Subject: [FFML] Re: [Fanfic][Crossover][BGC2040/Phantom 2040][1st draft] Seven Days-Sixth Day
From: Benjamin Goldberg
Date: 11/15/2002, 3:01 AM
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Benjamin Goldberg writes: wrote:
"I don't need a sales pitch, Sparks, I need to know where it's
weak spot is." Silence. "Sparks?"

"Here. Sorry. Needed to hack into Genom's files. Took me a few

In short, the idea of hacking into someone's encrypted system in a
couple of seconds is beyond science fiction, and well into fantasy.

It's absurd as using a propeller beanie to fly

Granted. However, remember, that the Phantom's equipment, such as the
image sampling which he uses to become invisible, repeatedly baffled
Maxinum Inc.

Just because he has other kinds of flying propeller beanies in his
arsenal doesn't make the crypto flying propeller beanie more believable.

The cartoon repeatedly implied that the Phantom's equipment was
several steps ahead of Maxinum's.

In a cartoon, you can do anything, even really absurd stuff.  But when
you're creating a story in a text medium, you're held to a higher

To break a modern cryptsystem in seconds, you would need a computer
*hundreds* of years more advanced than modern computers.  Not a year or
two more advanced, or even a decade or two more advanced, but well over
a century more advanced.

A company who's computers Sparks hacked into regularly.
Assuming that Genom is roughly on the same level as Maximum in terms
of size and ablity, they probably use similar firewalls. Therefore, it
stands to reason that given Spark's ablities in the virtual landscape
and the advanced nature of the Phantom's computer system, he could
theoretically hack his way into Genom using the experience he's gained
hacking Maxinum.

So, one flying propeller beanie justifies another?

(Actually, if you'd mentioned in an author's note that Spark does this
in the cartoon, and you're using that to justify him doing the
impossible to Genom, then I would have accepted and ignored it.  But
since there wasn't such a note, I had assumed that you were making up
this preposterous ability.)

Now as I was typing that line of logic, I had an idea.
"Got it. Thanks, Sparks. Computer, cancel uplink and log on to
Phantom Jet mainframe. Download saber tac net band."

"...Watch your left, Linna!" Sylia was shouting as the suit's com
synchronized with the Saber's tactical net.

"Hey!" Nene broke in. "Somebody just hacked the tac net!"

Now this is even more unbelievable, since there's no possibility
that he could have messed with the Knight Sabers hardsuits.  Well,
maybe he *could* have, but he wouldn't have.

I was afraid it might not be clear. What I meant was that he had
gotten into their tactical communications network. Their
communications system. Which no doubt would be encrypted not only
electronically, but probably on a loop of frequecies set up in some
fiendish pattern that could only come from the mind of a Romanova. =)

The Jet probably got an earful of it during the battle and it's had
plenty of time to analyze the pattern and crack it (and you know it'd
have it or acess to equipment that could, it would be foolish not to). 

This assumes that such equipment exists or even *could* exist.

To re-assemble a signal that's scattered over multiple frequencies, I
can imagine being possible (though that may be only because I know
*nothing* about that field of science).  But I have a fair knowledge of
crypto, and I can say quite fairly that decrypting that assembled signal
would be quite beyond his, or anyone's, capabilities.

Then the suit's com system simply had to catch up to the saber's
com system.  Any suggestions on how to make it clearer?

Say that Sparks is using his McGuffin device to do the decryption, and
it will be a bit clearer to your readers that you acknowledge that he's
doing the impossible for the sake of advancing the plot.

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