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And here's the second half:


	"What're you making? Is there anything I can do to help?"

	Makoto whirled around from the stove to find Ranma standing by
the door to the kitchen, looking straight at her. How long had he been
standing there anyway? She hadn't heard a thing! She raised her hand
to her heart as she took deep breaths to calm her nerves.

	"You startled me, Ranma. I thought you were still in the
living room. I was thinking about preparing some oysters for dinner.
You're not allergic to them or anything, are you?"

	Ranma started walking quickly towards Makoto from his position, 
and he was right in front of her in an instant. He continued walking
slowly, backing her up until her back was pressing against the stove.
He leaned towards her until their faces were only an inch apart, then
he began talking in a low whisper.

	"Mako-chan, did you know that a lot of people consider oysters
as potent aphrodisiacs? They say that shellfish are very useful for
setting the mood, if you know what I mean."

	Makoto's heart started beating at twice its normal pace, and
her breathing became shallow and labored. She had wanted to take her
relationship with Ranma to the next level, but he seemed to be moving
way too fast for her. She found herself wishing that she had worn her
thick sweater, instead of the sleeveless green blouse she had on. She
turned away from Ranma's gaze, trying to think of a way to diffuse the

	"Aphrodisiacs? Setting the mood? I'm not sure I get what you
mean, Ranma."

	Ranma chuckled softly at Makoto's words, raising his left hand
to start stroking Makoto's shoulder. She shivered at his touch, and he
dropped his right hand to grasp her back. He pulled her body against
his own, whispering straight into her ear.

	"I'm sure you know exactly what I mean, Mako-chan. Say, why
don't we just skip dinner and get right to the good part? Where's
your bedroom, Mako-chan?"

	Makoto felt a wave of renewed energy overcome her at Ranma's
touch, and she pushed him away from her with all of her might. She
turned away from him as he fell onto the floor.

	"I like you a lot, Ranma, but you have to understand... I'm...
I'm not that kind of girl!"

	Ranma shook his head at Makoto's words. He stood up and calmly
straightened his clothes as he started walking towards Makoto again.

	"Don't be silly, Mako-chan. We both know you want it. Why run
from your desires? There's nothing to be afraid of. I'm going to make
you feel soooooo good."

	Makoto recoiled from Ranma upon hearing his words. This wasn't
what she wanted at all. Ranma was acting very strangely. What was wrong
with him? She ran out of the kitchen and headed towards the living 
room. After arriving, she was greeted by the sight of Ranma, sleeping
on the couch with a magazine draped over his face.

	"Ranma? What are you doing here? I left you back at the

	The sound of footsteps coming from behind her caused Makoto to
turn quickly around and come face to face with....


	The newly arrived Ranma giggled at the look of confusion on
Makoto's face. His face twisted itself into a cruel smile as he
advanced towards her.

	"You weren't supposed to see that, Mako-chan. I guess I'm just
not used to seducing women yet. Now I'm afraid I'm going to have to
restrain you until we're done with Ranma over there. I have to say that
it would have been much better for both of us if you hadn't gone and
run away like that."

	Makoto grit her teeth and dropped into a ready stance as she
faced the Ranma impostor. Her transformation pen was lying in her purse
in her room, so she couldn't transform. Nonetheless, she tried to put
on a brave front. There was always the off chance that she could bluff
her way out of this, after all.

	"Whoever you are, you'd better get out of my apartment or
you're going to regret messing with me!"

	The impostor laughed as his body started to glow and change.
He gradually became shorter, and feminine curves appeared to replace
Ranma's muscular physique. Two small bat wings sprouted from the
impostor's head, followed by a matching pair at the small of her back.
Her hair color changed from black to purple, and her clothes morphed
into a skintight leather ensemble that left little to the imagination.
She pointed a dainty finger at Makoto as the light around her body

	"My name is Lilith, and I'm afraid I don't intend to leave
your apartment anytime soon. I sincerely doubt that I'm going to regret
anything, however."

	Makoto swore under her breath and whispered a prayer for good
luck as she charged at her mysterious opponent.


	"You can see me? But that's impossible! You're just a vision!
Visions aren't supposed to be able to... who are _you_?"

	Morrigan extended her hand to Rei in a gesture of greeting.
"My name is Morrigan. It's a pleasure to meet you, Rei."

	Rei looked at Morrigan, then at Ranma, then at the way Morrigan
was sitting on Ranma's lap. A large vein appeared on her forehead.

	"Just what do you think you two are doing?"

	Morrigan smiled at her. "Well, actually, Ranma  and I were in
the middle of an important discussion when you interrupted us. You see,
he was about to agree to be my lover."

	Rei turned to Ranma. "Her lover? Is this true?"

	Ranma stared at the confused young girl in front of him, trying
to think of a way to calm her down. "I'm not really sure what's going
on, actually. How did you get here anyway?"

	Rei frowned as she thought about what had happened to her. "I
was just doing a fire reading on you, but the vision started pulling
me into it for some reason. I tried to fight it, but I couldn't... wait
a minute, it's not important how I got here! You should put that woman
down right now! What you're doing, it's not decent!"

	Morrigan rolled her eyes. "I don't think you're in any position
to talk about decency right now. You are, after all, the only person in
this room who isn't wearing anything."

	Rei stopped glaring at Morrigan and slowly lowered her head to
look at herself. Having confirmed that she was indeed naked she raised
her head to turn towards Ranma.

	"Have I been naked since I got here?"

	Ranma nodded his head. "Yeah, pretty much."

	Rei sighed. "I see."


	"Are you insinuating that I don't make an attractive wife?"

	Kasumi shook her head as she made a couple of last minute
checks on the food to ensure that nothing was amiss.

	"I'm not saying anything of the sort, Nabiki. You're one of
the most attractive women I know and there isn't a man in Nerima who
wouldn't give his left arm to be your husband. All I'm saying is that
for all your good points, a guy would have to be insane not to pick
me over you."

	Nabiki slammed her fist against the table. "I don't suppose
you'd care to explain that last thing you said?"

	Kasumi continued looking the food over as she replied. "Well,
you're almost as pretty as I am and a bit younger as well, which I
suppose is a plus for you. Still, you're not exactly as well-versed
as I am in the skills needed to be a _really_ good wife."

	Nabiki rolled her eyes. "And these so-called 'skills' would

	Kasumi dipped her finger into the cream topping of a pastry
she had prepared for dessert then closed her lips about the dainty
digit. She closed her eyes as she sampled the taste.

	"Mmmm, that's about right. Could you repeat that last thing
you said, Nabiki-chan?"

	Kasumi turned back toward where Nabiki had been, a smile
adorning her face as always. Nabiki was no longer there, however. She
shrugged, started humming a tune, then began setting the table.



	Makoto lunged at Lilith, her arm extending to strike at her
opponent's face. She braced her arm for the impact as she closed the
distance between them. However, she found herself punching thin air
as Lilith suddenly disappeared at the last minute. The momentum of
her attack caused her to lose her balance, and she scrambled to
right herself without losing her footing. She heard a the sound of
a giggle coming from behind her.

	"Stop struggling, Mako-chan. There's no way you could possibly
beat me, you know. I didn't come here to hurt you or anything. If you'd
just agree to wait until my sister's done with Ranma, we'll give him
back to you and be on our way. We can even get it on if you want."

	Makoto dashed at Lilith once more. "Shut up! There's no way I'm 
going to let you get your hands on Ranma. Whatever you're doing to him, 
I'm going to put a stop to it!"

	Lilith sighed as she dodged Makoto's attacks with ease. It
was a real shame, since Makoto was such a pretty girl, but she had no
choice. She would have to beat the poor girl up. Her wings started to
move and change shape as she called upon her shape shifting abilities
to aid her in battle. She smiled prettily as she began her offensive.

	"Shining Blade!"


	"Rei, stop hiding behind the chair. I got a really good look at 
you while we were talking and you have nothing to be embarrassed about.
Besides, I'm already used to seeing naked women. It doesn't bother me
at all!"

	Rei kept herself behind the chair. "Are you insane? Of _course_
I have something to be embarrassed about! I'm naked in a room with a
guy who has a half-dressed woman sitting on his lap! If someone came in
here right now I'd never live it down!"

	Morrigan shook her head. "No one is going to come in here, Rei.
We're in--"

	Rei quickly interrupted her. "Shut up! If I wasn't naked right
now I'd go over there and open up a can of whoopass on you!"

	Ranma tried a different approach. "It's not so bad, Rei. The
fuku you wear when you're a super heroine isn't much worse, anyway."

	Rei was not pacified by Ranma's reasoning. "That's different.
At least I was weari... you know about my being Sailor Mars?"

	Ranma realized that he had let the cat out of the bag, but
decided that it wasn't important anymore. "Well, yeah. I remember--"

	Rei found herself overcome with joy. Ranma remembered! He knew
all about being Athan and everything! Now she didn't have to worry
about how to break the news to him anymore.

	"That's wonderful, Ranma! I can't believe you actually remember
everything! Now the two of us can get married as soon as we get rid of
your other fiancees!"

	An uncomfortable silence settled on the three occupants of the
room for a few seconds. Ranma was the first to break it.

	"Um... Rei... we're not... engaged or anything, are we?"

	A confused look formed on Rei's face. "Of course we are, Ranma.
I thought you said you remembered!"

	Ranma sighed. "I was going to say that I remembered meeting you
back at the park, when I beat that demon who was attacking everyone.
If my dad made a deal with your dad when we were young about us being
engaged or something, I probably never knew about it. I'm still not
sure how I'm going to settle all of my engagements. You're kinda lucky
though, since Kasumi has already come up with a system to keep track
of all my fiancees. If you'll send a copy of your name, contact number, 
a recent photo, the date of our engagement, and the circumstances
surrounding it to the Tendo Dojo in Nerima, you'll be notified in case
something comes up."

	Rei's mouth fell open. "You don't remember how we got engaged,
do you?"

	Ranma shrugged, grinned, and scratched the back of his head.
"No, not really. It's not your fault, though. There was just too many
girls and I couldn't possibly--"

	"Enough!" Morrigan glared daggers at the chair Rei was hiding
behind and tightened her hold on Ranma. "I came here to take Ranma as
my own, not to listen to you argue about some long-forgotten engagement
to him. I was here before you, so why don't you just go away and talk
to Ranma when I'm done with him?"

	Rei responded with a shout. "I'm not letting you get your hands
on Ranma!"

	Morrigan laughed at her. "Oh really? How are you going to stop
me? In case you haven't noticed, I already have my hands on him."

	"I may have lost my clothes, but I've still got _this_!"

	Rei stood up from behind the chair she was using as a hiding
place and raised her transformation pen into the air.

	"Mars power, make up!"


	"Attractive wife my ass! I'll show her attractive!"

	Nabiki continued stuffing clothes into her suitcase as she
formulated a plan to get to Juuban as soon as possible and bring Ranma
back to Nerima. She did not really want to go through all the trouble
it would entail, but she had something to prove.

	"Just you wait, Kasumi. When I bring Ranma back here he's gonna
be wrapped so tightly around my finger that you're gonna need a crowbar
to pry him off!"

	Nabiki slammed her suitcase closed, checked to make sure that
she had plenty of money in her wallet, then went out of the house
through her bedroom window.

	"Juuban, here I come!"


	"Soul Flash!"

	Makoto slammed against one of her apartment's walls at the
force of Lilith's attack. They hadn't been fighting for very long
but she was almost ready to pass out. Lilith's diminutive size
belied the incredible strength she possessed, and Makoto knew she
wouldn't be able to fight for much longer.

	Her situation wasn't completely hopeless, however. She still 
had an ace up her sleeve. Lilith's attack had sent her right beside the
door to her bedroom, and she dashed into it as fast as her injured legs
would allow her. Lilith followed her, walking at a slow and leisurely

	"It's no use running from me, Mako-chan. Why don't you just
stop fighting? My sister's almost done with Ranma anyway."

	When Lilith finally got to the door to Makoto's room, she found
the brown-haired teenager pulling a long, elongated object from her

	"What have you got there, Makoto? Surely you don't think a can
of mace can stop me. It doesn't matter what you have in your purse.
Nothing can help you now. Or is that a toy for us to play with? My
offer still stands, you know. I promise we'll both enjoy it."

	Makoto didn't waste any time. She raised her transformation
pen into the air and shouted at the top of her lungs. "Jupiter
power, make up!"


	"If you don't get up from Ranma's lap and promise to leave
him alone from now on, I'm going to make you regret it!"

	Morrigan stood up from Ranma's lap and looked at Rei's new 
form. "So the pen was some sort of magical artifact to transform you
into a super heroine? Very interesting. I like your style of clothing,
by the way. Very suggestive."

	Rei angrily pointed an accusing finger at Morrigan. "Who are
you anyway? Ranma never told us about you so you can't be all that
important to him! Just leave him alone and I won't hurt you!"

	Morrigan wagged her finger at Rei. "It's not nice to threaten
other people, little girl, especially when you don't know what they're
capable of. In any case, I would like to know where you kept the pen
all this time. I'm sure I didn't see you holding it when you first

	Rei blushed bright red at Morrigan's question. "That's not
important! Do you promise to leave Ranma alone or don't you?"

	Morrigan smiled. "No, I do not."

	Ranma leapt between the two women, trying to prevent the
impending battle from taking place.

	"Girls, please! Can't we just sit down and talk this over like
civilized people?"

	Both women glared daggers at him, and he sank back onto his
chair. He prepared himself to intervene in case things got out of hand,
but decided that he would not interfere with their battle unless it was
absolutely necessary. This was a woman-to-woman fight, and he'd best
not get involved if he could help it. Both Rei and Morrigan seemed to
have considerable fighting skill anyway. If he was lucky, neither of
them would be able to seriously injure the other.

	Rei clasped her hands together as sparks started to form
on her fingers. She quickly extended her arms towards Morrigan as
she began her attack.

	"Fire Soul!"


	The phone in Usagi's room rang as she prepared to place a
slice of pickle on top of her right eye. Another slice was already
on her left eye, and her face was covered in a slimy cream she had
bought earlier that week. She reached her hand out to pick up the
phone and held the receiver against her ear.

	"Tsukino residence, this is Usagi speaking."

	Ami's voice quickly started spewing from the handset's 
earpiece. "Usagi, we have to get to Makoto's apartment right now!"

	Usagi glanced at her mirror and noticed that the pickle on
her left eye was starting to fall off. She adjusted its position with
her free hand while she replied. "Right now? I'm kind of in the middle
of something important, Ami-chan."

	Ami quickly replied, her voice showing signs of worry. "It's
very important, Usagi! My computer is getting readings that show Makoto 
has just used her pen to transform into Sailor Jupiter. There are also
large amounts of dark energy floating around inside her apartment. I
think she's being attacked! I've already called Minako and she's going
there right now!"

	Usagi dropped the pickle she was holding in her left hand and
immediately stood up from her chair. "Mako-chan is being attacked? Why
didn't you say so sooner? I'm on my way right now!"

	Usagi slammed the phone into its receiver and grabbed her
transformation brooch from her dresser. She raised it into the air
and shouted. "Moon crystal power, make up!"


	"Let's all toast to the impending success of my mission!"

	The large crowd at the bar all cheered at Urd's declaration,
though none of them had the foggiest idea what the heck she was talking 
about. She was buying all the drinks, however, so they could care less
why she was being so generous. 

	Men lurked all around, waiting for her to get drunk so they
could make their move and try their luck at taking home the most
beautiful female they had ever laid eyes on. Some of them were
already thinking of giving up, however, because she had been
drinking since that afternoon and was still showing no signs of
inebriation. She raised her bottle of sake into the air and drank
deeply from it to the cheers of the crowd. She called out to the
bartender, who rushed to her side.

	"Get me another bottle of sake, and another round of drinks
for everyone!"

	Urd smiled to herself as she waited for her order. She had
succeeded in bringing Ranma from Nerima to Juuban, and it was only a
matter of time before her plan would become a complete success. Once
the higher-ups heard of her work, she would be promoted to goddess
first-class for sure! Right now, for her at least, life was very


Author's Notes

	Well, here's the much-awaited chapter thirteen. Chester will
be happy to note that plot resolutions are forthcoming, and Seaver
will be happy to see all the fanservice. For those of you who were
expecting a great storyline with exciting plot development, you'll
be greatly disappointed.

	I would like to thank Ditta, Hibiki, Meia, Jura, Barnette, the
smile brigade, and whomever wrote that _wonderful_ Vandread dojin I
read for being some of the biggest reasons this chapter took so long
to write. I would also like to thank my thesis adviser, whomever
invented katakana and made so many of the characters look the same,
and the anime vendor who sold me a defective copy of Dual episode
twelve for being the other big reasons it took so long.

	I would also like to thank Groo, Chester, Shade, Tracy Poff,
Farmer, Griever, Egan Mandreck, Tonyloco, Fred Voeltner, Sebastian
Rynders, Kevin Henry, and Vex for all the help they have given me
for this chapter.

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