Subject: [FFML] Re: [C&C] [Naruto] One Hundred Days - Chapter Fourteen: The Darkest Hour
From: Aaron Nowack
Date: 11/1/2006, 11:00 PM
To: The Eternal Lost Lurker

The Eternal Lost Lurker wrote:
        Impossible, he or she would have been forced to conclude, was
not a word in Akatsuki's vocabulary.  Hardly surprising when that many
of the world's most powerful ninja, possessing countless forbidden and
secret techniques and several powerful bloodlines among them, pooled
their formidable resources.  It was difficult, and dangerous for many
reasons, for Akatsuki to meet in person, and so they developed a way
around that inconvenient fact.

"We have invented...e-mail."

And spam.  Because they're just that evil.

        "It would only have taken one mistake," Kakashi said gently.
"You know that.  Moving openly against you would have been too
dangerous, so instead she took steps to neuter you

OUCH. >.<


        "Haruno Sakura (Leaf Genin, Registration ID: 012601): Minimal
unique information uncovered in debriefing.  Subject claimed to have
been unconscious for most of the battle against Gaara of the Desert.
Analysis of subject's records finds this plausible.  Upon indirect
prompting, said nothing indicating any knowledge relevant to the
unconfirmed Kyuubi sighting; direct questioning on the matter was ruled
out per the Third Hokage's special order on the subject."


It always struck me as rather odd that in canon there were apparently no
repercussions from what an uninformed, paranoid observer would surely
see as Naruto letting the Kyuubi loose.

        "What do we do now?" Shikamaru asked after a long moment.
        "What can we do?" Sakura said.  "We go on with our lives, and we
don't breathe a word of this to anyone."

Yyyyyyeah. I give them a week, TOPS, on that.

A little optimistic, as it turns out.  :)

        "Well," Zeshin said from behind the legendary Sannin, "I imagine
it was probably Kabuto-kun or Tayuya-chan.  Unless Sasuke-kun has been
studying genjutsu in his spare time, of course."

....oh, DAMN. I knew he was a fake, but... @_@;;

*evil grin*

        Tenten was indeed one of the members of the patrol, and she
relaxed slightly as she recognized the trio.  "I know them," she said,
and her teammates too began to relax.  One of the men on her squad gave
her a questioning glance, and she spoke again.  "Aburame Shino, Hyuuga
Hinata, Inuzuka Shinta."

Error much?

Doh.  Thanks for catching that one.

Loved the fight scenes in this chapter.

Glad you enjoyed them.

And now I can't WAIT to see the next one...

That is the objective.  :)

Thank you very much for the C&C!

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