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Soun Tendo blinked and stood, putting a hand behind his head sheepishly. 
"Sorry, Ranko-kun. I thought you were that {Demoness : demoness} again." He frowned. "And 
that was my last Hamaya too�."

Ranko looked worried. "Again?!? She came here while we were gone?"

Soun nodded somberly. "A blond girl with strange tattoos attacked only half 
an hour ago. From her powers and her aversion to charms and wards I assume 
{it : she} was the demoness you encountered before."

Ranko glanced around quickly, ignoring the little girl for the moment as she 
looked for her mother. "Mom? Where�?" She finally glanced down at the girl, 
trying to smile nicely. "Hey, kiddo, have you seen an older woman around 
here? She carries a katana, just like you, and is wearing a kimono just like 
yours�." The girl waited, tapping her foot impatiently. Ranko took a good 
look at her, then laughed slightly nervously. "Um... {mom : Mom}... why are you a 
kid?" Nabiki shook her head with a sigh and left the room again, heading for 
the backyard.

Nodoka sighed. "That demon did this to me." She shook her head. "I remember 
at the time I was wishing I was a bit younger so that I could help you and 
your friends, but I certainly didn't mean this young!"  Nodoka sighed.  "I 
suppose a second childhood isn't the {worse : worst} thing that could have happened to 
me.  "She looked curious. "Where is everyone else, {dear : Dear}? Are you all alone?"

Can't fool her...  I'ts amazing how 'observant' they can be.

Nodoka took her {daughters : daughter's} hand in hers. "You're doing all you can, {daughter : Daughter}. 
I know that."

Ranko shrugged. "Maybe... it just ain't enough."

"It ISN'T enough, {daughter : Daughter}." Nodoka corrected. "And you're wrong. No one 
could do more." Her kimono started to slip, despite the hold she had on it 
with her left hand, and she freed her right hand from Ranko's to catch it 
and pull it back up. "Oh dear, this simply won't do. I think perhaps I 
should change clothing before your friends arrive. I'm sure Misty has found 
something by now...."

As if hearing her name (and with her enhanced hearing, that was likely) the 
{half cat : half-cat} girl came into the living room carrying a bundle of clothing. "Here 
you go, Auntie. We still have some of Akane's old things. They should fit 
you {alright :: well enough}." She put the bundle down on the table, and Nodoka started 
looking through the selection with interest. Misty looked slightly 
embarrassed.  "It's not the best selection... it's all slightly childish."

Ranko waited patiently, counting silently to herself until she finally heard 
the sound of her friends coming herself. "Fifteen seconds...." She turned to 
Misty smugly. "Not that good she says. Don't be so embarrassed when you're 
good at something, {Kasumi : Misty}. It's important that you believe in the gifts you 

Nabiki shrugged, smiling slightly, then sobered. "You guys missed our latest 
visitor... a certain {Demoness : demoness} we all know?"

Nabiki shook her head. "No one was hurt... at least not physically." She 
held up her hands calmingly. "She hit Auntie with some sort of spell, turned 
her into a kid... but she's OK... somehow {Genma-san : Genma} and {daddy : Daddy} were able to 
drive her off after that. I missed most of the fight, but I think they hurt 
her pretty bad. Everyone else is fine."

Shampoo {herself :} cursed inwardly as she fell into his kick. She {had, in fact, : had}
been more off balance {then : than} she liked in her normal opening stance, and had 
taken an instant too long preparing to leap, jumping at the last moment more 
in panic then by plan, and not having time to pick a landing spot. She had 
jumped too hard as well, getting too much air time and giving Johnathon 
Dwire far too much time to prepare for her landing. Shampoo landed stomach 
first on Johnathon's outstretched feet, and rolled off to one side with a 
choked cough, trying to get her breath back.

Akane was only a {set : step} behind their middle sister, and she blushed bright 
enough for the both of them.  "Nabiki!"  She screeched quietly, quickly 
closing the door behind her.  "You should knock before you enter a room!"

Before long Kasumi's bandage was changed and Kasumi herself was in a clean 
dress, while Misty finished rewinding the tape. The Tendo sisters all sat 
down to watch, Akane, Kasumi and Nabiki crowding together on the bed while 
Misty {lounged out : lounged : spread out} on the floor in front of them.  They watched the news 
program silently, each of them wanting to hear every detail.  When Misty sat 
up to see better, Akane absently reached down and started scratching her 
furry older sister behind the ear, and didn't really notice what she was 
doing until the cat-girl started to softly purr, pushing her head lightly 
against Akane's hand.  It was at that point that the anchorman changed the 
topic away from the mysterious angel spotted over the city, and began to 
move on to other news.

Misty quickly shook her head.  "Oh no, {sister : Sister}!  Johnathon's attentions have 
never been unwelcome."  She glanced at the floor and her voice lowered.  If 
not for her fur there was no doubt she'd have been blushing.  "As I said... 
it feels very good to be touched in this form... VERY good.  What I may... 
lack in... some ways... is made up for and more, I assure you."

Kasumi smiled broadly as well, barely suppressing her own {daughter : laughter}.  "She 
does, doesn't she?"  Misty's human twin scooted down the bed a bit so she 
could work on Misty's legs and feet better, causing the cat-girl to purr 
appreciatively in pleasure.

As the news program finally switched to the local weather, Nabiki glanced 
down to find Misty now laying naked across her lap, and raised her eyebrow 
even higher than before.  "No offense, {sis : Sis}, but this is pretty strange...."  
She shook her head and shrugged.  "Of course most other people's sisters 
aren't half feline...."  She increased the vigor of her stroking slightly 
and smiled at the increased volume of her sister's purr in response.  
"You're really enjoying this, aren't you?"  Nabiki chuckled.  "Well so long 
as you don't start masturbating I guess I don't...."  Her voice trailed off. 
  "You're not...."  For once in her life Nabiki actually sounded shocked.  
"Misty!  I can't believe...!"  Nabiki stopped petting her older sister in 
shock, almost throwing Misty
off her as she stood up.

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