Subject: [FFML] Re: Gaijin[Part 23][Sm][Dark]
From: Benjamin Goldberg
Date: 11/6/2002, 1:27 AM
To: Carrot Glace <>, FFML <>

Umm, in your "Correction" message, you didn't say what one word was
corrected, and it wasn't something obvious to me.

Where Pluto says, "You hold the power of three of the most powerful
senate," is that supposed to be senshi?  (This word was the same on, so I assume it's not the word you're referring to)

And since it's three, not four... did Michiru/Neptune awaken?  Or did
Pluto mean, three, in addition to yourself?  Or was Saturn simply not
included, since that would be *too* much power?

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