Subject: [FFML] A Question about Ranma, reguarding Cannon (PRIVATE REPLIES ONLY!!!!!!!)
From: "Tripolar Disorder" <>
Date: 11/13/2002, 8:01 PM
To: "Ffml Post" <>

Ok, I am in need of some clarification on Ranma.

I admit to writing Fanfaction without reading much of the manga.  I can state that I have spent almost 40 hours watching the anime.

But I would like an honest opinion, from people more qualified than me.

I do know that in the anime, Nabiki does run a betting pool against Ranma during a battle with Ryoga.   It's episode 7, 8, or 9 of season 1
I also know that in the anime, Nabiki assists Ranma in getting cheesecake shots to lure Happosai into the Rising Dragon essension.  I believe sometime in season 3
And I also remember Nabiki taking pictures of Ranma and Akane without them knowing about it to sell to kuno and other people.  that is near the beginning, season one.

Now, I have read many fanfics that have Nabiki confronting Ranma and making her pose for cheesecake shots with the intent to sell the pictures.  She also runs a betting pool at school, which has been as high as loan sharking.

Also, I have NEVER witnessed Akane pulling a mallet out of ANYWHERE and swinging at Ranma, in either the Anime or the Manga.   I have seen her uppercut Kuno into L.E.O., use nearby items to simulate a mallet attack, such as large stone figures, a fire extigusher, the dining room table, etc.  Never a Mallet though.

Can ANYONE Verify the validity of these in either Anime of Manga?  And if they do occur with what frequency?    Does it happen once, twice.  Hinted at several times?   Anything to help.  does Akane whip out a mallet later in the series much, does Nabiki run a system that would make most Yakusa runners drool?  

I read the "Typical Ranma Fanfic"  and I have to say i agree, though the author, who's name escapes me, had his point across in the first scene alone.  If I wasn't so interested in where it was going, I would have stopped reading it and simply deleted it from my inbox.

However, his intention had merit, and it has opened my eyes a bit.  Also re-watching some of the anime and reading the manga I recently got ahold of has REALLY opened my eyes, and now I have become rather self conscience as to how people are portrayed.  I am not personally going for the over-the-top lunacy fic, or this wouldn't matter to me.

Here are some things I don't need clarifying on.   Yes, Soun crys alot.  Sometimes it's full out bawling, most times it's more dramatic sympathy-garnishing weeping and the tear canals which frequent anime series.  That and he does realize for the most part, his daughters rule over him. 

Kasumi is neither dense nor oblivious to the goings on around her.  She is more abservant that many, including myself, have ever given her credit for.

Also Ranma is more emotional than I thought.  Watching another large chuck of Anime I recently aquired, if Ranma was actually a real being, you might gather he has several inferiority complexes, a case of Bi-polar Disorder, and probably suffers from series depression.  And all this before the curse.

Now, at this point, I welcome comments, crits, flames, pleas to continue Epiphany sometime this year :-P, and true logical debate on this issue.  I request private replys and in case anyone wants a copy of what I determine from this inquiry, I will post all useful information on my website on the main page.

and its mirror site

Some of the links are down at current moment, and I'm working to fix it.

Thank you for your time and cooperation.

Tripolar Disorder


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