Subject: [FFML] [ADMIN] Re: Re: (no subject)
From: Gary Kleppe
Date: 11/14/2002, 1:37 PM
To: Joseph Krause <>, Timothy Groves <>, Fanfiction Mailing List <>

First of all, and as should come as no surprise, this thread is banned.
Take any further discussion of it to private mail or to another
appropriate forum.

For posting not only off-topic political material, but a chain letter to
boot -- expressly forbidden in the VERY, VERY IMPORTANT NOTES section of
the FAQ -- Timothy Groves is also banned. I'll be consulting with the
other admins to determine when (or *if*) Mr. Groves' ban will expire, as
well as whether any action will be taken against Joseph Krause for his
follow-up post.

To those who wrote to the ffml-admins address about this, thank you,
this was exactly the right thing to do.

-Gary Kleppe, FFML Admin Team
-spam is NOT the answer either....

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