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"Here. Sorry. Needed to hack into Genom's files. Took me a few

In short, the idea of hacking into someone's encrypted system in a
couple of seconds is beyond science fiction, and well into fantasy.

It's absurd as using a propeller beanie to fly

No it's not only the one touch pad is currently know encryption system 
shown by math to be unbreakable and it is nearly useless for most real 
world applications. 

(Note this has a number of unmentioned assumptions )

Most current methods of encryption use equations that are relatively 
easy to do in one direction, but according to the best theories require 
a huge amount of calculation to go back the other way.

The key assumption here is that their isn't a shortcut that your not 
seeing, such as the classic example of using a dictionary to quickly 
encrypt a large number of words and see if they match the encrypted 
password you want to break.

Another example  of breaking encryption is the anecdotal story of a 
certain embassy with an unbreakable transmission.

The code crackers were at a lost the encryption appeared to use a one 
touch pad and was unbreakable by any known method, but then one of them 
noticed that the radio signal when displayed on a scope had a really 
weird noise pattern.

That noise was the digital plain text of the encrypted message, they 
later discovered that the embassy used a teletype machine in the same 
room as the transmitter to make a short term printed record of all 
encrypted transmissions. The unsheilded digital equipment piggybacked a 
signal on the transmitter and broadcast a known digital code plaintext 
version of all their encrypted messages.

Perhaps the Phantom tech's have discovered an analogy signal being 
carried by all the supposedly digital signals giving them enough incite 
to crack any code no matter the encryption used. 

Sorry for the semirant, but I read a lot and encryption is one of the 
subjects I think is fun to read about.

howard melton

God bless

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