Subject: [FFML] Re: [Ranma][SM][Misc.] Reflection, Sidestory One: Heaven and Hell, Ch. 1
Date: 11/16/2002, 7:30 AM

In a message dated 11/16/2002 4:46:20 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

However, I find it bad taste to smack an author around
because they are not writing a story exactly in the matter
someone wished the tale to go.

It's criticism. Even flames are criticism - of a sort. Stories should
invoke some form of emotion in people. If you get no response, people
are either too disgusted with it in the first place or they simply
cannot connect with it.

    Agreed. I actually appreciate Rann's comments, even if I disagree with 
them. My big complaint about them is that he obviously didn't read the 
intro's author's notes.

If you get response, at least you know what are the general attitudes to
your writing and the story's plotline. If people flame you - they do
have reasons. Character bashing without reasons and massively OOC
behaviour (without good reason) are frowned upon.

    Agreed. There's a reason... but it's important to the story that the 
reader not know it.

If an author goes that far and refuses to even take a look at the
criticism for his writing,  that's his loss. Writing fanfiction might at
some level be considered wish fullfillment - but at least make the ride
more palatable for others. "Ranma becomes akin to an invulnerable
demi-god, destroys all evil and get all the girls" storylines become
unpalatable after a point. Especially when there is no plot or character

    Hehe. The best way to do *THAT* plotline is as a slapstick comedy, 
ironically enough.

Back to the story: The points raised are pretty valid -> throughout the
manga and anime, the focal point has been that no one kills or get
killed. If you want to push things past that point and kill someone, at
least put in some effort to developing the story to that point. It makes
the concept palatable. By itself, the synopsis is insufficient - Shampoo
kills Akane, Ranma kills her and Cologne, etc - it's all too sudden.

    The synopsis isn't the point of this; it's intended to get to the actual 
point: the fate of Ranma's world after Ranma left. It's not intended to stand 
alone, either; it's a sidestory, and a number of things are deliberately left 
to be clarified in the main plotline.

You might as well subsitute all the character's names with new original
names and no one would notice. ^_______^;

Explore the character's motivations for doing what they do - e.g. why
Shampoo did what she did, etc, ad infinitum.

    Again, that's going to be covered in the main story, and is actually 
going to be an important plot point. I *CAN'T* clarify or explore it here 
without ruining something later.

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