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Jeffrey "OneShot" Wong

  Without so much as saying another word, Ranma disappeared through the
  Shinji found himself gasping for air. He had never been so terrified in
life. There was an aura to Ranma that was absolutely paralyzing.
  It made him wonder what the heck role he had been thrown in to so
  "H-how t-the hell am I supposed to beat that guy?!?"
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  Shinji blushed as he noticed several people watching him as he rummaged
through a garbage can located by the corner of a busy intersection.
  "This is embarrassing," he told himself, sifting through the trash,
ignoring the foul stench emanating from refuse. Even though it was
embarrassing, it was for a good reason.
  Shinji's stomach rumbled. This made him realize that he was hungry. The
last time he recalled eating was late in the evening when he was with
Luna on that other world, before they found Emiko and went home and found
out what had happened to Ranma. That meant he hadn't eaten in a few days
and he should get something to eat shortly.
  "God, this stench is making me lose my appetite," he said, pinching his
nose. Luckily, he was careful enough not to get his hands very dirty as
he only touched the 'clean' looking garbage in the can.
  After a short moment of searching, he found what he was looking for, a
discarded newspaper.
  He opened it up and quickly checked for the date. It only took him a
moment to determine the current date of that world since the newspaper
had the date on every page.
  "Hm, it's only a year later than when I was last on this world," Shinji
commented, "But then again, I was never actually on this world before
since this world was recreated and the Ranma that exist on this world had
never met me. Ranma wouldn't even know who I am since he was reborn all
over again and remembers nothing about what had happened between him and
I and those Angels and everyone else,"
  Shinji wondered if that was a good or bad thing. It was most likely a
good thing. Sure, if Ranma remembered Shinji, Shinji would most likely
have more of a chance of receiving help from him since he wouldn't be
view as some random stranger, however, if Ranma did remember everything,
it would be much worse since he would also remember having been reborn
when he specifically requested to be removed from existence in exchange
for his help.
  "Damn, this is all messed up," Shinji sighed, "Either way, it's a
lose-lose situations. If Ranma doesn't remember anything, it would be
extremely hard to get his help. If he remembered everything, he would
most likely be trying to kill the Ranma I know for breaking his word and
having him reborn,"
  He banished the thought from his head. That was a trivial matter. What
mattered was that reborn Ranma of this world would probably be only a
year older than when he met the previous version of him. If that was the
case, then Ranma was most likely still attending college.
  "Damn, what college does he attend?" Shinji scratched his head, "Heck,
where the heck does he live? I don't even know what town he lives in!"
  Those were huge details that he was never told. It also didn't help
that Shinji had no idea which city he had appeared in.
  His stomach rumbled again.
  He needed food.
  Actually, he also needed a shower.
  He reeked and needed a change of clothes. Unfortunately, that was
something he would have to worry about later.
  Right now, he needed something to eat.

  "Excuse me, but can you tell me where I am?"
  The school girls gave Shinji an odd look like he was crazy.
  Shinji had approached two school girls as they were on their way home
from school. He assumed they were school girls since they were dressed in
what looked like a school uniform. At least some aspects of Japan hadn't
changed over time.
  He couldn't help but feel a bit relieved that he had trained himself
before to be able to talk to girls or random strangers for that matter.
Ranma had instilled in him the courage to talk to strangers. The only
people he used to be good at talking to were his friends and he always
struggled talking to people he didn't know. What was surprising was that
this was only a few months ago.
  Thank goodness, this was no longer the case.
  The two girls regarded Shinji for a moment, assessing him. The noticed
he looked like a normal person. But then again, crazy people tended to
look normal.
  "Can you tell me where I am?" Shinji asked once again. Perhaps they
didn't hear him the first time around.
  "What do you mean?" one girl asked.
  "What city is this?" he asked, slightly embarrassed, "Um, I'm visiting
this country and have no idea where I am,"
  "That's strange, your Japanese seems to indicated otherwise," one girl
smirked, "Where are you visiting from?"
  "It's unimportant," Shinji said.
  "You're in Mizukan," the other girl answered.
  "Can you tell me where that is?" Shinji asked, "I have no idea where
this town is. Is there a major city nearby?"
  "Well, this town's neighbors with Tokyo," a girl answered, pointing
toward a giant structure, "If you see that giant building over there,
that's Tokyo Tower,"
  Shinji gazed over where the girl was pointing. After a moment, he broke
out in laughter. How come he didn't figure that out in the first place? 
  "Thanks," he said, "I feel a bit stupid having realized this
afterwards. However, I appreciate your help,"
  "Okay," the girls went on their way.
  Shinji bopped himself on the top of the head at how stupid he was. He
still had a long way to go before he became independent and could figure
things out on his own.
  "That guy's weird," he heard one of the girls comment. It seems she and
her friend hadn't been aware that they were totally out of earshot from
where Shinji was.
  "Yeah, and he smells, too," the other girl added.
  Shinji sighed.

  Shinji was very self-conscious of himself as he waited on line at a
fast food place. He wondered how many people around him were holding
their breaths and not saying anything about how badly he smelled.
  "Great, my diet goes right out the door," he muttered to himself. He
had nothing much to complain about. Actually, he should kick himself for
complaining. It was all because of Ranma and Akane that he ate right. If
it weren't for them, he would not have been on a strict diet. Besides,
something like dieting for an upcoming boxing match seemed very trivial
given his current situation.
  He laughed, finding the situation humorous in a very disturbing way.
How could one not find it funny in a sick and twisted way? Just when the
thought he was going to be living the life of a normal guy his age, his
life is turned upside down.
  He had believed he had his life figured out. He would grow up to become
an excellent boxer and make a name for himself, earning his keep teaching
martial arts at Ranma's dojo until then. When he graduated from Tokyo
University with a degree in Electrical or Computer Engineering, he would
become a working man, a productive member of society. By his side would
be Emiko, every step of the way, the girl he didn't realize that he loved
until he realized he had almost lost her. Too bad that after he realized
this, she had been killed shortly after along with all everyone.
  A tear trickled from his eyes. Although Urd said she could make thing
all right after all of this was over, he knew, deep down inside, that he
would never be the same. 
  He wiped the tear away before anyone could see him and banished his
feelings. He needed to steel himself. Too much was at stake and everyone,
even Urd, depended on him.
  When it was Shinji's turned to order, he ordered some random items,
ordering a meal that seemed the most nutritious out of all the choice. Of
course, it was still no where near as nutritious as when he was used to
eating and his body most likely needed, it was better than nothing.
  When Shinji tried to pay for his meal, a problem occurred.
  "I'm sorry, but we only accept Japanese currency," the young female
cashier said, looking at the odd looking pieces of paper Shinji had put
  "Huh? This is," he said.
  After a moment, he came to the realization that the Japanese currency
on this world was different from the one on his world. 
  Not wanting to hold up the line, he sighed and said, "I'm sorry. I
don't have any money,"
  Sadly, a hungry Shinji walked off.
  "Excuse me, but can you spare some change?"
  Shinji felt very self-conscious of himself as he basically begged for
money. He was standing by the corner of a busy intersection doing so.
Coincidently, it was the same corner where he was last seen rummaging
through the garbage.
  "Sorry," a businessman promptly dismissed him and continued on.
  Shinji felt himself getting more and more angry with every passing
minute and failed attempt. What the heck was wrong with society that
people would not help a person asking for some loose change so he could
  "Ew, get away from me," a young woman said before she quickly picked up
her young child, a little girl, and headed off. 
  He sighed. Some role model the child's mother was. The child was most
likely in kindergarten and the mother was setting a bad example for the
child, making the little girl think it was all right dismiss helping
people when in need of help.
  Goddamn, I just want some money for food, Shinji thought. I'm just a
little bit dirty and people think I'm some kinda homeless bum or a
  It took Shinji almost an hour before he managed to beg enough money
from random strangers to buy himself a meal. By the time he had enough,
he found himself seriously disgusted with how society could be. 
  I'm trying to save the damn universe and people are too selfish to even
help me out, Shinji thought with a bit of contempt.
  "Hm, I wonder why my stomach stopped rumbling," he asked himself, "It
was rumbling before but it seemed to have stopped,"
  He dismissed the thought and walked off. With enough money at hand,
Shinji went to a nearby deli that he had passed that he had missed
before. Going inside, he ordered his meal, a simple sandwich that was
significantly more nutritious than what that fast food place had to
  After eating, Shinji noticed that it was starting to get dark. He
contemplated going out and seeking Ranma's whereabouts but he needed to
worry about finding a place to stay and a clean pair of clothes. He
didn't want to sleep in the street or remain in those dirty clothes of
  Shinji started thinking. Man, staying at Ranma's place all this time
has made me realize just how much I took something like shelter for
granted. Ranma had given me a place to stay without asking for anything
in return. I'm probably in the same situation as Ranma when he went
through the 'Nerima Massacre'. How did Ranma deal with all of this? Did
he beg for money for food as well? Did he sleep in the streets?
  He dismissed the thought. That was unimportant. What he needed to do
now, now that he had eaten, was start coming up with a place on how and
where to find Ranma.

  Shinji fumbled around working the phone booth.
  "Damn, I wish this thing had a phone book," he muttered, "It's easier
looking through something like that than figuring out how this damn
machine works,"
  Shinji was standing inside of a phone book and in front of a payphone.
Heck, it didn't even look like a payphone. It looked more like some kind
of computer with a touch-sensitive screen that had a receiver hanging on
the left side of its screen.
  Shinji spent a good deal time trying to figure out how to use the
machine. It seems the payphone was networked with a database located
elsewhere that kept track of names and phone numbers. All he had to do
was figure out how to access it since it was a free service.
  "Damn, and I'm supposed to be good with computers," he sighed, "Nene
and Ritsuko both showed me how to use a computer really well but this
stuff looks too advanced to figure out quickly,"
  It took Shinji a good half an hour before he came to the realization
that he didn't know how to figure out how to bring up the booth's version
of a phone book.
  "Excuse me, but can you help me?" Shinji stepped out and asked a random
stranger, a man on his way home after working late.
  "Sorry, but I'm busy," the man didn't so much as look at Shinji.
  "Damnit! I just want to use the phone!" Shinji snapped, "What's so
goddamn important that hafta do that you can't help me out with something
simple like that?!"
  The man was taken aback by Shinji's sudden show of exasperation. 
  Shinji calmed himself down and sighed, "Sorry. I didn't meant to get
angry at you. I'm under a lot of stress,"
  The man said nothing, seemingly frightened.
  "Can you please show me how to use the phone?" Shinji asked in a soft
voice, "I'm looking for a person and I figured I can find him if I looked
him up in the phone book,"
  "Phone book?" the man asked nervously.
  "Y'know, that thing that has the phone numbers and addresses of
people," Shinji answered.
  "Oh," the man said. He didn't dared to correct Shinji and tell him that
it was referred to simply as 'Database'.
  "Can you show me how to use it?" Shinji asked.
  The man nervously nodded and showed Shinji how to use the display
screen, pressing several buttons. Shinji made careful note of what parts
of the display screen the man touched. Within seconds, a search window
could be seen where a name could be put in.
  "Um, w-what's the name you're looking for?" the man asked, figuring it
was best to type it in himself. The faster he could have Shinji find what
he was looking for, the faster the man could be on his way.
  "Ranma," Shinji answered.
  "His name is 'Ranma'," Shinji repeated, "He doesn't have a last name,"
  The man smirked, "Is this some kinda joke? Am I on some kind of hidden
video show?"
  Shinji didn't seem amused, "No,"
  The man, noticing Shinji's expression, quickly turned his attention
back on to the screen and did a search for it.
  I forgot, Shinji said, the name 'Ranma' is some kinda cursed name on
this world. That's because that's the same name of the 'guy' that tried
to supposedly destroy this world over a hundred years ago when he 'tried'
to cause Third Impact. Heh, it's too bad that it seems no one here but
myself know the truth, that Ranma did cause Third Impact and this whole
world was recreated thinking that had had failed.
  "Um, t-there are no matches," the man said.
  Shinji looked at the screen and noticed a 'No matches found' in bold
display on the screen for the name 'Ranma'.
  He sighed, "Thanks,"
  "C-can I go now?" the man asked.
  "Yeah," Shinji said, "Thanks for you help, I really appreciate-,"
  Shinji didn't even manage to finish his sentence before he realized the
man had took off and was already out of earshot. 
  He turned his attention back toward the phone. Looking at the screen,
he wondered what he should do now. Finding Ranma's name in a phone book
had been Shinji's only plan. 
  Unfortunately, since there were no matches, he was back at square one.
  Shinji began pacing around as he brainstormed on what to do now. He
knew Ranma hung out with a girl named Jun but he had no idea what her
last name was. 
  Figuring that that was at least something to go by, he decided to do a
search for that name. He gasped when he noticed how many matches there
  "Damn, there's over a million Jun," he said, "There's no way I can
single out the one I'm looking from a list of over a million...can I?"
  He scratched his head, trying to figure a way of narrowing the list
  "Hm, perhaps I can narrow the field down based on age," he said, "I
noticed that in the search criteria,"
  Shinji fumbled with using the machine, managing to fumble his way to
the screen that gave him the ability to put in certain constraints in the
  "Jun was in college with Ranma so that means she should be somewhere
around eighteen to twenty one," he said, typing it in on the screen.
  He checked out some of the other criteria and noticed that there was a
massive amount of constraints one could put on the search. He had the
ability to give in constraints on height, weight, eye color, hair color,
race, and gender.
  "Hm, maybe it wouldn't be all that hard narrowing the field down,"
Shinji said.
  To the best that he could, he inputted his appropriate guess for those
fields, hoping it would help him out significantly.
  When the screen displayed the constrained matches that fit his search,
he found himself a bit disconcerted about his quest to find Jun. He found
himself looking at a screen that had roughly eighty three thousand
possible matches, an impossible task for him to do.
  "Damnit! If I knew what he last name was, it would probably narrow the
field down to one or two people! I'm under enough stress as it already
is! Why can't I have it easy for a change?!" Shinji punched the screen in
  To his surprise, his fist ended up crashing through the screen.
  "Oh no!" he gasped, noticing smoke billowing out from the fist sized
display screen. The display screen was no longer shone, having shorted
  Shinji quickly looked back and forth, hoping that there weren't many
people nearby that saw him. Unfortunately, several people did see him and
had stopped to stare at him.
  Shinji looked around, hoping there were no police officers nearby that
would try to arrest him for destruction of public property, even if it
was purely accidental on his behalf.
  It only took him a second to realize that there had been a police
officer nearby.
  "You! Stop right where you are!" the man said.
  Shinji didn't bother to stay around and find out how much trouble he
was in if he got caught.
  Without so much as a second though, Shinji ran away.

  Shinji found himself in Tokyo before he knew it.
  He had never intended to head to Tokyo but figured it was better to be
in a city he would be more familiar with, even if it wasn't a city he
recognized. To him, being in a place like Tokyo, no matter how different,
still made him feel like he had at least some control over what was going
  Once there, he took a moment to survey his surroundings.
  Tokyo looked nothing like MegaTokyo. The cars didn't even look like
cars. They looked so technologically advanced that the cars he saw in
MegaTokyo looked ancient in design and architecture.
  After a moment of looking about, he decided it was best to think of the
situation at hand, the need to find Ranma.
  "There's no way I can locate Jun out of that massive list and Ranma's
name can't be found," Shinji said to himself, pacing back and forth in
front of a random building, 
  His eyes widened, "Wait a minute! This world is an alternate future of
the world where I came from. I remember Ranma mentioning that he met the
Asuka of this world while he was here trying to cause Third Impact.
Maybe, just maybe, she's still alive. She'd be almost a hundred years old
now, but it's still worth a try,"
  Shinji headed off in a random direction, hoping to find a phone booth
somewhere along the way. He knew that if the Asuka of this world was even
half as strong a person as the one he knew, she would most likely keep
her own family name rather than assume the name of her husband like how
it was usually done in society.
  It took around ten minutes before Shinji came across a phone booth. He
fumbled with using the search engine of the machine, needing a minute to
recall how that man had gone about selecting the search engine. When he
found out what it was, he put in the name 'Asuka Soryu Langley' for the
  "Yes!" he cheered when he found a match.
  To his surprise, the address shown indicated that she lived right here
in Tokyo.
  Shinji knocked on the door to the apartment building that believed to
the Asuka Soryu Langley of that world. What was really surprising was
that if she was the same Asuka that met up with Ranma on this world when
he was trying to cause Third Impact, then that meant she would be
somewhere around eighty-seven years old now. What was really surprising
was that if she was that old, why would she be located at some random
apartment building. Sure, it was an apartment at an extravagant-looking
apartment in an upscale portion of Tokyo, but that didn't excuse the fact
that a woman her age would be living in such an area. Shouldn't she be in
some kind of retirement home?
  His heart was racing. He wondered what the heck he was going to say to
her. Although they had never actually met, he believed he knew her really
  The door opened after a minute to reveal a young-looking woman with
long flowing red-hair. She looked like a splitting image of the Asuka he
knew. The only difference was that she looked older and much more mature
than the one he knew.
  "A-Asuka?" Shinji's eyes widened, a flood of emotions. It felt like he
was seeing the Asuka he knew once again as if he was seeing her alive
after seeing her dead not too long ago.
  "D-dad?" she looked at the Shinji, her eyes widening.
  "Huh?" Shinji asked.
  The woman brought her hand up to her mouth and gasped, in a state of
shock, "God, you look exactly like my late father when he was young,"
  "Um, s-sorry, but you're mistaken," Shinji said, a bit weirded out,
"Would you happen to be Asuka Soryu Langley?"
  The woman nodded, "Yes, I am. How do you know who I am? What's your
  "My name's Shinji Ikari," he said.
  Shinji scratched his head. Something wasn't right. Asuka did not look
like she was eighty. She looked to be around thirty.
  "That's funny, you have the same name as my father," she commented.
  "I'm really really confused here," he said, "Aren't you the same person
that traveled with a man named Ranma?"
  "Ranma?" the woman asked.
  "Yes, Ranma," Shinji said, "Didn't you go to Antarctica with Ranma?"
  "Antarctica, no," she said, "I've never been to Antarctica before. The
only person that's been there was my.....Ranma! Now I recognize that
name! My mom knows a guy by that name. I heard her mention his name a
long time ago. My mom and I have the same name. You must be looking for
  Shinji said, "Oh! Now I get it. I was getting confused. I was expecting
to meet someone from back then who would be around eighty. You only look
to be around thirty,"
  "Wow, do I look that young?" the woman smiled, flattered. 
  "Why, how old are you?" he asked.
  The woman narrowed her eyes toward Shinji, "What kinda question is
  "Sorry," Shinji held his hands up defensively. It seemed this woman was
Asuka's descendent. This gave reason as to why she looked much like the
Asuka he knew.
  "What's all this about?" she asked, "How come you're looking for my
mom? It also doesn�t explain why you have the same name as my father,"
  Shinji suddenly realize something, "Your father's name is also Shinji
  She nodded, "Yes,"
  "Oh my god! I'm your father!"

  Shinji was deep in thought as she took a shower.
  He was taking a shower in Asuka's apartment, she having invited him.
When she noticed how much he smelled, she told him to go take a shower.
Her basically telling him what to do made him realize this Asuka was very
much like the Asuka he knew.
  "God, she's looks to be around the same age as Priss and Misato and the
others," Shinji commented, "She's the daughter of the Asuka I was looking
for. Her mother was the one that went with Ranma to Antarctica. However,
her mother had passed away long ago. Also, her father, the alternate
version of myself, passed away long before her,"
  When he was done with his shower, he put on a clean pair of clothes
that belonged to used to belong to one of her sons. It turned out that
this Asuka was a lot older than she indicated, having already raised a
family, her kids already grown up and having moved out.
  She didn't live alone either, her husband, a man with a name Shinji
didn't recognize, working late.
  Shinji headed in to the dining area where he was pleasantly surprised
to see that Asuka had prepared a quick meal for him while he showered.
The meal looked like a pasta-based meal which looked delicious.
  Seeing this made him realize that perhaps the Asuka of this world was a
bit different from the Asuka he knew. This was probably because she never
grew up piloting an EVA or having a troubled childhood. That trait seemed
to have been passed down to her daughter.
  "Wow," Shinji said, "You made all of this?"
  Asuka smile, "Yes. Hope you're hungry. Please, have a seat and dig in,"
  "Um, thanks," he said without hesitation. He sat down adjacent to
Shinji and watched as he began eating.
  "So, tell me, what's an alternate version of my father doing on this
world?" she asked.
  Shinji blushed slightly, a bit embarrassed, "Um, c-can you not consider
me that? I mean, from where I come from, the Asuka and I never married,"
  "First off, you're not weirded out by my being here?" Shinji asked, "I
figure that my telling you that I'm from an alternate world would weird
you out. It's not something you expect to hear,"
  Asuka said, "Well, I am a bit confused as to why you're here. However,
I'm keeping an open-mind. Considering the stories I've heard about and
read about in textbooks when I was young about how this world used to be
attacked by so-called Angels, something like you being from another world
isn't all that far-fetched, no matter how shocking,"
  Shinji smiled, "I'm glad you think like that,"
  Asuka leaned forward in her chair, paying him her undivided attention.
  "Just curious, your mother and I...I mean the Shinji Ikari of this
world, how did they meet?" he asked.
  "In school," Asuka said, "If I recall what she told me about correctly,
after she got back from Antarctica, she became the center of attention
for what she had done. Afterall, she was known as the girl that stopped
Third Impact. Before long, she got fed up with so much attention that she
wanted to be a normal person once again. My father was one of the few
people that didn't seem to see her more than as a classmate of hers back
then and I guess she grew to like him because of that. Although they had
gone to high school together, then ended up getting together when they
found themselves attending the same college,"
  Shinji thought about it for a moment. That sounded a bit like how he
was. He was good friends with Priss, a world-famous rockstar, but only
saw her as a friend and not how the world viewed her, a rockstar.
  "If I remember correctly, my mom actually disliked my dad at first,"
Asuka said, "However, over time, he grew on her and they eventually fell
in love,"
  "Wow," Shinji said.
  "You seem really interested in hearing about this," Asuka commented.
  "That's because I'm basically that same Shinji but from an alternate
world," Shinji gave a meek smile, "And I'm also friends with your mother,
also from an alternate world. It's just very surprising that your mother
and father, fell in love because the two of us are only friends.
Actually, we're good friend, but I think she thinks otherwise or at least
never cares to admit it. But then again, why we didn't end up together is
probably because she has a crush on Ranma,"
  Shinji paused for a moment. He did recall having a crush on Asuka once
a while back but he grew out of it, somewhere around the time when he and
the others were basically forced to leave their world and go to Ranma's
since their city of Tokyo-3 had been destroyed. 
  "Well, I think my mom always had a thing for this guy named Ranma but I
don't really know what," Asuka said, "I don't mean offend my father, but
I have a funny feeling my mom settled for him," 
  "Settled for me? You mean I was a second choice?" Shinji asked, a bit
surprised. When he realized he was getting upset over nothing. It was
probably because of Ranma. Asuka had probably been in love with Ranma and
ended up settling for the Shinji of this world. 
  Hee said softly, "Sorry, I guess, indirectly, I feel like your father
and I are alike,"
  Asuka regarded Shinji for a moment.
  "Well, you two look much alike," Asuka said, "However, you seem to be
less, I dunno, quiet. My dad was usually shy and quiet. You seem less
  "Oh, that's how I was several months ago," Shinji said, "I guess that's
because of some of the training I'm undergoing that's changing me. Also,
the fact that I'm in such a situation is bond to change a guy as well. So
tell me, um, if you don't mind, can you tell me a bit about your mom and
  "What is it you would like to hear?" she asked.
  "Anything," he said.
  "Well, both of went to Tokyo University," Asuka said, "My parents did
different majors but, I guess by accident, met up with one another. They
started hanging out and eventually got together and married,"
  "My dad died a year before my mom. He died in a car accident," she said
softly, a bit saddened at having to remember what happened, "A man ran a
red light and hit my father as he was on his way home from work. My mom
died of old age,"
  "I'm sorry to hear that," Shinji said in a sad voice.
  "It's okay," Asuka gave a forced smile, "They both lived a full and
happy life,"
  Shinji said nothing.
  "Anyway, I think I've talked enough," she said, "How about you tell me
a bit about yourself and why you're here? Tell me everything that's
happened that led up to this. Also, I don't want you leaving out any
  "Like what?"
  "I don't know," Asuka said, "I hope you don't try and keep the truth
from me and fib about what you've got to tell me,"
  Shinji sighed, "As much as I would like to tell you, I think it'd be
much more trouble if you knew the truth. I know it's good to know
everything, but something so profound as what I know about this world,
for you to know it might just change your life. For the better or for the
worse, I have no idea and wouldn't want to risk it,"
  "I'm willing to take the risk,"
  "Are you absolutely sure?" Shinji asked.
  "My mom came from a time when her classmates piloted EVAs to fight
against Angels," Asuka said, "I've got a pretty open mind,"
  Shinji sighed, "Okay, if you insist. Your mom killed a man named Ranma,
  "Yes," she nodded.
  "She supposedly killed Ranma at the very last moment before he caused
Third Impact," he continued, "Well, she never succeeded and this whole
world was destroyed in the process. Fortunately, Ranma recreated it like
nothing had happened and made it seem so that he died in the process
when, in reality, he had succeeded and simply altered this world in a way
so that it seemed like he died trying,"
  "Wait, you're telling me that this is some kind of recreated world?"
  "Actually," Shinji gave a meek smile, "That was back then. This world
is a recreation of that recreation. This world was recreated a second
time. The difference is that Ranma is no longer God,"
  "The world before this recreated one suffered world-wide destruction,"
Shinji said, "You know Unit-01?"
  "Yes, it's on display of it in Tokyo Museum," Asuka commented, trying
to take in what she was hearing.
  "Well, on that world, Unit-01 was self-destructed in an attempt to kill
Ranma," Shinji commented, "Unfortunately, it didn't kill him and it ended
up knocking the planet slightly out of orbit. Millions were killed in the
process, and as to the long terms effects of the planet's orbit being
altered, I have no idea,"
  Asuka found herself needing to sit down.
  "Ranma was the catalyst that caused all of this," Shinji said,
"Luckily, we were around and make things turn out nowhere near as badly
as it could've been. We even managed to have him recreate this world,
minus the reason why everything had occurred,"
  "What reason is that?"
  "Ranma of the world back then was God and roaming this world," Shinji
  Asuka said, "You lost me,"
  "That's how it was in the other world," Shinji said, "With this world,
the recreated one of the recreated one, Ranma has the power of God but
isn't necessarily God so this world will never undergo the trials that
the other one underwent. I'm here to find him because I need his help,"
  Asuka scratched her chin, "You know what's strange? My daughter knows a
guy named Ranma. I wonder if he might be the same person,"  
  "What?!?!?!?" Shinji's eyes widened.
  "I remember a while ago, my daughter, Jun, mentioned about how she knew
a guy named Ranma. She told me this because it was very odd how someone
could have such a name as that,"
  "You're kidding me, right?" Shinji gasped.  Asuka shook her head, "No.
Jun knows a guy named Ranma that's in her class. They go to college
together. I met him once. This was about a year ago once when she brought
him home when we used to live in Hokkaido,"
  "W-whoa. Jun's your daughter?!" Shinji gasped.
  "Why, do you know her?" she asked.
  "Yeah!" Shinji said, "I was on this world, actually, a different
version of this world, not too long ago and remembered her and Ranma
being together,"
  Asuka seemed very surprised, "Wow, that's one heck of a coincidence,"
  "You're telling me," Shinji said. He scratched his head, "You have a
house in Hokkaido?"
  Asuka shook her head, "Not anymore. We used to. When Jun moved out
around half a year ago, we sold the house and moved here. We moved here
because we've got relatives that live here and it's a lot closer to her
college. Usually, she comes to Tokyo to visit some relatives before
taking a plane up to Hokkaido where we used to live. Living here we
considered killing two birds with one stone,"
  "Oh man, I never suspected that Jun's your daughter," Shinji said,
"That's because she doesn't look like you,"
  "Are you sure this is the same Jun we're talking about?" Asuka asked.
She went on to describe her daughter which happened to match Jun's
description to a T.
  "That definitely fits her description," Shinji commented, still
  "She takes on her father's looks," Asuka said, "She acts more like me
than my husband,"
  "We, meaning my friends and I, came in contact with your daughter a
while back," Shinji said. Since this was a recreated world in the exact
image as before save for Ranma being different on this world, this was
much the exact world he had visited, "If we met your daughter, surely one
of us would've noticed that there could've been a connection between her
and you since they know Asuka as well,"
  Asuka said, "Like I said, she looks more like her father but acts more
like myself. But then again, perhaps something obvious like a last name
like Langley would give it away. However, she uses her father's last
name. This is because with a last name of Langley, she would be
automatically singled out as a descendent of the Asuka Langley that
stopped Third Impact. I had her assume her father's last name since it
would allow her to live a more normal life, and a normal life she's lived
so far,"
  Shinji scratched his chin, "Hm, that's makes me wonder. I did remember
Luna making a comment once to me about how Jun acted a bit like the Asuka
we knew,"
  "Luna?" Asuka asked.
  He waved a hand, "It's not all that important. She just happened to
have been one of the people that was with me when we came here,"
  "This is just too coincidental," Shinji commented, "How in the world
could everyone's lives be so intertwined. What are the chances that your
daughter would happen to be friends with Ranma? That's just too much of a
  "I did find it rather odd, too, when she brought him by the house one
day," Asuka said, "It struck me as odd that the man's name was Ranma but
I figured he was joking around and never really believed it to be. I
guess I shouldn'tve dismissed it so readily. Had my mother been still
around, maybe she would've wanted to investigate that occurrence,"
  Shinji pinched the bridge of his nose, "Damn, I'm getting a headache
trying to think of this. Not only do I have all this to deal with, now I
hafta deal with the mystery behind the coincidence that something like
this would happen. It's just too much of a coincidence to dismiss,"
  He knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that Ritsuko would not definitely
try and figure out such a coincidence and prove that it wasn't.
  "God, this is too much to absorb," Shinji said to himself, "There are
so many unanswered questions. I just recently found out that the Ranma I
know actually prefers death to life, than I've lost all my friends were
killed because of him, and now that some sick thread of fate seems to be
tying all of us together somehow but dunno why,"
  "I'm at a loss," Asuka said, "I don't think I could be of much help,"
  "Don't worry about it," he said, "You giving me a change of clothes and
allowing me to shower as well a making me something to eat is more help
than what was needed,"
  "If there's any help you need, I'd be glad to help," she said
  "What college does your daughter and Ranma attend?" he asked, "I
originally came here hoping that your mom might know of a man named Ranma
but it seems like the daughter knows instead,"
  "Kyoto University," Asuka said.
  "Kyoto, huh?" Shinji said, wondering if it was a weird coincidence that
Sumi lived in Kyoto back home. Perhaps there was, perhaps there wasn't.
There was no way of telling.
  "It's around three hours by car from here," Asuka commented, "However,
if you want to go there, there's a shuttle bus that travels between here
and there. It takes around four hours. My daughter usually takes that bus
here when she comes visit home from school every now and there,"
  "Do you think your daughter will know where I can find Ranma?" he
  Asuka said, "I'm not too sure. They used to hang out a while ago. She
hasn't brought him around to visit since a while ago so there's no real
telling. Then again, they only had one class together back then and that
was last year. Since they take different majors, there's a good chance
they don't have any of the  same classes together,"
  "Would it be too much to ask if you can call your daughter and ask?" he
asked, believing that it was a good idea, that he was on the right track.
  "I don't see why not," she said.
  Shinji followed Asuka in to the living room where she picked up the
phone located by the couch and dialed in the number for her daughter's
apartment. She then handed it to Shinji.
  "There you go," she said.
  "Um, thanks," Shinji took the receiver. He kind of wished Asuka would
do the talking for him but it seemed like that wasn't going to be the
case, she having walked off to clear the table of the plates and dishes.
  Shinji nervously waited for someone to pick up the phone on the other
  "Hello?" came a voice, a female voice.
  "Hi, um, is Jun there?" he asked.
  "Sorry, but she isn't here. This is her housemate, Mari," came an
answer, "Who am I speaking to? I take a message?"
  "Um, my name's Shinji Ikari," he said.
  "Shinji, I don't recommend you using your name since you have the same
name as Jun's grandfather," Asuka called out from the kitchen.
  "Oh," Shinji said with a meek smile, "I guess it's too late now,"
  "Shinji Ikari? Is this some kinda joke?" Mari asked, "That's her
grandfather's name and he passed away,"
  "Um, it's just a coincidence I guess," Shinji said. 
  "Well, I'll tell her that you called," the girl named Mari said, "Does
she have your number?"
  Shinji shook his head, "No, she doesn't. Is she going to be home any
time soon?"
  "She's got a night class so she won't be back until later tonight,"
came the answered, "However, just leave me your number and I'll be sure
to give it to her,"
  Shinji turned toward Asuka, "Um, Jun isn't home. Is it okay if I give
your number? Jun won't be home until later. Is it okay if I wait around
until then?"
  "Thanks," he said, turning to the receiver, "Um, I'm at her mother
house. She can call me there,"
  "Okay," Mari said in a cheery voice.
  "Can you please have her call right away?" Shinji said.
  "Sure, it's really important?"
  Shinji nodded, "Yeah, it's important,"
  Damn, I need to stop doing that, Shinji thought. I'm on the phone and I
still continue to nod my head.
  "Will do," came the answered.
  Shinji said goodbye and hung up. He sat down on the couch and
contemplated what he should do now.
  All he could really do was wait.
  Since he had some time to kill, it gave him ample time to think about
all that had just transpired and the mystery of how such a coincidence
like Asuka's daughter knowing Ranma could occur.

  Jun, a beautiful girl with flowing long brown languidly entered her
bedroom and flopped down on her bed, glad that she was done for the day
with classes. Her hair was longer than it used to be, no longer down to
her shoulder blades. Nowadays, it came down to the small of her back and
it suited her well.
  Living away from home was nice but she occasionally missed being home.
Today felt like one of those days. Besides, she hadn't been home for
several months.
  Her classes were getting harder and harder and she found herself having
a bit of trouble maintaining a good grade, spending quite a bit more time
than she wanted studying and doing homework.
  There was a knock on her door.
  "C'min, it's open," Jun yawned, figuring it would be nice to get some
  In entered Mari, her housemate. She was basically her best friend all
through high school and the two of them had decided to attend college
together and become housemates.
  "I didn't know you got in already until I saw your backpack in the
middle of the hallway," Mari commented, "Anyway, someone called for you,"
  "Get this, a guy named Shinji Ikari," Mari said with a smirk.
  "Huh? That's my grandfather's name," she said.
  Mari shrugged, "I guess it's a coincidence,"
  "Obviously," Jun said.
  "Heh, it'd be kinda cool if your grandfather was alive but considering
we were both at his funeral..." Mari stated.
  Jun shook her head, "No. It's be scary,"
  "Hm, I guess you have a point," Mari said, "Anyway, some guy called and
told me that was his name. I'm pretty sure it isn't your grandfather
since it doesn't sound like him,"
  "That and the fact that he's dead," Jun commented wryly.
  "That too," Mari gave a meek smile.
  "Did you take down his number?"
  Mari shook her head, "No. He says you can reach him at, get this, your
parents' place. That I consider a bit weird,"
  Jun thought about it for a moment before she reached over and picked up
her phone and dialed in the number for her house. Mari left the room so
Jun could talk in private. After a few rings, Asuka picked up on the
other side.
  "Mom? How're doing? I'm fine. Yeah, everything's fine," she said in to
the phone, "Yes, classes are fine. A bit hard but manageable. Anyway, as
to the reason for this call, um, I got this strange call today from
someone with grandpa's name and was told that I could reach him at your
  On the other side, Asuka said, "That's right. There is a Shinji Ikari
here. He's been here waiting for your to call. And no, he isn't your
grandfather, at least not in the way you believe. Anyway, here he is,"
  Asuka handed Shinji the phone.
  "Um, hello?" Shinji asked.
  "Is this Jun?" he asked.
  Jun nodded, "Yes," 
  Why do I keep doing that, Jun thought. Who the heck nods their head
while on the phone? It's not like they could see me nod.
  "Um, there're are few questions I'd like to ask you," he said, "It'd
really appreciate it if you can help me out,"
  "Um, I'll try," she said, "What's this all about?"
  "Do you know a guy named Ranma?" Shinji got right to the point.
  Jun nodded, "Yeah. I see him around campus from time to time,"
  "Is he still around there?" he asked, "Do you know where I can find
  "He's still around," Jun answered, "We occasionally bump in to each
other at the library. He doesn't have a phone so there's no way to call
him if you're looking to reach him. Why, does this something to do with
  "Yeah," Shinji said, "It's actually very very important,"
  Jun gulped, "What's this about?"
  "It's kind of hard to explain," Shinji said, "However, I think it's
best that you not know. I don't want to drag you in to this,"
  "Is this something bad?" she asked. Ranma had some really weird powers
and she knew it would be just a matter of time before he was found out.
  "I need his help," 

  Shinji gazed out the window of the bus, wondering why he wasn't all
that tired. It was somewhere around midnight and he hadn't slept in quite
a while. He was on his way to Kyoto University by bus, paid for by Asuka,
bless her heart, where he would meet up with Jun.
  He wondered what he was going to tell her about his appearance. He
looked like her grandfather and there would be no denying it. He didn't
want to tell her the truth because it would most likely disrupt her life.
Jun deserved a normal life and something like this was definitely not
  "Then again, if she knows about Ranma's powers, then she should not be
all that shocked if I do tell her the truth," he said to himself.
  He looked at the piece of paper that had Jun's address. He had no idea
exactly how he was going to find her since he would be arriving there
fairly late and she would be most likely asleep by the time he arrived at
the bus terminal at two-thirty in the morning. Besides, he didn't want to
impose on her if possible. 
  He would worry about where he would sleep after he showed up there.
That was basically how Ranma usually took such an approach. Worry about
things when he came up to that bridge instead of worrying about it
  He sat back in his seat, very glad to have something to go by. He had
found Ranma and would soon be meeting up with him. 
  He felt a bit sad.
  God need his help and here he was, on a bus, his trip paid for by
Asuka. The clothes he was wearing were also courtesy of Asuka. The extra
money in his pocket was also because of Asuka.
  "Damn, I rely too much on others," he commented, "If I think about it,
I've never done anything on my own before. The first time I'm alone,
without help, and I find myself at an impasse trying figure out where to
get some food. Ranma can do everything on his own. If he was in the
situation I was in, he would've had everything solved..."
  A tear trickled down one of his cheeks.
  Shinji would never become half the man that he looked up to. He also
had a funny feeling that him trying his best would not be good enough.
Too much was at stake and he believed that he was slowly cracking under
the pressure.
  Shinji stepped off the bus and in to the cold air that was the night.
  He looked down at the piece of paper.
  He went in to the bus terminal and walked up to the counter where an
middle-aged man worked.
  "Excuse me, but do you know where I can find this address?" he asked,
holding the piece of paper forward.
  The man looked at the paper and then said, "Sorry, but I dunno,"
  "Thanks anyway," he said.
  Shinji looked around the terminal for any people lounging around. He
found a few people waiting around to be picked up and bothered to ask
them the same question. None of them knew where the street was located.
  Before he knew it, he was the last person in the terminal and with no
where to go. He stood around, brainstorming on what to do. He had no idea
where to go or what to do.
  After around fifteen minutes of brainstorming, he came up with an idea.
He should find a gas station. Gas stations usually knew the area well and
should be able to help out.
  "Excuse me, but can you tell me where the nearest gas station is?"
Shinji asked the man behind the counter.
  "There's one eight miles up the road," the man gestured, "Just head
down the road and you'll see it on your left,"

  Shinji asked the gas station attendant where he could find the address
on the piece of paper was somewhere around three in the morning. He had
jogged the whole eight miles to the gas station and knew that he was
pushing his body much harder than need be. It would be just a matter of
time before he would simply crash and find himself extremely tired.
  "Sorry, but I can't help you. I'm new to this area so I dunno the
streets yet," the man behind the bullet proof glass said. Since it was a
graveyard shift, the man worked from within the safety of the tiny locked
booth he manned.
  "Thanks anyway," Shinji said, sighing.
  He was back at square one.
  "Damn, this is really hard," Shinji said to himself, "How the heck am I
going to somehow get Ranma to help out when I can't even help myself out
well enough o find him,"
  He looked at the piece of paper and noticed the phone number on it. He
contemplated calling that number, Jun's number, and asking her to pick
him up when he had been at the bus terminal but chose against it. He was
sure she would know where to pick him up since she took the bus to visit
home. However, it was best not to burden her.
  "How the hell is Ranma so good at figuring things out so easily?"
Shinji asked himself, "A setback like this would be nothing for him.
Damn, what I wouldn't give to have some of Ranma's streetsmarts right
now. I would gladly give up being booksmart so I could be even half as
streetsmart as him,"
  He sighed. However, that would never happen. He was pretty good at
everything but streetsmart was something he was not. Being streetsmart
took experience, something he seriously lacked.
  Shinji banished the though from his head. It was useless to be
complaining right now. He was still in a jam and complaining did nothing.
  He began pacing back and forth. Before long, he figured out that rather
than try and find the apartment where Jun resided, it was best to find an
area that would know where the apartment was.
  "Can you tell me which way to Kyoto University?" he asked. Surely,
someone that lived in that area would know where the street where she
lived, provided she lived anywhere near campus that is. He would worry
about that later. At least he had something to go by again.
  "It's three miles up the road," the man gestured.
  "Thanks," he said.
  Shinji began running up the road. As he did so, he wondered why the bus
terminal would be located eleven miles away from the university. If there
were a lot of college students nearby, having a bus terminal close to
campus would be good business. 
  Not wanting to strain his brain, Shinji continued running up the road.

  Shinji arrived at the campus at the dead of night. Not a single soul
was about. He walked up the main entrance where there was a booth manned
by a bored male college staff member.
  Shinji approached the booth and presented him the piece of paper,
"Excuse me, but do you know where I can find this address?"
  The guy looked at the paper and said, "Ah, it's located five miles down
the road. Just head up the main street where the road comes to a fork.
Take the right fork and head down three lights. That's the road you're
looking for,"
  Shinji sighed, "Damn, how far do I hafta go to find this place?"
  "Huh?" the man asked.
  Shinji gave a meek smile, "Nevermind. It's just that I already ran
eleven miles to get here and now I've got even more running. Running is
starting to wear me out,"
  "You ran eleven miles?" the man asked, "Are you on the track team?"
  "If you ran that distance, you might wanna try out for track," the man
commented, "You'd do well for the team,"
  "Sorry, but I don't go to school here," Shinji said, a bit flattered.
He probably would be an excellent member for any school's track team. He
could run twenty miles with a moderately fast pace without breaking a
sweat or needing to stop to catch his breath.
  "That's unfortunate," the man said, "Anyway, I hope you find the place
you're looking for,"
  "Thanks," Shinji said.
  Sighing, Shinji ran back down the road that was the entrance to campus
and turned down the main road that was perpendicular to it, heading in
the direction as the guy mentioned.
  Shinji looked at his watch as he stood in front of Jun's apartment
building. Since he had set his watch to the correct time for this world,
he was surprised when he realized it was around four-thirty in the
  "Damn, it's so late," he said, yawning. He was starting to feel tired
which was strange because, considering how much energy he exerted running
all that time, he should've been dead tired long ago. Heck, he should've
been tired well before he even stepped off the bus.
  He looked up at the apartment building before him and noticed that the
building looked rather upscale and far more extravagant than where an
average college student usually resided. 
  "I guess I shouldn't be surprised," Shinji told himself, "Asuka said
Jun moved out so I guess it'd be weird if she moved out in to some old,
dilapidated building. A building like this looks to be the kind where
someone would live in permanently,"
  He walked up to the entrance and looked at the intercom than had a list
of names. Scanning through it, he found Jun's and Mari's name. He
couldn't help but find it a bit weird that Jun had assumed her father's
last name. But then again, perhaps it would be for the better, so she
would not be looked upon as the granddaughter of 'The' Asuka Soryu
Langley that supposedly stopped Third Impact.
  He smiled, glad that his journey here and adventure trying to find this
place had finally come to a happy conclusion. The only thing he had to
worry about was meeting up with Jun which he had decided he would put off
until sometime in the morning. There was no need to ring the doorbell and
wake her and her housemate up. Now that he knew where she lived, he could
find a place to stay for the night and come back in the morning.
  He remembered passing a hotel about a mile down the road. He would rent
a room for the night and get a good few hours of sleep before he would
come back and introduce himself to Jun and explain the reason for him
being here.
  Smiling, Shinji headed off down the road for the hotel.
  Shinji pinched the bridge of his nose, "You've gotta be kidding me. No
  "Sorry," the hotel manager said, an overweight middle-aged man,
"There're no vacancies. All the rooms are taken. There's a major concert
tomorrow and most of the students' parents here to attend have rented out
rooms here,"
  Shinji sighed. He wondered if it would be better to just get pissed off
and demand a room or request that that one of the occupants be kicked out
for his sake. This was because he needed sleep and his reasons for being
here in the first place was far more important than perhaps anyone else
on this whole stinking world.
  "Um, are you okay?" the man asked, "I'm sorry. Really, I am. But there
are no vacancies,"
  He sighed again, "I'm fine. I've been under a lot of stress,"
  Shinji yawned. He pointed toward the couch that was located right by
the side in the lobby, "Can you let me just sleep on the couch? I only
need a few hours of sleep,"
  "I'm sorry, but I can't allow that,"
  "Damn, can't you be a bit selfless and do me this favor?"
  "I'm sorry,"
  He sighed, "Forget it,"
  Dejected, Shinji walked off. 
  Looks like he would be sleeping in the streets tonight.
  "Ranma's probably had to deal with something like this all the time,"
he asked himself, "How the hell can he not go crazy dealing with such
selfishness? You'd think he'd be cynical after dealing with something
like this all the time,"

  Jun woke up feeling refreshed.
  She slept like a baby. She looked at the clock and realized that it was
around five minutes to ten in the morning. She stretched, glad that she
wasn't some freshmen anymore and needing to go to classes early in the
morning. Her first class didn't start until noon so she could sleep in
late if she wanted to.
  There was a knock on her door.
  "C'min," she said, stretching.
  Mari entered the room.
  "Man, I woke up not even a minute ago and you seem to somehow know you
don't risk disturbing my sleep had you knocked," Jun commented, smirking.
  Mari said, "You always wake up around now,"
  "I guess you have a point," she shrugged, "So, what's up?"
  "There's something I think you should check out," Mari commented,
"There's this guy that's pacing back and forth in front of our apartment.
I noticed him there early this morning when I woke up. He's been there
since at least seven,"
  "Why's he there?" Jun asked, climbing out of bed.
  Mari said, "I'm not too sure. It looks like he's waiting for someone.
Dunno who though,"
  Jun followed Mari out in to the living room and looked out the window
where she saw what Mari was talking about. There was indeed a young man
pacing back and forth in front of the building. Since there apartment was
located on the sixth floor, she couldn't make out his features.
  "You're right, there is a guy out there," Jun said.
  "He's been there for hours," Mari said, "You think he's some kinda
stalker? I know we're hot and all, but to have a stalker is kind of
  Jun cast Mari and odd look, "What the heck are you talking about? Are
you crazy?"
  Mari laughed, "I'm just joking around with you,"
  Meanwhile, outside, Shinji looked at his watch. It read ten exactly.
Figuring it was a good time to ring the doorbell since most people were
usually up and about well before that time, he walked up to the front
entrance and rang the doorbell for Jun's apartment.
  Inside their apartment, both girls were surprised when they heard their
buzzer ring.
  Mari asked, "Oh my god! Is he ringing our buzzer?"
  "It looks like it," Jun gulped.
  Not really knowing what to do, both girls waited in silence, figuring
it was just a freak coincidence that he accidentally rang their buzzer.
When the buzzer rang once again, they realized that he was indeed buzzing
  Jun walked up to the intercom and nervously answered, wondering if it
really was a stalker, "H-hello?"
  "Hi, is Jun there?" came a voice.
  "Um, s-speaking," she said, secretly wishing her friend Ranma was
there. If he was there, she would be safe if it really was a stalker.
  "I'm Shinji," Shinji said, "We talked on the phone last night,"
  "Shinji Ikari?" she asked, a bit weirded out at saying her
grandfather's name.
  "Yeah," he answered, "Um, I hope I didn't wake you up,"
  "Um, no, not at all," she said, "How come you're here? I thought you
were going to show up here at noon,"
  "I couldn't wait so I took the last bus here last night," he said, "I
was here since two in the morning. Anyway, may I come in? I have some
things I'd like to talk to you about,"
  "Um, okay," she said, pressing a button that unlocked the front door,
"Just come on in and wait in the lobby. I'll be down in a second,"
  "There's no need, I'll come up," he said.
  "Okay," she said. She looked around and noticed that the apartment was
a bit messy, unmentionables strewn about and a pile of dishes still
waiting to be washed, "Um, better yet, it's best that you not. It's
kinda, um, messy here. I'll come down,"
  "Okay," he said.
  "What's goin on here?" Mari asked.
  "Shinji's here," Jun said.
  "The guy with the same name as your grandfather?" Mari asked, "How
come? Didn't you say we were supposed to pick him up at the bus station
at noon?"
  "You heard what he said, he didn't want to wait and took the last bus
in last night instead of the first one in this morning,"
  "Why's he here?" Mari asked.
  "I don't know," Jun said, "However, my mom said it was important that
he be here. I don't know what it could be, but it's not like I'm going to
go against my mom or anything,"
  Mari quickly headed off, "I'm gonna go freshen up. I don't want to meet
him looking like this,"
  "Hello, this place is a mess," Jun said, "I'm not bringing him up
  "So what, I'm gonna come down with you," she said, "I'd like to meet
him. It was kinda hard to see him from up here, but he looks kinda cute,"
  "You just thought he was a stalker," Jun said, "And now you want to
come meet him?"
  "That's because it was determined that he isn't some stalker," Mari
answered logically, "That's why I want to meet him now,"
  Shinji sighed, "Fine. Whatever,"

  Jun's eyes widened as she regarded Shinji.
  He looked exactly like the pictured of her grandfather when he was
young. She and Mari were in the lobby where they met up with Shinji.
  Shinji regarded Jun for a moment. She looked exactly like the Jun he
remembered encountering on the alternate version of this world before it
had been recreated. The only difference was that her hair was longer. He
regarded her intently for a moment and noticed that Jun did look indeed a
bit like Asuka. The hair style seemed to through him off.
  Shinji already knew what Jun would ask, "I know, I look like your
grandfather. It's a long story,"
  "It seems so," she said.
  "Hi, I'm Mari," her housemate said, smiling warmly.
  "Um, hi, I'm Shinji," Shinji bowed politely. Jun noticed this. Her
grandfather did that, a polite gesture lost long ago.  
  Mari smiled, "It's nice to meetcha,"
  Jun didn�t really know what to say. She couldn't help but feel a bit
weird that her housemate was looking at Shinji rather fondly, a man that
looked exactly like her grandfather when he was young. In a demented way,
it felt as if Mari was interested in her grandfather. That was gross.
  "As much as I'd like to tell you everything, I think it's best that I
not," Shinji said, shocked that he wasn't at a loss of words like he
expected. Perhaps it was because, indirectly, he already knew Jun since
he kind of knew the alternate version of her. They were the exact same so
knowing the alternate version of her was the same as knowing the one
standing before him.
  "Um, no offense to you, Mari, but I think it's best that only Jun and I
speak in private," Shinji said, feeling a bit bad. It was for the better
since it was unnecessary to bring Mari in to this.
  Mari made a face like she wasn't happy with having to leave but said,
"Okay, I'll leave you two alone. My class starts real soon so I guess
it's best that I get going anyway. It was nice meeting you though,"
  Shinji apologized as Mari excused herself and headed out of the lobby.
When she was gone, he turned toward Jun.
  "Um, it's kind of a long and complicated story on why I'm here and it's
best that you not know the real reason why," Shinji said, "I'm hoping you
can just put that aside and help me out and help me find Ranma,"
  He waited anxiously for Jun to answer. He had no right keeping the
truth from her since, in a way, she was already involve, what with him
being there in the first place. However, if she really wanted to know,
then he would tell her. If she didn't want to know, then that was all the
  "C'mon, you look exactly like my grandfather and seem to even have his
name," Jun commented, "You can't expect me to turn a blind eye to
something like this and not expect answers,"
  Shinji sighed, "I guess you have a point. It's a really long and
complicated story though,"
  Jun looked at her watch and noticed that she had around an hour and a
half before she had to leave for class, "I've got some time,"
  Shinji paused for a moment, wondering what a good way of starting his
story. After a moment, he thought of a way.
  "I need your friend's help to kill what used to be God,"

  "Let me get this straight," Jun asked again, "Ranma, the person I see
walking around campus, is a walking, living God?"
  Shinji shook his head, "No. He isn't. He happened to have the same
powers of God. The aspect of him being God had been removed when he and
this world was recreated. I need his help to kill, in a sense, another
version of him,"
  Jun sat on a sofa located in the lobby as she tried to comprehend what
she was hearing. 
  Shinji gave a shy smile, "As you can tell, this is quite a lot to take
in. I'm kinda surprised that you managed to keep up with me. I guess the
fact that stuff like Angels attacking this world long ago has made people
very open-minded to stuff that seems otherwise incomprehensible had
something like that never happened,"
  "Frankly, it's not that that really has me all shocked," she said,
"Sure, I'm shocked to hear all of that, don't get me wrong. But what's
actually got me more surprised is how you and I seem to be somehow
  "I know what you mean. You're not the only one that's shocked about
that," Shinji found himself a bit confused about what he was saying, "I'm
just as shocked as you. Finding out that an alternate version of myself
had children is something I don't think I'll ever get over. It's really
weird because even though we are not directly related, it kinda feels
like we are. And I think I know why. When I was waiting around for you to
wake up, I was thinking mostly about that and its correlation,"
  "What correlation?" she asked.
  "You know how I said, just like how I told your mother, there used to
be an alternate version of this world, where Unit-01 had self-destructed
and killed millions in the process?" Shinji said, "The Ranma of that
world, the alternate version of your friend, seemed to have some kind of
attachment toward the Jun of that world, the alternate version of you,"
  Jun blushed slightly. It made her wonder if the Ranma she knew had some
kind of attachment toward him. It didn't seem so since he was generally a
very private and cold person. It was only recently he started to show a
mild amusement to hanging out with her from time to time. That must mean
  "The Ranma of that world seemed to tolerate me more than anyone else,"
Shinji said, "This could be because, subconsciously, he might know that
you and I are somehow related, even if we are related in different
worlds. That's just my assumption. Ranma had commented that he only
wanted me tagging along with him because I bothered him the least, but,
subconsciously, it could've been for other reasons that even he didn't
know. In a sense, since Ranma couldn't have 'Jun' tag along with him, he
opted to have her 'ancestor' tag along instead, that being me," 
  Jun was very silent as she tried to gather her thoughts.
  Shinji chuckled slightly as he thought more about it, "I know, it's
really crazy but that could be it. I kinda wish my friend Ritsuko was
here to analyze things since she was most adept at coming with
explanations...but she's no longer alive,"
  "I'm sorry to hear that," Jun said sympathetically, "I'm also sorry to
hear about what happened to all of your friends and such,"
  "It's okay," he said, "It does hurt, but at least knowing that things
would be put back to normal like nothing had happened makes it not quite
as painful. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll ever be the same since I
experienced the loss and I'll always remember what happened even if other
  He didn't bother to say the last sentence loud enough for Jun to hear.
  Shinji rubbed his face wearily, "What you've heard is just the tip of
the iceberg. Even though what you've heard sounds extremely complicated
and such, it pales in comparison to what Ranma's been through. No, not
the Ranma you know, but the Ranma.....I'm supposed to kill. Heck, if you
think about it, You and Ranma have actually been through quite a lot but
your memories were erased absolutely when this world was recreated,"
  In a sense, everyone that somehow seems to have come across Ranma's
path seemed to have been inexorably drawn in to some complicated
tapestry. Heh, that sounds rather cheesy, but it's the truth,"
  "From what I've heard, it sure seems so," Jun commented.
  Shinji's eyes widened, "Oh my god!"
  "W-what?!" Jun was startled.
  "I figured it out!" Shinji said, "I figured why we all seem to somehow
be connected in some complicated way and that it isn't mere coincidence
that our lives are intertwined. It's all because of Ranma,"
  "The Ranma that I know had once made a comment about how he, when he
was God, knew what would have happened to my friends and I had he never
showed up in our lives and basically changed it. Urd, the current God,
told me that everyone is tied to Fate but Ranma somehow escaped this
so-called Fate. This might mean that because Ranma escaped it and crossed
our paths, our own Fate was changed in the process because his non-Fate
path is drawing in our Fated path,"
  Jun gave Shinji an odd look, "Um, that sounds really far-fetched, how
we have Fates and can't make our own,"
  Shinji made an exaggerated gesture of annoyance, "So what? The Ranma I
know has God on speed-dial! How insane and incomprehensible can something
possible get for one to consider it far-fetched? This universe is, what,
a year old even though there are 'clues' that makes everyone believe it�s
a few billion years old even though, in reality, it was purposely left
behind to make people believe that. Ranma's joked about knowing the
meaning of life and forgetting to write it down. Now that I think about
it, he might actually have forgotten to do just that, write it down.
Wouldn't you consider some of those aspects far-fetched?"
  Jun shrugged, "I really don't know what to say,"
  Shinji sighed, "There's really not much to say. As I think more and
more about everything, it gets more and more complicated and insane,"
  Jun gave a meek smile, "Man, I guess you have a point. Perhaps it
would've been better had I not known what you knew,"
  "Unfortunately, now you know,"

  Shinji and Jun entered the library together at around fifteen minutes
to noon.
  "Ranma shows up here from time to time and in here was where we usually
bump in to each other," Jun said, "He's here at random times but it
usually here on a daily or semi-daily basis. If you hang around here,
you'll eventually bump in to him,"
  "Um, wouldn't it be easier if you just show me where he lives?" Shinji
asked curiously, "That way, rather than wait here for him and not know
when he'll be showing up, I can wait by his place where I know he'll
eventually show up,"
  Jun shook her head, "Actually, it's probably better to wait here. There
were a couple of times I tried waiting for Ranma by his place and he
doesn't show up. Since he doesn't seem to eat or sleep, there's no real
reason for him to actually go home. With the library, since he seems to
have a genuine interest in reading, you're more likely to see him here
than elsewhere,"
  Shinji said, "Hm, I guess you have a point. Still, it would be nice to
at least have an idea of when I'll meet him instead of just waiting
  Jun shrugged, "Well, I guess it would have to do for now. If I know of
a better way, I'd be sure to suggest it, but this is probably the best
  "Thanks," Shinji smiled, "You've been really helpful,"
  "It's no problem," she smiled, checking out her watch, "Well, it's
about time I head on out to class. I'll drop by here afterward at two.
I've got an upcoming test so I don�t mind staying here and waiting along
with you,"
  "Okay," he said, "I guess I'll see you then,"
  "See you later, 'grandpa'," Jun smiled warmly before leaving.
  Shinji tried to think of a proper response but was at a loss of words.
Before he knew it, Jun had disappeared as she exited the library.
  "Ain't that far-fetched? I'm younger than her and, in a sense, I'm her
grandfather," Shinji couldn't help but snicker.
  Shinji yawned. He found himself a bit tired.
  "Oh yeah, I forgot, I didn't sleep last night," he commented, "I should
try and get some sleep,"
  Shinji sat down at an empty chair and rested his arms and head on the
  He fell asleep within minutes.
  Shinji was woken up two hours later when someone touched one of his
  Partially disoriented, it took Shinji a good few minutes before he
realized where he was. Jun found this mildly amusing. However, she grew
to regret her choice of waking him up when she noticed this look of
sadness become very evident on his face.
  "I-is something the matter?" she asked curiously.
  Shinji rubbed at his eyes, tears threatening to form, pretending he was
merely rubbing something that had gotten in his eyes, "N-nothing,"
  Jun's lips became a thin line as she had a good idea what had trouble
Shinji. She believed Shinji had momentarily believed that all he had been
through, that the loss of his friends, had been nothing but some
nightmare and he had just woken up from it. It wasn't until he looked
around did he realize that it wasn't a nightmare and that he was living
  Shinji rubbed at his neck, regretting for having fallen asleep in such
an awkward position. His neck hurt and his back didn't feel any better.
  "What time is it?" he asked, "How long had I slept?"
  "It's two," she said, "You slept no more than two hours, provided you
fell asleep immediately after I left for class,"
  Shinji said, "Actually, I think I did. I put my head down for a second
and the next thing I know, you're waking me up,"
  "When was the last time you slept?"
  He scratched his head, "I dunno, probably a couple of days. I would've
actually slept last night but the hotel that was a short distance away
from your place had no vacancy,"
  Jun thought for a moment before she nervously said, "Um, well, if you
want, you're welcome to stay at my place,"
  Shinji's eyes widened, "Y-your place?"
  "Yeah," she said, "If you can't find a place to stay, you can stay at
my place. Mari and I live together and we have a fold-out sofa bed in the
livingroom. I'm sure Mari wouldn't mind,"
  Shinji smiled but said, "Thanks for the offer, but I'll manage. I'm
only going to be hanging around this world for a day or so until I find
  "What do you plan on doing after you find Ranma?" she asked curiously.
  Shinji gave a meek smile.
  "I have no idea,"

  Shinji looked at his watch. It read four-twenty. Still, Ranma had not
showed up.
  "Do you think he's going to show up?" Shinji asked curiously.
  Jun looked up from her textbook and smirked, "For all we know, he
could've showed up already but you slept through it," 
  "Really?" Shinji's eyes widened, "That never occurred to me,"
  Jun shook her head, "That's most unlikely. Ranma usually spends several
hours here whenever he's here. Sometimes, I see him here when I show up,
head off to class and find him still here when I stop by here,"
  "Oh, that's good to hear," he said.
  "Speaking of which," Jun said a bit nervously, "Um, can you tell me a
bit about Ranma?"
  "Which one? The one I know or the one I'm waiting for?" he asked.
  "The latter," she said.
  Shinji smirked, knowing what she was getting at. He figured that Jun
and Ranma from back then looked to be a good match for one another.
Perhaps the Jun and Ranma of this world was just the same. 
  "What would you like to know?" he asked.
  "I dunno, anything," she said, "I've know Ranma for about a year now,
and frankly, I don't really know all that much about him,"
  Shinji wondered if he should just make something up and say something
that Jun wanted to hear or tell the truth. He thought for a minute before
deciding to tell the truth. Sure, he could lie, but he felt uncomfortable
lying and would rather not lie if that was possible.
  "If you really wanna know, when this world was recreated, the Ranma I
know believed that you two were meant for each other,"
  Jun couldn't help but smile.

  "There he is," Jun's voice woke Shinji out of his slumber.
  Shinji rubbed the sleep from his eyes and looked at his watch. It read
six-fifty. He couldn't believe he had slept for close to four hours. It
felt like he had closed his eyes for a minute. 
  He looked in the direction of Jun was pointed and saw the man he had
come looking for, Ranma.
  Shinji didn't even need to be told to know that the Ranma that had just
entered the library was not the Ranma he knew. This was a totally
different Ranma.
  His gaze followed Ranma as he walked over to a random seat and sat
  Shinji got up out of his seat, his heart beating rapidly. He had
dreaded meeting Ranma because he had no idea what he was going to say.
Talking to this Ranma would be nothing like the Ranma he knew. It also
didn't help that this Ranma didn't remember anything about Shinji, his
memories of him erased.
  "I'll go talk to Ranma," Jun said. She knew Ranma for over a year now
and was confident that Ranma was much more receptive to her than anyone
  "Um, o-okay," he said, swallowing the lump in his throat.
  Jun got out of her seat and walked over to where Ranma was. Ranma
didn't seem to have noticed she was there until she approached him. 
  "Hey, Ranma," she said, giving him
  "Hey," he said, looking up at her.
  Without much thought, Jun reached out and grabbed Ranma's hand.
  "What are you doing?" he asked.
  "Follow me," she said, "There's someone that needs your help. I'll
introduce you,"
  Perhaps it was because it was Jun that had his arm on his arm because
Ranma didn't yank his arm away as if disgusted at being touched. Instead,
he just got up from his seat and followed her. He didn't seem to follower
her out of obligation bur rather a sense of curiosity.
  Jun brought Ranma up to Shinji as Shinji got up from his seat. Shinji
was so nervous that he stood up too quickly that the seat fell over,
creating a loud crash when the back of the chair hit the floor.
  "Um, h-hello," Shinji said nervously.
  Ranma didn't bother to respond. Instead, he just regarded Shinji with
his dual-colored eyes. 
  Shinji noted this. He couldn't help but feel like he was meeting this
Ranma all over again even though he knew what kind of personality he had.
  "My name's Shinji Ikari," Shinji stated, "I know you don't know me, but
I helped you out in your previous life,"
  Ranma didn't seem to show any care at what he was hearing.
  "Anyway, something terrible has come up and only you can help out,"
Shinji said, "I need your help,"
  "Not interested," Ranma said, turning around and walking back to his
  "Can't you hear me out?" Shinji asked Ranma's back.
  "Not interested," Ranma said, sitting back down in his seat.
  Shinji's jawline tightened as he found himself angry. He should have
known that Ranma would respond with an answer like that. If he really
thought about it, there was no reason for Ranma to help out. If Urd was
killed, nothing would exist and Ranma would cease to exist along with it.
That was something Ranma would welcome given how the other Ranma hated
his very existence. It seemed this Ranma was very much alike that Ranma.
  "If you help me, I can give you death," Shinji said, knowing that this
was a long shot. Shinji recalled Ranma hated his existence so much that
perhaps Shinji could use that to his advantage.
  Ranma's eyes perked up, Ranma interested in that last comment.
  "Go on, I'm listening,"


<all ive got so far>

Ranma: Man, you write too much, OneShot.

OneShot: What's wrong with that?

Ranma: Your fics are too large.

OneShot: I can write a short fic.

Ranma: Yeah right.

OneShot: Is that a challenge?

Ranma: Sure.

OneShot: Fine, prepare to eat your words.

(OneShot writes a 500kbs fic in a week.)

OneShot: There. A short fic. It only took me a week to write it.

Ranma: That's not what I mean by 'short' fic...

OneShot: How can it not? It took me a 'short' time to write it.

Ranma: ..............

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