Subject: [FFML] Re: Cynic [Fanfic][SM-ish] Chapter 1/11
From: "Django Wexler" <>
Date: 11/24/2002, 5:44 PM

It seems like a good beginning.

One minor criticism: There were a number of places where you had a
but no "[".

    The thought that she might one day end] had not occurred to Kei in
a long time.  Not since she'd clawed her way out of Limbo and carved

have still made it home, though.]  She swallowed.  Probably.]  Kei

it'd be all over the school by the next morning.]  She wasn't sure how
Robyn would take it, though.  She might be scared of me.  Hell, *I'd*
scared of me if I didn't know me so well.]  Even so, it bore thinking

     General cheers.  Kei felt sick.  Do they actually believe for a
minute he's come up with something new?]

It's also possible that there are some "[" without closing "]", but I
haven't looked.
	I'll talk a look.  My stories begin life as MS Word docs with
italics, so when I convert them to ASCII sometimes I miss stuff.

Django Wexler (khaine)

Molly Ivins was asked, "Should we have a third political party?" She
answered: "I think we should have a second political party." 
        -Jon Carroll

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