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If I may intrude.
I do not know fist of the north star well but from what I gather these
people are not that powerfull. I belive that in the movies and in the manga
some people threaten some of the north and south fist martial artist with
guns and they r dealt as real threats, some of the people who try this have
even practiced this styles so it must be a valid solution, (Wich is some of
a mistery if you can let a building break on your head) it seams that they r
capable of wonders with ki but that they are not indestructible (Mayby
machinegun fire) As for the distance problem it is true that the fist
martial artist can cross 20 to 50 meters in a second or so, this would
invalidate any normal human response, but Ranma and some of the Nerima crew
are capable of that and more in the first part of the manga Ranma beats the
Iceskating guy with 518 punches in what, 3 seconds and that was before the
speed tecnices and Safron. Plus if you take into acount some of the other
feats. Ranma has been driven into a stone wall a meter or so spherical
impresion after fliying backwards. With a medium compact rate of stone and
the disipation of energy considered because Ranma took most of the blow 60%
or so. It would be the equivalent of a huge explosion (I do not think it
gets to tactical nuke but its huge) From the amount of chi this people must
bleed of you could draw ley lines. Some of the feats the Nerima crew have
pulled out would put Rao and his brothers to shame. Many times when they
want to show the power of their stiles they go and chop up some minion who
stands no chance. Why if Ranma when around hiting people we would all be
dead (I have studied Judo, Tai Chi Chuan, Aikido, Kenjutsu and boxing and I
consider myshelf worse than Akane much worse. For heavens sake she breaks
construction material as a hoby. That is a feat of stregth that if you do
not do properly can break your hand it takes precision and strength both to
do. She does it thinking on how Ranma is a jerk without looking or puting
her heart in it.)
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* Benjamin Goldberg ( [021112 16:13]:
Why would Cologne tell Ranma of the existance of a style which could
counter the Southern Cross style of Shin?  After all, she does want
him to marry Shampoo and father some
great-great-great-granddaughters for her to train, and if he goes
out and does this, he could end up dead.

Because Shin is more powerful then Cologne and Happosai combined, and
won't let a loose-end like Ranma represents alone.

Why wouldn't he leave Ranma et. al. alone?  Unless Shin *knows* Ranma's
going to come back and bug him.

That if not stopped, Shin played to kill Ranma's family and friends,
including the Nerima Wrecking Crew, Happosai, and Cologne....

Why does Ranma immediately go after the North Star Successor, rather
than trying to improve in ways that don't require so much
travelling?  Just because Cologne *says* that's the only way to
defeat Shin, doesn't mean that it *is*.

In this case, Cologne is correct.

Maybe she is, but does Ranma *know* that?

I don't know the Fist of the North Start storyline too well... what
kinds of ranged attacks does Shin have, that he might use to counter
Ranma using Moko Takabisha or Kijin Raishu Dan from a distance?

To be honest, I don't know if Shin has any ranged attacks, he must
have some... but, Shin won't given an opponent such an oppunity to use
any such techniques.

Why not?  The Saotome Secret Technique has always worked before to gain
some distance :)  And if that fails, Ranma could use Umisenken to hide
himself and get away.

Where's Ryoga in this story?  Has he fallen off of the face of the

In "Return of the Fist", I don't know... Lost, probably... not that he
could help...

He'll have a part in "Can't Go Back", small or large, I'm not sure

Giving Ranma the ability to kill and heal with ease makes him rather
overpowered -- before, his ego was merely big, now it should be
through the roof.

Before, Ranma could let his ego go wild without any consequences...
But now, Ranma has to be a responsible person, or else the entire
World will suffer...

"With Great Power comes Great Responsibility." :p

Not to mention, if he's too strong, any physical conflicts will be
rather one-sided, and conflict is the heart of any good story.

There are still a number of opponents who can face a Fist of the North
Star Ranma out there...

If there are, couldn't one of them have taught Ranma enough to fight

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