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Aaron E Nowack wrote:

This is what I spent my weekend working on instead of Shades of

Any comments you mighht care to give are, as always, greatly

What's Suikoden mean?  Is it the name of an anime/manga?

He did say in the beginning. It's based on Genso Suikoden, a Konami
Playstation game. There are two sequels -> Genso Suikoden II and III
(III is on the PS2)

Seeing the title of the story, my first thought was that it
would be a story based on Tad Williams' series of the same name.

But even though I read that a few years ago, and my memories
of it are dim, I don't think that this fic resembles any part
of that in the slightest.

So what's your story based on?

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