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Date: 11/24/2002, 12:06 AM

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Jeffrey "OneShot" Wong

  Shinji found himself starting to get annoyed as he couldn't figure out
what to do. He wanted to rain to go away so he could be dry but nothing
  The raining suddenly disappeared as the clouds started parting,
revealing the clear night sky.
  Shinji was in a state of shock as he tried comprehend what had just
  "D-did I just do that?"

<new stuff 11/24>

  Shinji figured out how to control the weather. It took him close to
twenty four hours of trial-and-error before he realized how, but he
finally figured it out.
  It turned out that visualizing the clouds parting and the rain stopping
was just half of the requirement. He had to visualize while thinking of
the reason for why he wanted that to happen. Ranma had mentioned that he
changed the weather on his world because it annoyed him. It had been
Shinji's mistake for dismissing that. He had no idea how he could
possibly catch something so subtle. His friend Ranma was extremely
observant and would've caught that, but not Shinji. 
  It took three tries before Shinji figured out exactly what he was
supposed to do. What took him so long to get it down right was that he
made the mistake of waiting for the bad weather to arrive so he could get
rid of it, the wait usually taking several hours. He felt like an idiot
after he figured it out and realized that he probably would've gotten it
within an hour had he tried to figure controlling the weather in reverse,
that is, making the clouds form and rain and then trying to make them go
away instead of waiting for the bad weather to occur naturally.
  Used to his new power, Shinji was shocked as he was 'literally'
creating miracles. When he realized the he should've controlled the
weather completely, bringing the bad weather and ridding it, he did it
several times before he became satisfied that he had mastered it and let
the clouds and rain remain away.
  Shinji was very happy when he figured out how to control the weather.
His happiness was crushed when he tried to apply the same theory to
lifting the Lance and finding himself unable to. He had visualized
himself lifting the Lance and thinking of the reason, because he needed
to use it, but he found the Lance unyielding and refusing to budge.
  Shinji scratched his head, "How the heck do I do this? Is there a
different way of doing it?"
  After trying to lift the Lance for a good hour or so, much to no avail,
Shinji realized that he had no idea how to do it. He found himself
looking at his hands which were both raw and bleeding from the strain.
  "I need to try a different approach," Shinji said.
  He began pacing back and forth, brainstorming for a good hour before he
came up with an idea.
  "Wait, why didn't I think of it before!" Shinji snapped his fingers, "I
can try and bring back the others!"
  He quickly dismissed trying that. God forbid he did something wrong and
brought them back and made them suffer. Their bodies would be badly
decomposed now and he feared that he might bring them back and in to
those bodies. It would be a horrible for them and he didn't want to risk
  "No, I won't try and bring them back," he said, "There's too many
things that can go wrong. I'd rather go on without them on my own instead
of risking them suffering,"
  Shinji sighed as he began pacing back and forth again, trying to think
of what to do next. He found himself out of options. He could neither
bring his friends nor lift the Lance.
  A good hour passed before he came up with an idea.
  "I know, I can go to a different world and bring someone from there
that can wield the Lance," Shinji said. His face became somber as he
realized something, "But what world can I go to? And how the heck do I go
about doing it?"
  He realized that that was a futile plan because he remember Urd
commenting on how only he could wield the Lance. Afterall, he had
properties of God, a key requirement. Only a god can kill a god.
Therefore, even if he could find someone that was powerful enough to use
it, he or she would not be able to kill with it.
  This brought up a question he had. If the Ranma he knew had expected
Shinji to kill him using the Lance, how would that had been possible? If
Shinji had been around when all of this happened, he would be in the same
situation as before, unable to wield the Lance.
  Little did Shinji know that had he been there, Ranma would've showed
him how to wield it before all of this happened. Ryoga was capable of
wielding it and it had been expected he would use it to slow their
opponent down while Shinji does the killing blow.  
  Shinji sighed, "God killing God. This is just crazy. Only three people
could kill Ranma. One of them killed himself. The other one can't risk
fighting him. And the last one is myself and I have no idea how to lift,
let alone wield the Lance. There's gotta be another way,"
  Shinji continued pacing back and forth.
  "God killing God!" Shinji's eyes widened.
  There was a way! Unit-01 was considered a god after it ate that Angel
and acquired the ability to no longer need a power supply. Unit-01 was
incredibly powerful and would be able to lift the Lance. Of course,
considering its size, it would seem like a human wielding a toothpick.
However, it wasn't all that far-fetched. Shinji was a pilot and there was
a good chance that he could pilot Unit-01 skillfully enough to land the
killing blow with the Lance.
  If he was going to do that, he would have to go to the world he was
from, not the one with that supped-up version of Unit-01 since that
version never ate an Angel and was never reached that level of existence
the original Unit-01 had reached.
  "That's it! I'm going to go to my world and steal Unit-01!"
  Shinji stopped as he realized something.
  "How the heck am I going to get there?"

  In a different world, a world that was about to engage in battle with
an Angel, the streets of Tokyo-3 was eerily quiet. This was because
everyone had taken to the shelters to avoid being killed in the
inevitable Angel attack.
  Because it was so quiet, it was very easy to hear the announcement that
echoed through the entire city. 
  "Today at 12:30, a state of special emergency has been declared within 
Kanto and Chubu districts, around Tokai district. Please take refuge in 
the designated shelters. Repeat... Today-" a voice could be heard.
  A bright flash of light appeared right in front of a train station,
signaling Shinji's arrival on to that world.
  It took a moment for Shinji to orient himself to where he was.
Unfortunately, he had forgotten that this world, like every other world,
was suffering the horrible weather that seemed to foreshadow the eventual
destruction of all that existed, provided Shinji could not do a thing
about it.
  Shinji found himself soaking wet within moments upon emerging on that
world. Annoyed, Shinji waved a hand skyward and visualized the dark
clouds parting and the rain stopping. To his constant amazement, it did
just that, the clouds clearing up to reveal a clear sunny sky.
  Shinji smiled happily, forgetting about the fact that he was now
soaking wet, "God! That's really me! It's really me that did that!" 
  He became serious and cleared his throat, blushing slightly from being
so easily amused. Perhaps it was a combinations of things that made him a
bit giddy. Somehow, without quite understanding, he had opened up a
portal to this world. He thought about this world in the same manner as
when he thought about the other world. However, this time around, he
didn't have Ranma touching him on his shoulder, figuring that Ranma could
channel his powers through Shinji provided Shinji thought of where to go.
  When Shinji had noticed the portal open up to this world suddenly, and
without Ranma's help, it led Shinji to believe that perhaps he was the
one that had conjured the first portal. Unfortunately, there was no
telling if that was true or not. Besides, it didn't really matter because
that was rather trivial. So long as he got to the world he had originally
intended, that was what mattered.
  He looked around to survey his surroundings. It took a moment for him
to recognize where he was. He was at a familiar looking train station.
This made him happy as he realized that he had ended up on the right
  "Now that I know where I showed up, I need to figure out when I showed
up," he asked himself. 
  Glancing around, he noticed something rather odd. There was no one
  "Today at 12:30, a state of special emergency has been declared within 
Kanto and Chubu districts, around Tokai district. Please take refuge in 
the designated shelters. Repeat... Today-" a voice could be heard.
  Shinji's eyes widened as he recognized those words. He remembered
hearing that the first time he showed up in Tokyo-3.
  "Oh my god! I showed up right before when the first Angel attacked!" he
  He looked around and noticed a familiar looking phone booth a short
distance down the block.
  "T-that's where I tried to call Misato but got a message that the phone
lines were not operating due to a state of emergency!" Shinji said,
running up to the phone booth.
  As he stood there, something occurred to him, if he was here, where was
the Shinji of this world, the younger version of himself.
  He looked around, expecting to see his younger self wandering around
but saw no one. This confused him as he began to wonder why.
  "Wait a minute," Shinji said, "I know. My existence replaced Shinji's
existence on this world. So that means, right now, I'm in the role of the
Shinji of this world's shoes. When the God-version of Ranma went to the
world of his previous self, he replaced the Ranma of that world. I'm in
the same situation as Ranma,"
  Two missiles flew right by him overhead, causing Shinji to watch it as
it sailed across the sky. His eyes widened when he saw them his a giant
green humanoid-looking Angel in the far off horizon. 
  Shinji was in a state of speechlessness.
  He watched as the Angel extended an arm in the direction of a hovering
aircraft and shot out a pole-like object from its claw-like hand and
destroyed it. A giant portion of the aircraft fell down where it landed
right by Shinji. 
  "Whoa," Shinji said.
  He glanced toward the side just as he saw the Angel seemingly take
flight from where it was and land right by him, one of its feet stepping
on the broken off piece of aircraft.
  Shinji was in a such a state of speechlessness that he didn't even
bother to move react instinctively like shield his eyes from when the
aircraft exploded.
  As he stood there, a blue sports car pulled up right next to him.
  He looked over where, to his expectation as well as his surprise, he
saw Misato, the Misato of this world.
  "Get in!" she shouted at him, opening the passenger side door.
  Shinji just stood there and regarded her. He couldn't believe who he
was looking at. It was Misato. Sure, it was a different Misato than the
one he knew, but it was still Misato nonetheless. 
  "Get in!" she repeated, her words louder.
  Shinji climbed in to the car. The moment he closed the door, Misato
slammed on the accelerator and the car sped off, just in the nick of time
from getting crushed under the foot of the Angel as it took as step.
  He found himself staring at Misato as she drove down the empty street a
high speeds. She looked exactly like the Misato he knew. He didn't even
bother to hide his staring. His eyes were transfixed on her. It was
actually forcing himself from hugging her tightly, vicariously wanting to
hug a friend he missed so terribly.
  "You like what you see?" Misato smirked, noticing Shinji's gaze.
  "Yes," he said without thought. He definitely liked seeing her again.
Of course, she had no idea who the young man sitting next to her really
  Misato blushed. Shinji seemed much different that the information given
to her indicated. He didn't seem all that shy and passive. Also, he
looked physically different than the picture she had of him. He didn't
even look fourteen. He was taller and more muscular than any average
fourteen year old, that was for sure. At least he was cute. What the hell
was she thinking?
  "Um, I'm sorry I was late in picking you up," Misato commented.
  Shinji smirked. He was feeling such a sense of nostalgia. Unless he
said something that might change the course of the conversation from what
he remembered, he knew exactly what Misato was going to ask.
  "It's no problem," Shinji said, "I didn't wait long,"
  "That's good to hear,"
  "What was that big thing I saw back there?" Shinji asked, remembering
asking that back then, already knowing the answer.
  "That was an Angel," Misato said, "The UN army is currently trying to
fend it off but it doesn't seem to be having much effect. It seems like
conventional weapons are ineffective against it,"
  Heh, so will the N2 mine that will be set off a couple of minutes from
now, Shinji thought.
  Misato went on to talk about Angels. Shinji pretended he was paying
attention. He found himself wanting to correct Misato when she made the
mistake of saying the Angel was currently of unknown origin and its
intentions were unknown as well. Of course, if he told her what he knew,
then that would make her very suspicious and that would make his hidden
agenda harder to accomplish when the time comes.

  Misato's breasts were right in Shinji's face. He also noticed that she
wasn't wearing a bra because he could see her nipples pressing against
the fabric of her outfit. Misato was looking through a pair of high power
binoculars out through the window by Shinji's side. Because of where he
sat, Misato's breasts were dangerously close to his face and this made
Shinji feel a bit awkward.
  He was a guy, afterall.
  "What are you doing?" Shinji asked, ignoring Misato's breasts and
looking about the car.
  "I just want to see how the UN's doing against the Angel," she
commented, her gaze through the binoculars and toward the horizon at the
  Shinji looked at his watch, which he had already set to match this
world's current time. The N2 mine would be going off in exactly one
minute from now so that left him with very little time.
  He noticed that Misato's seat belt was off. When she tells him to duck
for cover, he would have to snap the seat belt on so she won't get any
scratches. He remembered she got scratched up because of the interior of
the car when they went tumbling side-over-side when the N2 shockwave
struck the car.
  "Waitaminute! No way! They're going to use an N2 mine!" Misato shouted,
"Shinji, get down!!"
  In the distant horizon, a bright light lit the sky, suddenly
disappearing to reveal a giant mushrooming cloud of smoke as an N2 mine
was detonated where the Angel was.
  She grabbed Shinji's head and pulled it down in to her lab as she threw
herself over him. As she did so, Shinji's hands quickly shot out and
snapped Misato's seatbelt on. He also slipped his body out from under her
and made it so that she was under him instead of the other way around.
  "What the," she tried to say.
  "It'll be safer the other way around," Shinji said, just as the
shockwave from the explosion of the N2 mine reached the car.
  The car tumbled on its side, flipping several times, Shinji's body
absorbing the brunt of the force as he and Misato slammed back and forth
within the body of the car. 
  When the shockwave passed, Shinji and Misato were okay.
  "You okay?" he asked.
  Misato had a rather surprised look on her face, "Y-yeah. Actually, I
was about to ask you the same thing,"
  "I'm fine," he said, removing his seat belt and climbing out of the car
through the open window. Since the car was on its side, he had to climb
out of the passenger side window.
  Misato looked down and noticed that her seat belt was one. She could've
sworn she had removed her seat belt when she scooted over to look out the
window by Shinji's side.
  She yelped in surprise when she felt the whole car begin to tip over
while she was still inside. When she realized what was happening, she
found herself looking out the windshield at the world correctly, the car
now back on its four wheels instead of being on its side.
  She looked toward the side and watched as Shinji climbed back in to the
  Shinji gave a shy smile, "Hey, the car was on its side so I push it
back over,"
  "B-but you just did it by yourself," she commented, shock in her voice.
How strong was this fourteen year old boy?  
  Shinji nodded, "Yeah. I didn't need help,"
  He was pretty sure Misato was shocked at seeing what she believed a
fourteen year old boy was capable of doing. Luckily for him, his body
wasn't replaced by that of a fourteen year old so he possessed his own
body and strengths. Something like righting a car was easy for him.
  "Ready to go?" he smirked.

  Shinji contemplated telling Misato where to go but chose against it. 
  The two of them were both in Nerv yet Misato seemed to be lost. Shinji
found it mildly amusing as she tried to figure out the map.
  In his hands was a Nerv manual that Misato had given him. He didn't
both to read it, have read it back then. All it mentioned was of proper
conduct within the facility.
  "You're lost," Shinji said.
  "I'm not lost," Misato lied.
  "Uh huh," Shinji shrugged. Everything felt he same but different to
him. As he followed her, he noticed how small she looked. Actually, she
didn't look small. It was just that this time around, he wasn't as small
as he was supposed to be. He was actually taller than Misato and probably
a good seventy pounds heavier. 
  The two continued on walking for several minutes until they found an
elevator that would take them to their destination. Shinji looked at his
watch and noticed what time it was.
  When the elevator door opened, it revealed Ritsuko.
  Misato seemed surprised.
  "Hi there, Ritsuko," Misato gave a sheepish smile.
  "Why're you wasting my time? Don't you know we're short on time and
manpower?" Ritsuko narrowed her eyes at Misato.
  "Sorry," Misato said.
  Ritsuko turned toward Shinji. When she looked at him, she noticed him
staring at the chest area of her outfit. This was because she was wearing
a swimsuit underneath the lab coat that was opened in the front. He had
been wondering why she was wearing a swimsuit in the first place.
  "Um," Shinji blushed, averting his gaze, "H-hi. Um, I couldn't help but
notice you wearing a swimsuit under your labcoat,"
  Ritsuko closed up the front of her lab coat, "I was paged when I was
conducting some underwater tests," She couldn't help but feel a bit
embarrassed. She knew she had a nice body and it felt nice that it was
being acknowledged, even if it was a form of staring.
  "Okay," Shinji seemed satisfied with the answer.
  "So, is this the boy?" Ritsuko asked.
  "According to the Marduk report, he's the third child," Misato
  Shinji smiled. He couldn't help but want to hug Ritsuko much like how
he wanted to hug Misato. It was so nice to see her again, even if it
wasn't really her.
  "He's nothing like his father," Misato commented, "It seems like the
reports about him are completely off,"
  "I can tell just from looking at him," Ritsuko commented, "You don't
look fourteen, that's for sure,"
  Shinji gave a shy smile, "Um, thanks. I have no problems with that,"
  "Don't be so eager to be an adult," Misato smirked, "It's not all it's
cracked up to be,"
  Shinji couldn't help but chuckle. 
  Boy, was she right.

  Shinji's heart was racing.
  He knew he would eventually meet Gendo Ikari, a man he hated. He had
pushed the stress of the inevitable encounter with him in the back of his
mind, but he knew he would see his father, or at least an alternate
version of him, in a few minutes from now.
  Shinji and Misato and Ritsuko were on a small boat crossing what looked
like a giant liquid containment chamber. Shinji knew that this was where
Unit-01 was stored, submerged under the liquid all the way up to its
  When he was introduced to Unit-01, at least the head portion of it, he
pretended his was surprised and acted as if he was trying to look it up
in the manual in his hands.
  "You're not going to find anything about in there," Ritsuko commented.
  Heh, I know, Shinji thought. But I just wanted to put up a front like I
didn't know.
  "This is man's ultimate fighting machine," Ritsuko added, "A synthetic
lifeform known as Evangelion, Unit-01, and was built here in secret. This
is mankind's last and final hope,"
  "Actually, isn't that redundant? Last and final are one and the same,"
Shinji corrected, "Just saying something like 'This is mankind's final
hope' should work fine,"
  Ritsuko gave Shinji and odd look, "Are you mocking me?"
  Shinji raised his hands defensively, "Not at all,"
  He had merely wanted to try and change the flow of conversations. It
was kind of boring hearing everything all over again. Perhaps it was best
to just play along and not try and do anything really dramatic.
  "So, my prick of a father made this?" Shinji smirked.
  At that moment, Gendo's voice, "That's correct,"
  Everyone turned their attention toward a balcony locate behind Unit-01
where they saw Gendo standing.
  "That you're a prick? You didn't need to point that out cause I already
know," Shinji sneered.
  Gendo face-faulted. He had actually been referring to him making the
  "Did you wait there to make that 'dramatic' entrance?" Shinji mocked
him, "Ain't that pathetic of you?"
  Shinji didn't care about what he said toward his father. Actually, he
hoped he could offend him in anyway. Seeing him again made him realize
something, that he truly and sincerely hate his father. If he had to kill
his father again, he would no hesitate.
  Gendo narrowed his eyes toward his son. Such animosity. It seems like
his son finally grew a backbone. This was quite a change in pace. He had
figured his son would be a meek and passive boy that could would easily
follow orders.
  Shinji took several deep breaths. It was best not try and deviate from
what he experienced back then. However, he had to admit, it felt really
good to call his father a prick right to his face. He had
  "We're moving out," Gendo said.
  "Moving out? But Unit-00 is still in cryo-statis," Misato gasped,
"Wait, are you going to use Unit-01? We don't have a pilot reserve
  "We've got one," Ritsuko said.
  "You mean Shinji?" Misato gasped.
  "No prob. I'll pilot it," Shinji interrupted.
  Shinji felt like he was getting bored hearing to the dialog being
played out. It was like taking part in a play that he cared not to play
in once again. Besides, if he continued to play his part, then that meant
he would have to pretend he was scared to pilot it which would lead to a
badly hurt Rei being wheeled out to take over for him.
  As much as he would've liked to pretend he didn't want to pilot so he
could see Rei, he cared enough for her that he didn't want her disturbed.
  She needed her rest.

  The cool feel of the LCL filling up the entry-plug felt nostalgic, much
like everything else. He didn't bother holding his breath, knowing that
it was better to just take it in to his lungs initially rather than
  He watched as the entry plug flickered with through several colors as
the system was turned on an initialized. As he waited to be sent out to
battle, he touched his hands on the controls in front of him. He had to
admit that it felt nice to be holding the controls of Unit-01 again.
  "Wow, he didn't seem to resist," Misato commented from the command
center, "You'd think that a person's instinct would be to hold his
  "Very interesting," Ritsuko was intrigued, "That does seem a bit odd,"
  There were several things she found odd about Shinji. The first was
that he looked and acted nothing like what she expected. It was obvious
that it was him but for reports about him to be so off was very
  "You're not going to believe this but Shinji's synchro rate is at one
hundred percent," Maya called out from her terminal a short distance
  "Incredible," Misato said, "How can he get such a high rate? I thought
it was impossible, especially with someone with no experience like
  Within the entry plug, Shinji watched looked at the screen as the wall
in front of him was moving down at a rapid rate. This was because Unit-01
was on a high speed lift and he was staring out and toward the wall in
front of him and he moved up that lift.  
  Unit-01 has a power cable attached to it, Shinji thought, not wanting
to talk aloud for fear that his voice could be heard. Since it has a
power plug, that means I need to eat the Angel so it no longer needs
  Shinji smiled.
  He wondered if he was ever going to see his mother within the entry
plug. Afterall, Unit-01 was his mother. It had absorbed her long ago
while she was within so it had her consciousness. He remembered her
saving him on several times. He remembered when she first saved him. On
the other world, when Unit-01 moved her hand to protect Shinji from the
falling rafters, it had been believed that he had somehow 'willed'
Unit-01 to move its arm and protect him when, in fact, it had been his
mom protecting him.
  Mom, you there he thought, wondering if she could hear her thoughts. If
you can hear what I'm thinking, then you might know what I'm planning on
doing. I hope you don't mind. I need your help. I'm going to make you
become a god so you can wield the Lance for me.
  A sudden jolt in the cockpit made Shinji realize that the high speed
lift had came to a halt.
  He looked up at the display in front of him and saw the city in front
of him. He was within Tokyo-3 and the Angel was somewhere within. It
would only be a short time before he encountered it.
  "Shinji," came Misato's voice, "Try and concentrate on walking,"
  "Okay," he did as he was told. He felt tempted to show off an make
Unit-01 do a little pirouette or funny dance move but that would be
overdoing it. It was best to put up a front as usual. 
  He made Unit-01 take a step and purposely let her trip over her own
feet and fall flat on her stomach.
  I'll let the Angel beat the crap outta me so I can make Unit-01 move
like the way I want it to without making anyone suspicious, Shinji
thought. That way, everyone in the control center would think the EVA
went berserk. I'll use that opportunity to eat the Angel and take in its
core so Unit-01 will become self-sufficient.
  A second later, he found himself being picked up by the Angel by the
  Go on and hit me a few times, Shinji thought impatiently.
  As it held Unit-01 off the ground by the face, the Angel did some kind
of scan of Unit-01. In doing so, it suddenly started acting differently
than what was expected, which was to attack him. Instead, it put Unit-01
back down on its feet and turned around and began walking away.
  What the hell, Shinji thought. How come it isn't attacking me like
expected? Its walking off as if it just helped me get back up to my feet.
What the hell's going on here.
  Shinji figured he should try and do it again.
  He made Unit-01 trip over her own feet again and fall flat on her
  To his and everyone's surprise, the Angel turned back around and
approached Unit-01 again and picked it up by its face, helping it to its
feet before walking off.
  Oh my god, Shinji thought, realizing what was going on. The Angel's
helping me out! It doesn't think I'm here to fight it! What the hell am I
supposed to do?!
  Little did Shinji know that the reason for the Angel doing that was
that it detected Shinji within Unit-01. It viewed Shinji as its superior
and dared not hurt him. Instead, it wanted to help him out if possible
before going about with its task of attacking the city.
  "Shinji, it doesn't seem to view you as a threat!" he heard Misato's
voice, "Use that to your advantage and do a pre-emptive attack,"

  Shinji looked at the screen, a look of shock on his face.
  The Angel lay on its back, motionless. It was struck once by a
well-place open-palm strike from Unit-01 and was killed, the core that
was located in its chest area completely shattered.
  Damnit, what the hell did I do wrong, Shinji thought. I was supposed to
make Unit-01 eat the core but that one attack killed the Angel! I hit the
damn thing once and killed it! This wasn't supposed to happen!
  There went his one chance to turn Unit-01 in to a god, all because he
hit the Angel once. 
  He figured the Angel was stronger than that and can survive at least
one hit. Since it was humanoid in look, Shinji had instinctively made
Unit-01 in the chest area to stun it so he could then proceed to eat the
Angel. But what happened? It freaking died with just one hit! 
  Shinji knew that the Angel was every bit as powerful as when he first
fought it in his own world. It was just unfortunate that he had forgotten
that he had gotten that much more powerful and better a pilot since then.
  Shinji sighed. 
  He couldn't believe it. 
  He would have to wait three weeks until the next Angel attacked which
gave him a chance at taking in its core. Three weeks was a long time.
There was no telling that Urd could continue to avoid Ranma.  
  Did he have Ranma's odd luck? Didn't something like this usually happen
to Ranma?
  Shinji had accidentally defeated an Angel when he was purposely trying
not to.

  Shinji was walking down the corridor with Misato, on their way to meet
up with Ritsuko after the defeat of the Angel. As they walked along, they
came to a stop when they saw Gendo coming down the corridor from the
other direction.
  Misato paused to salute him when Gendo stopped right in front of the
two of them. She noticed how father and son looked fairly similar. They
stood about the same height and had the same build, Shinji perhaps a bit
more muscular. If Gendo grew his hair longer, it would look exactly like
  "Good job, Shinji," Gendo commented.
  Shinji narrowed his eyes at Gendo. Perhaps if he was na�ve to
everything that was going on and was the same meek boy he used to be, he
might feel a great sense of happiness. 
  However, he was not that same boy as back then. The commented meant
nothing to him.
  "So?" Shinji sneered, "What, you think I care about receiving praise
from you?"
  Gendo smirked at Shinji, seemingly amused.
  It annoyed Shinji that he didn't seem to get a rise out of Gendo. He
watched with narrowed eyes as Gendo said a quick word to Misato on a job
well done before he walked off.
  Shinji sneered.

  Shinji sneered as he flung a staff member across the medical room with
one. The guy was a large man but he was flung bodily like he weighed
nothing, like a rag doll. He had grabbed Shinji's right arm while an
equally large man seized his left arm in an attempt to restrain him.
  Ritsuko needed to take his blood for sampling and Shinji didn't want to
cooperate. Misato was in the room as well but she didn't dare to try and
restrain him either.
  With one guy off of him, he flung the second guy across the room with
  When both guys got up to his feet, they seemed reluctant to try and
restrain him again.
  "Not interested," Shinji said with sneer, referring to giving blood.
  It was only around an hour since the defeat of the Angel and Shinji was
in a medical room where he was supposed to be medically tested. 
  "Your blood needs to be taken to ensure that you're okay after the
battle," Ritsuko commented.
  "I've had enough with tests," Shinji said, "I'm fed up with 'em,"
  "What are you talking about, this is the first test," Ritsuko asked
curiously, "How can you be fed up?"
  Shinji said nothing for a moment. He had momentarily forgotten that
this was her first time trying to take his blood. He had been tested so
many times on back then that he didn't want to give blood anymore or do
any tests for that matter.
  He tried to brainstorm on what to do. He had to give blood since it was
a requirement to be a pilot. However, it would be three weeks until the
next Angel attacked. If they get a sample of his blood now, it would only
be a week before they found out that his blood wasn't human in origin.
  "I need to take your blood," Ritsuko said, "It's mandatory to be a
  "Fine, then I quit," Shinji said without hesitation.
  "W-what?!" Misato was surprised at the comment.
  Shinji had this natural ability to pilot Unit-01. For him to quit and
no longer be a pilot would be disastrous. Rei was still in serious
condition and was still recovering.
  "I don't want to give blood," Shinji said, "So if it's mandatory, then
I quit,"
  He had a plan. He would disappear for three weeks and come back and
pilot Unit-01 once again since he would be needed then. Whether or not
they accept him was a different story. However, he had ideas of what to
do, even if it was illegal. If they didn't accept him, he would somehow
find a way to get Rei out of the picture temporarily which would force
Nerv to accept him back no matter what. 
  It was rather devious but it would definitely work. Besides, that was
something Ranma would do and Shinji knew he was no saint either.
Actually, if he   thought about it, it was rather convenient to be
ethically challenged.
  "How can you be that against giving blood? Are you scared of needles?"
Misato asked.
  "The point is moot," Shinji answered, "Because I quit,"
  "Hold up," Misato said, "There's got to be a different approach,"
  Shinji decided it was best to make a stand here.
  "Yeah, there's a different approach," Shinji said, "You don't take my
blood and I'll remain a pilot. If it's mandatory and there's nothing you
can do, then I quit,"
  Ritsuko found herself getting angry. Who was this fourteen year old kid
to give ultimatums? Just because he managed to defeat the Angel on his
first try didn't mean it gave him the rights to make demands.
  "Why are you so adamant about giving blood?" Ritsuko asked, narrowing
her eyes. Something was fishy about that kid and she didn't like it. She
had no idea what or why, but she knew something was fishy. It made her
wonder if she should mention this to the commander.
  "I hate needles," Shinji lied, "Is that a good enough reason?"
  "But it doesn't hurt," Misato said, "It just feels like a little pinch.
I'll give blood right now to show you that it doesn't hurt. You'll notice
I don't wince in pain or anything,"
  Shinji said, "So?"
  "So why won't you give blood?" Ritsuko asked.
  "Cause I don't like needles," he answered, "That's a good enough
answer. Take it or leave it. Frankly, I don't really care if you want me
for a pilot or not. Besides, even if you don't use me as a pilot, you've
still got Rei,"
  Ritsuko narrowed her eyes, catching that last commented.
  How did Shinji know Rei? 
  She nor Misato had ever mentioned the name Rei.
  Misato turned toward Ritsuko, "I'm sure there's another way,"
  "Yes," she said, "I'll see what I can do about it. There's no need for
you to give blood if it bothers you that much,"
  "Thanks," Shinji said, smiling. He was a bit happy. As much as he was
willing to quit Nerv, he kind of didn't mind it either. It would give him
something to do in the meanwhile until the next Angel attacked.
  "You can go wait outside, Misato'll be out in a second," Ritsuko told
Shinji, "I just need to discuss something with her on how we are going to
go about bypassing your blood test,"
  "Okay," Shinji said, leaving the medical room.
  Ritsuko turned toward the two medical staff members that Shinji had
thrown off himself, "You two may go now,"
  When the two guys left leaving Ritsuko and Misato alone, Ritsuko turned
toward her friend.
  "Something's very odd about Shinji," Ritsuko commented.
  "I know. How did he know Rei was the pilot? I never mentioned her,"
  Ritsuko smirked.
  "Considering your general lack of professionalism, you sure do surprise
me at times," Ritsuko smirked.
  Misato narrowed her eyes.
  "You want to bring this to the commander's attention?" Ritsuko asked.
  "Not yet. We should keep a close eye on him though," Misato said,
"There's definitely something odd about that boy,"
  Ritsuko agreed.

  Shinji entered Misato's apartment for the first time, at least on that
  The first thing he noticed was that it looked exactly like he had
expected, a giant mess. There was garbage all over the place and clothes
strewn about.
  Shinji chuckled. Misato of this world was most likely the exact same
Misato as any world, a slob that didn't seem to care about living in a
filthy atmosphere.
  "Can you put the food in the fridge? I'm going to go get changed,"
Misato navigated through the mess and disappeared in to her room.
  Shinji down looked at the bag of snacks in his hands that Misato had
picked up while they were on their way to her apartment. Misato had opted
to have Shinji lived with her because of a few reasons. 
  The main reason was that she wanted to keep a close eye on him, the
second her not wanting Shinji and Gendo to live together. Even though it
was supposed to be natural for father and son to live together, she
believed it would be a volatile mix since Shinji seemed to have obvious
animosity toward his father. She would ask him about that one day.
  "This place is messy as hell," Shinji smirked, not all that embarrassed
about making such a tactless comment.
  "Sorry, I do kinda live messy," Misato said, "I would've cleaned up had
I know you were going to be my roommate,"
  "Did you want me as a roommate so I could keep your place clean?" he
  "That too," she smiled.
  Shinji laughed.
  It was the first time he laughed in quite a while.
  He placed the food away, unbothered by the sight of so much ice,
snacks, and beer that filled the fridge. As he did, he glance over toward
the second giant refrigerator that was PenPen's living quarters. He would
say hi to that penguin soon enough.
  Misato emerged from her bedroom clad in some more comfortable clothes,
a pair of short denim shorts and a yellow t-shirt.
  "I'll go prepare dinner," she said.
  Shinji said, "Um, no need. I'll prepare it,"
  He knew how to cook and was willing to cook since he knew Misato would
choose to microwave a quick dinner for the two of them if need be. He
needed something more nutritious. He had seen some groceries in the
fridge that he could use to make a quick but simple meal.
  "You know how to cook?" Misato asked.
  Shinji nodded, "Yeah,"
  He didn't bother to mention that he knew how to cook because of Akane,
at least some simple meals. Nothing fancy but nutritious nonetheless.
  "Well, if you really want to cook, then go right ahead," she said, "I
haven't really eaten a nice home cooked meal in a while,"
  Misato looked at the schedule sheet in front of her.
  She couldn't believe what she was seeing. She had lost every single
game of Janken, the Japanese version of 'Rock, Paper, Scissors'. It had
been her idea to play that game to help decide which one of them would be
doing a particular chore on a particular day. She had been so sure she
would do really well. It seemed like she had been proven terribly wrong.
  "Well, it seems like it's been decided," Shinji said, "I guess there's
no need to hang the schedule up as a reminder since you lost every game
and will be doing all the chores every day,"
  Misato scratched her head, still shocked. Statistically, it was nearly
impossible to win every game. However, it seemed like Shinji somehow
managed to beat the odds.
  "Um, c'mon, you don't expect me to do all the chores, do you?" Misato
gave a meek smile, giving him puppy-dog eyes.
  I know you would make me do all the chores if it was the other way
around, Shinji thought.
  "Don't worry," he said, "I have no problem in doing the chores.
Besides, it's probably hard enough that you're working all the time too,"
  "Right," Misato jumped at the opportunity, "You're perfectly right. It
would only seem natural that we share responsibilities,"
  Shinji smirked.
  That was so typical of Misato.

  "Whatcha waiting for?" Misato asked.
  "Nothing in particular," Shinji smirked.
  He checked his watch and waited around in front of the door that led to
the bathroom. Misato regarded him for a moment as she went about drinking
her beer, curious as to what he was up to. She had the sneaking feeling
that Shinji definitely knew something she didn't know and didn't care to
tell her.
  "So, Shinji, there's something I've been meaning to ask you," she
began, wanting to make conversation with him. She found herself enjoying
talking to him. He was a lot more mature than she had originally
expected. He also seemed to be very smart, never asking stupid questions,
only asking really inquisitive ones.
  Shinji turned toward Misato, "Ask me something? What is it?"
  "How come you seem to hate your father so much?" she asked, too curious
to wait.
  She noticed the muscles around Shinji's jaw tightening.
  "Um, is that a delicate subject?" she asked.
  "I guess you can say so," Shinji said.
  Shinji was sorely tempted to tell her the truth about his father, that
he was currently using her as a pawn in the main scheme of things, that
he would eventually try and force Rei in to causing Third Impact. Of
course, there was no need to tell her and worry her. It would just
complicate things. Besides, after he was through with here, provided he
didn't kill Gendo a second time around, Shinji would screw up Gendo's
  He had no idea what he would do, but he would definite do something.
Perhaps he would tell the media about Seele and the Human Instrumentality
project. Heck, perhaps he could do something even more extreme like steal
Lilith and Adam and bring them along with him when he went back home. 
  "Um, was it because your dad abandoned you ten years ago?" she asked,
regretting so after she realized what she had said.
  Shinji smirked, "He's a prick. Isn't that a good enough reason?" 
  Misato gave a sheepish smile. Such animosity. She didn't think Gendo
Ikari was a prick. He was sometimes a bit hard to work with and uptight
but that was because so much as resting on his shoulders. 
  At that moment, the bathroom door opened to reveal PenPen.
  Shinji watched as PenPen walked right by him and up to the fridge next
to the door, disappearing in to the fridge after pressing a button that
opened the entrance to that fridge.
  "What was that?" Shinji asked, smiling slightly, knowing it was best to
ask that.
  "That was PenPen," Misato answered, "He's a warm-water penguin. H-how'd
you know he was in there?"
  Shinji lied, "I saw him enter when I was putting the food away and when
you were getting changed. I forgot to ask during dinner. I just
remembered as I was about to take a shower,"
  "Oh," she said, "I guess that makes sense,"
  It would seem strange that Shinji knew what was going to happen before
it happened, afterall.

  Shinji gazed out the window of his classroom.
  It was the following day after the Angel attack and he was already
expected to attend school. In the other world, he didn't have to go to
school for two days after his arrival in Tokyo-3. But then again, perhaps
it was because he had been injured then and had to be watched over to
make sure he was physically fit to be released.
  Since the battle had gone well, he found himself in school earlier.
  Shinji looked about the classroom. In the back corner he saw Rei and,
to his surprise, Toji. Kensuke and Hikaru were also there in class. When
he noticed Toji, he assumed that Toji's sister hadn't gotten hurt during
the battle so there was no reason for him to be out of school to visit
her at the hospital.
  He felt a bit self-conscious of himself as he sat among fellow
classmates. This was because of his size. He was a good deal larger than
the largest kid in the class, that being Toji.
  Toji. It was really nice seeing him again. The Toji he knew had lost an
arm and a leg in his first outing as an EVA pilot due to an Angel having
seizing control of his EVA back then.
  Seeing a perfectly fine Toji made Shinji rather happy. He would go talk
to Toji. Since he had some time before the next Angel attack, he might as
well enjoy the company of some old friends he had left behind long ago.
  A piece of chalk flew toward his head, narrowly missing him as he
managed to react in time to weave in his chair and avoid getting hit. 
  The piece of chalk ended up hitting the male student behind him.
  The class broke out in laughter as well as Shinji.

  "So, you're the new kid, huh?" Toji approached Shinji. He and Kensuke
approached him as he was on his way home back to Misato's place.
  Shinji nodded, "Yeah. Um, how're you doing? I'm Shinji Ikari,"
  "I'm Toji Suzuhara," Toji said, jerking a thumb toward his friend,
"This here's Kensuke Aida,"
  Shinji regarded the two of them for a moment. It felt a bit weird
seeing them again. Sure, he was happy to see them, but it looked as if he
was looking at them from a different perspective. This was because he was
taller than both Toji and Kensuke.  
  "I'm surprised that new people are coming to this place," Toji
commented, "You'd think that people would be leaving this place
considering what had just happened yesterday,"
  Shinji nodded, "Yeah, I agree,"
  "So, whatcha think of your first day of class?" Kensuke asked,
adjusting his glasses.
  Shinji said, "It was kinda fun. The teachers are idiots though,"
  Toji and Kensuke laughed in agreement.
  Shinji smiled. 
  The three of them would be good friends in no time.

  Misato was having some morning coffee, getting ready to go to work,
when she wandered out on to the balcony and caught sight of Shinji down
in the apartment courtyard.
  She noticed Shinji doing katas.
  "I didn't know Shinji knew martial arts," Misato said to herself. She
leaned on the balcony railing and watched him intently. After a short
time, she came to the realize that, even though she didn't know martial
arts first-hand, Shinji was a skilled martial artist. 
  She watched as he changed from doing katas to kicking at a nearby tree.
She found herself wincing as she noticed Shinji was actually hitting the
tree with his shins and not his feet.
  "Ouch," she said, "How can that not hurt?"
  Her eyes widened when she looked at the tree and noticed the tree
shuddering with every impact of his shin against its side. 
  That was definitely not normal. 
  She needed to bring this to Ritsuko's attention.

  "Hey, Ritsuko, what brings you here?" Shinji was surprised to when he
answered the door and found Ritsuko standing on the other side, "Misato's
taking a shower. She should be out shortly. Please, come on in,"
  "Thanks," she said, entering, "I'm a bit early,"
  "Early? For what?" he asked. He didn't recall ever seeing Ritsuko at
Misato's place back then on the other world, at least not so soon after
he had taken up residence at her place.
  "Misato called me by, there's something the two of us would like to
discuss with you," Ritsuko said.
  Shinji couldn't help but feel suddenly nervous. If Ritsuko ever needed
to sit someone down to talk to with them, that meant it must be something
serious and he assumed it was most likely something serious about him.
  They waited for Misato to emerge from the bathroom.
  "You're early," Misato commented, dressed but drying her hair with a
  "I guess I couldn't help myself," Ritsuko said.
  Misato turned toward Shinji, "Shinji, Ritsuko and I would like to talk
to you about something,"
  "Um, what's this about?" Shinji asked.
  "You," Ritsuko said.
  "Um, what about me?" he asked innocently.
  "Who are you?" both females asked in unison.
  "I'm Shinji Ikari, really," Shinji said truthfully.
  "You're not fooling us," Misato said.
  Ritsuko nodded, "I've done a bit a research in to you. Although the
data about you is about a four months old, the difference between you now
and before is too much of a change. There's no physical way you can grow
as much as you did in such a short time,"
  "Maybe I had a growth spurt," Shinji commented.
  "What are you trying to hide?" Ritsuko asked.
  Shinji was silent. He couldn't believe how observant Ritsuko and Misato
were. They really seemed to be able to figure things out based on the
very little facts that they had. 
  It seems like he had underestimated them.
  Shinji sighed.
  "It's a long story..."

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