Subject: [FFML] Re: [Sailor Moon]A Week in the Life of a Senshi
From: Chris Mattern
Date: 11/1/2006, 9:22 AM

Dot Warner wrote:
A nice set of vignettes.  However, I'm a little puzzled by your
rendering of the days of the week.

Yeah, I puzzled about that for a while too, and I've been second guessing myself on my choice of translations for a while.

A literal translation of the Japanese names of the days of the week,
starting with Monday, would be Moon-day, Fire-day, Water-day, Wood-day,
Gold-day, Earth-day, Sun-day.

That was the inspiration for the 'fic, actually.  I was reading up about days of the week in a textbook that teaches Japanese, and I noticed the elemental associations.

You do have the appropriate senshi for
the days -- though the outers, inevitably, don't quite fit.

*shrugs* Couldn't be helped.

However, you substitute the origins of the *English* names of the
days.  This, I don't quite follow.  The Germanic and Roman gods used
don't really fit the Japanese significance all that well -- Woden for
Ami, for example, seems a real stretch.

But perhaps I'm missing something obvious?

I suppose some of it stems from not trusting my audience to immediately make the association 
between the Senshi and the days of the week.  (Not a good reason, I know.)

But then when I started looking up the origins for the days of the week in English, I thought 
it added a nice additional layer of symbolism to the story.

Woden/Odin for Ami is rather iffy, I'll admit - she really only pings the "wisdom/knowledge" 
aspects, but her story also has undertones of impending tragedy (although one isn't sure how 
much of the future Usagi changed, but it seems a given that Crystal Tokyo is bound to fall).

Saturday was what clinched the decision to use the English terms for me, I think.  Hotaru has 
a double association with it - in her last name Tomoe, and in that she's Sailor Saturn.

Sunday was mostly just "well, that's the only day of the week left, who haven't I written 
about?" but I think in the back of my mind I might have been influenced by the Chinese term 
for it - one of the terms for Sunday literally translates as "Star Phase Sky".

I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but you in fact got the
traditional associations of the Nordic Gods (days of the week)
with the Roman Gods (planets) exactly correct...including
identifying Mercury with Woden.  In late Latin, these days
were in fact "Mars's day", "Mercury's day", "Jupiter's day"
and "Venus's day", a fact which can still be seen in modern
Romance languages (in French, for example, they are Mardi,
Mecredi, Jeudi and Vendredi).

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