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I have done some research and the mallet conection would very probably come
from tha animated series. In the TV series each time a caracter is hit there
is a hidden scene in the stars and flashing lights. If you have tapes of the
series try hitting pause and you may see it. There are lots of bicicles
(Mainly the front tyre), mallets lots, a table or two, fists, shampoo only
clad in a towel, and lots more. If you do this do not get caugth by your
familly. "You are waching Ranma againg? And in slow motion?!!!"
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A kind of amusing fic about fanfic cliches, exaggerated
to their illogical conclusion -- which feat is fairly in
keeping with the Ranma style.  Nice quick read, got
a chuckle out of it.

It'd probably have been funnier if I hadn't seen the same
sort of thing done before, and for the same general
reason, which leads me to the part I'm really replying

Author's Notes

This fic was a sneak preview of the future of Ranma fan fiction.
It is the logical consequence of the current trend among Ranma
fics to draw less and less of their characterization from actual
canon sources (Manga/Anime) while taking more and more of it from
*other* fanfics.  With the abundant wealth of Ranma fanfics having
long exceeded the amount of canon material, it is probably
unavoidable that certain notions taken from other authors' works
creep into a fanfic writer's perception of the characters.
However, if this is not recognized and balanced by frequent
reality checks ("Have you ever seen them act that way in the
Anime/Manga - or was that just a fanfic?") then the inevitable
result will be an escalating spiral of fanfics feeding upon
fanfics, in which all subtleties are lost and all clichees are
exaggerated until the last resemblance to the source material is

You know what?  It's happened before.  Not long after I first
started reading fanfic on a regular basis (gods, that's about a
decade ago, now...), some people pointed out this very thing.
There were a lot fewer fanfics around, of course, but
sometimes it seemed as though every second one had been
written using Putting Your Heart In The Right Place or Stepping
Stones or... well, insert your favorite title here... as the source,
instead of using the anime or manga.  (Aside:  I'm going
by memory here, so, my memory being what it is, I've
likely mangled those titles.  No offense meant to the authors.)
Some of those characterizations are still around today.  Same
thing's happened with Sailor Moon, perhaps even more so.
That's just how it goes... you read a fanfic you like, and it
colors the way you look at the original source, unless you're

Are subtleties lost?  Nah, not really.  There are bad fanfics,
but there were bad fanfics ever since fanfics started being
written... and there are good fanfics, too.  Many, many,
*many* fanfics have been written since, say, 1999, and
the vast majority of them don't overemphasize cliches any
more than the vast majority of the ones written between,
say, 1995 and 1999 do.

Nothing new under the sun?  Well, probably not, but
face it:  fanfic is derivative anyway, by definition.  It
doesn't have to be original to be good.  It doesn't even
have to present the old tropes with a new twist or a
new perspective, although that helps.  It just has to
do a really good job of interpreting the old material
and effectively presenting it in the author's voice.
(Example:  We've probably all read fanfics where
Ranma and Akane get mad at each other and break
the engagement.  That doesn't make Mike Noakes'
relatively recent (in fact, IIRC, still in progress) "Choices"
any less intense.  Presentation counts... and boy,
does it ever, in that case.  And there are other fics
that do the same with other 'cliche' situations -- many,
many others.)

In conclusion, I suspect there's less to worry about
than you might think -- despite these same worries
the first time around, the past six or seven years
have produced some pretty good fics.

Scott Schimmel  *
* Ex ignorantia ad sapientium; ex luce ad tenebras *
"You really aren't normal, are you?" - Miki Koishikawa

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