Subject: [FFML] Re: [Ranma/Fist of the North Star] Can't Go Back, Part 1
Date: 11/12/2002, 6:18 PM
To: Benjamin Goldberg

* Benjamin Goldberg ( [021112 16:13]:
Much too much telling, and no nearly enough showing.

This is only a recap of Anand Rho's "Return of the Fist" with
expansion of Hokuto No Ken versus Fist of the North Star.

And having said that, this is my story... nah nah nahah. <g>

Why would Cologne tell Ranma of the existance of a style which could
counter the Southern Cross style of Shin?  After all, she does want
him to marry Shampoo and father some
great-great-great-granddaughters for her to train, and if he goes
out and does this, he could end up dead.

Because Shin is more powerful then Cologne and Happosai combined, and
won't let a loose-end like Ranma represents alone. That if not
stopped, Shin played to kill Ranma's family and friends, including the
Nerima Wrecking Crew, Happosai, and Cologne....

Why does Ranma immediately go after the North Star Successor, rather
than trying to improve in ways that don't require so much travelling? 
Just because Cologne *says* that's the only way to defeat Shin, doesn't
mean that it *is*.

In this case, Cologne is correct.

I don't know the Fist of the North Start storyline too well... what
kinds of ranged attacks does Shin have, that he might use to counter
Ranma using Moko Takabisha or Kijin Raishu Dan from a distance?

To be honest, I don't know if Shin has any ranged attacks, he must
have some... but, Shin won't given an opponent such an oppunity to use
any such techniques.

Where's Ryoga in this story?  Has he fallen off of the face of the

In "Return of the Fist", I don't know... Lost, probably... not that he
could help...

He'll have a part in "Can't Go Back", small or large, I'm not sure

Giving Ranma the ability to kill and heal with ease makes him rather
overpowered -- before, his ego was merely big, now it should be through
the roof.

Before, Ranma could let his ego go wild without any consequences...
But now, Ranma has to be a responsible person, or else the entire
World will suffer...

Not to mention, if he's too strong, any physical conflicts will be
rather one-sided, and conflict is the heart of any good story.

There are still a number of opponents who can face a Fist of the North
Star Ranma out there... plus, I'm not going to be concentrating on the
fights... rather on characterization of Ranma now that he's the
current Fist of the North Star and what will follow...

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