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[FFML] [NTHT][spamfic] Now and Later, Here and Somewhere Else

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His idea of what a self-insertion should really be!


Now and Later, Here and Somewhere Else
- A true to life self-insertion.

By Gutierrez

Chapter One

Aaron sat against the smokestack and sighed pulling his drawing paper
and pencils out of his book bag.  It had been a long day.  "I never
should have transferred.", he sighed as he started to scribble outlines
on his page.  The sun was starting to set so he'd have to work fast to
get his drawing done before dark.  Hearing footsteps Aaron stopped for a
moment and looked around, a young boy darted between a couple of the
closer stacks and started to climb one.  Aaron sighed, "Crazy little
shit.  You'd think they'd know that's dangerous.  Oh well, like he'd
understand me anyway…" Trailing off he went back to drawing.  His first
day in his study abroad session had not gone well.  His Japanese was
weak and broken, and so were his teachers English.  He got little done
and understood less.  He already dreaded coming back.  He looked around
again, "At least I found a nice place to relax.  Only a couple of kids
around…  Who am I talking to anyway?", he paused a moment, "Guess I just
needed to hear some clear English today."  His anthropomorphic cat girl
was coming along well, and the sunset in the background was a wonderful
addition to the piece.  "Maybe things will turn out for the best after…
What the hell?!", suddenly things all around him seemed to freeze for a
moment.  A surreal blue covered the world around it as where he was
seemed to detach from it.  From the dead silence chaos broke loose.
Giant metal serpents appeared from nowhere destroying buildings.   As
they wrapped around the stacks he could hear screams. Everything around
Aaron started to collapse.   There was a sharp pain to his head and then


Chapter 2

Moaning, Aaron slowly picked himself up.  He found his hair crusted with
his own dried blood and his body covered in cuts and bruises.  He could
only assumed some timed had passed, but it was hard to tell from where
he was.  The acrid aroma of dried urine and the stench of decay filled
the air.   Aaron could only make out his surroundings to be some kind of
prison cell.  The air was dry and he was parched, he could barely speak.
Biding his time looking around the cell, he could find no food or water.
"Trespassing in that industrial complex isn't sounding so hot right
now", Aaron thought to himself.  Hours crawled by before he heard
footsteps.  Slow and steady the moved down the hall.  A couple of men in
uniform soon arrived at the cell door and one started to open it.  Aaron
struggled to stand but as he did the other man pulled up and cocked a
rifle.  Aaron got the idea and collapsed back on his rump.  Then men
slowly approached and when close enough one kicked Aaron swiftly in the
ribs.  Falling completely to the ground Aaron gasped, and the second man
lifted him up yelling in his face.  It was something about a girl and a
pendant, but it wasn't helping the men spoke only Japanese.  "I don't
understand what you're saying.  Do you speak English?",  Aaron pleaded.
The men looked strangely at Aaron and growled.  He caught only one word,
"Worthless," before a rifle butt knocked him unconscious yet again.  He
awoke in front of a row of rifle bearing soldiers, and suddenly the
general barked a command.

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