doing this sort of thing. The last thing 
you'd want is a bad diagnosis.  :p

There were a few more
explosions, softer in tone as they got farther away, and one of the
smaller buildings trembled shortly before taking a sudden tilt to the
right and starting to gush water from all of its windows.


Buildings do not do well in the Samurai Troopers' world. This one was lucky 
enough that it just tilted a litte. Usually they end up falling down. :p

"Do you think they give needles to people who get bitten by
demonic hellhounds?" Sailor Moon asked, looking worried.

Needles? No. Silver bullets? Yes.

*snerk* Good one. ^_^

With a loud ratcheting
sound, the steel claws mounted on his gauntlet snapped into place, their
blades pressing against the side of his double's neck.

Oooh, Mexican standoff.

Not the first or the last time they've done this kind of thing, either. The 
really funny thing is that Shin tends to come out on top when everyone's 
cards are laid on the table (well, obviously, since he's still alive). That 
is one of the many things that really irritates Nise. That and the whole 
"still alive" thing.

Thanks as always for the reply! I'm working on chapter 10 whenever I can 
spare the time... hopefully it will be done soon. ;)


- Morgan Hudson

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