Subject: [FFML] Re: [Ranma][SM][Misc.] Reflection, Sidestory One: Heaven and Hell. Cha...
From: Rann Aridorn
Date: 11/15/2002, 10:44 PM

At 10:33 PM 11/15/2002 -0500, you wrote:
My problem with this synopsis is that I don't particularly buy it.
Why did Ranma kill Cologne?  Why did the Amazons start sending hit
squads?  Would they have survived all this time if they were that

Reread it. I think that it's pretty clear. Shampoo killed Akane; Ranma then
killed Shampoo. Mousse attacked Ranma, Ranma severely injured Mousse. Cologne
then attempted to get revenge for her great-granddaughter and goaded Ranma,
hoping to make him sloppy with anger, so Ranma killed Cologne. Mousse
eventually returned to the villiage, crippled, and told them what had
happened (possibly a biased version). The villiage then sent hunting parties
after Ranma, trying to get revenge... and things escalated.

You forgot to mention the part where you comPLETELY departed from anything 
resembling the actual characterizations.
How many people die in the course of Ranma 1/2? Hm? How many? Off the top 
of my head, I'd say it's ZERO. Now, this isn't to say that it's thus not 
proper to do it in a fanfic... there's darkfics or seriousfics or whatever.
But Shampoo just suddenly up and whacking Akane? Um, no. Sorry. If Shampoo 
seriously wanted to kill Akane, she would have been dead at some point 
during the manga. In fact, Shampoo had AMPLE opportunities to kill Akane. 
In their very first argument, Shampoo had Akane alone, and struck with 
speed that could easily have been used to deal a deathblow, but instead 
merely erased Akane's memories of Ranma. Hell, Akane wasn't even HURT, she 
woke up feeling refreshed!
Also, Ranma's never fought for the kill at any point. He's been seriously 
pissed off a lot of times, and he would probably seriously go off the deep 
end if Akane died... but practicing eye-for-an-eye fatalities, and then 
taking it one step further to seriously injure and slay others? Bull. 
Completely incorrect, not buying it, sounds like just more crap that 
involves Shampoo being the "evil, stupid bimbo" that a lot of fanon wants 
her to be to portray her as an evil villain completely out of proportion 
with any threat she posed at any point in canon.
This sounds like it's not worth the hard drive space it's hosted on. Sorry.


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