Subject: [FFML] Re: Panda Dream ranmafic
From: "haxchan" <>
Date: 11/17/2002, 3:19 AM

Well, thank you for your interest, and I'm certainly glad you enjoyed it. As for needing to know the Manga, I would disagree, as you don't truly have to know any of the manga, although being acquainted with the story helps to show the contrast between the situation I created and the original version. There are parts that will suprise Ranma fans, such as Shampoo's death, Ranma's curse being intentionally brought on by his father, and Ranma 's curse locked into his female body (to say nothing of Akane's story). 

As for it being hard to follow, I certainly agree, as reading back over it I don't give a great deal of clues as to who speaks, except that it almost always follows a back and forth sequence. I wonder, do people think a story is bad if certain lines require thinking about to decipher who said them? It's especially hard in this case because the characters do not follow their usual mannerisms. To be honest, I didn't really care about making the dialogue easy-to-follow, although that's something I'll consider in the future. Thanks for your input, and I'm happy you liked it.

Hey, does a fic have to be easy to follow? Does it work with Panda's Dream, in the FFML's opinion? I'm curious.

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