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I glossed over this in the initial read-through. Wish I hadn't. ^_^;;

    S'alright. So did 99% of listmembers. To quote from Marvin the Martian,
"I'm not angry, just terribly, terribly hurt..." ^_^

"My name is Kuno Tatewaki, age 39. I am. Nothing. A nobody. A hapless
salaryman. I live in the Nerima district of Tokyo, a two-hour commute
my office. My home is a small three-room apartment on the third floor of
five-storey building that is built on the land my family once owned,
my useless sister squandered our estate on legal fees. Perhaps you've
of her? She founded the Church of the Black Rose. The ones who tried to
three-hundred litres of LSD into the Tokyo water system and wound up in
Sanatorium or in jail. It was very well-publicised, for about six
months. My
family and I visit Kodachi twice a year, on her birthday and on New
Day, and rarely speak of her otherwise.

Almost tripped over 'storey', but that is the valid british spelling...
so I won't comment on it. :p

Yes, I proudly display my Canadian heritage, including extra vowels!!

"My family? Ah. My wife's name is Mariko. We have been married for.
years, now. I have a son, Godai. He is. seven. Seven years old. I do not
understand them. Which is, I suppose, only fair, for they do not

for. fifteen -- for... fifteen

is. seven -- is... seven.

Yeah, this happens a lot with this fic. Ellipses gotturned into periods by a
recalcitrant word processor. To quote from mt response to Sebastian about
this same issue:

Actually, the fic (such as it is) was originally written in
WordPerfect (for DOS!! Aieee!!!). Then I got a fancy-schmancy new Dell with
Windoze XP and a full office suite and all the bells and whistles, and
promptly realized that new computers don't have giant floppy drives with
which to install ancient DOS programs. Thusly, all my old fics had to be
re-formatted from extant HTML copies. This worked well, save for some
unpublished pieces (like Legend of Aoi Ikazuchi) that had never been posted
to the net. Of, course, I only *remembered* that the formatting problems
existed once I had already sent it out, so... (baps self on head with
whiffle-bat) Mea Culpa.

"Why, then, am I here, drinking sake at this. shabby excuse for a yatai?
I beg your pardon master barkeep, bring me another bottle, will you?
you. Why am I here, instead of at home with my wife and child? I'll tell
you. This morning, my wife threw out my bokken.

And this is where I finally got it. ^_^;;

Hmmm... crept up on you, did it? Hehheh.

I would suggest using some form of line break, since the spaces can get
lost in the formatting too easily.

Will do. I usually *do* use line breaks- can't remember why I didn't with
this one.

A tinny, electronic beeping roused him from grey, shapeless dreams. A
once callused and strong, now soft and weak, seemed to slither out from
under the blanket and switched off the alarm. Blearily, he blinked at
clock face, fumbling for his glasses. The lenses in place, he peered
sleepily at the LED display.

Five a.m..

a.m.. -- A.M.

Really? Okey-dokey.


Kuno softly made his way into the kitchen and grabbed the bento and
of lukewarm tea his wife had made him last night, just as he had every
morning except Sundays for the last ten eight years. He stuffed the
and tea into his briefcase, grabbed the two garbage bags by the door and
himself out.

ten eight -- ten or eight -- ten to eight
Something like that, I think. Possibly just hyphenate it... not sure.

Not sure why that happened- I think I originally wrote ten, then changed it
to eight, and forgot to erase the ten... Argleblargle...

Negotiating a stairwell with an overstuffed garbage bag in each hand and
handle of his briefcase clenched in his teeth was no small feat, but he
somehow managed to avoid spilling anything and made it out the door. A
strange sound greeted him as he stepped out into the hazy Tokyo dawn.

Ah. The Trio.


The scariest thing is that one of them is dubbed by Reba West (a.k.a.
Minmei, a.k.a. the AntiChrist)


With a howl of unholy terror and fury, he burst from the bus at the next
stoplight and ran for home.

I'm a fan of the series, but my advice would be to be carefull of
mirroring the original TOO closely. ;)

I like what you've done, and am looking forwrd to seeing more, if there
IS any more to see. If not, it's a good mystery fusion, much like
Slacker's BH/FLCL, or my own less-good BH/Minky-Momo....

    BH/Minky Momo...? I'm frightened... o_o; Actually, like I said, this was
originially concieved for the 2nd Bet, which was supposed to be Ranma
fusions with obscure (or less frequently-used in fanfic) series- hence the
choice of BH, one of my all-time fave anime series, as it is one of the few
anime that spring to mind where the "viewpoint" character isn't an
adolescent. It was intended to be part of a one-shot "seed" that would
hopefully be continued by some eager fic writer (other than myself), but I
lost all ability to write about a year ago and haven't really been able to
get back on the horse in any significant way since then. I posted it to the
list in the hopes that someone would pick up the ball and run with it, but
that has yet to occur...

Thanks, though, for taking the time to C+C it. (You're really earning that
Keiichi award, guy!)

Dave Menard
"I Haven't Had This Much Fun Since The Pigs Ate My Brother!"
-Ootaki, OMG
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