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     The young boy turns his eyes ashamedly away from the older 
women.  "Ataru's {grandmamma : grandmama : grandma : grandmother} was killed by an Urusian during the first
Tag Race."


     "Jesu Cristo...!" Shinobu pales.

     "Did he tell you that?!" Minako gapes.

     Ten sniffs.  "He told Seiko-chan.  Sakiko-chan overheard
him, then t-told me," he sniffs again, wiping his eyes.  "It's no 
wonder he's so mad now!  Why'd they go and do that to his {grandmamma : grandmama},

     "Are you sure that'll be {more than :} enough room for the both of 
you?" Marie gazes concernedly at Jonna and Orin.

     The Izumo sisters laugh.  Ten ignores their mirth; his attention
is still {taken away : taken : held} by the picture before him.  "Ryouga-sama,
I hope you're NOT considering the priesthood," Akari gazes 
concernedly on her fiance.

     "Yep, that it is!" Fred chuckles.  "Had to craft it up myself
when he decided he needed something of a break from U-chan's and the
Nekohanten.  Not that I'd personally knock Ukyou-san or Elder Cologne
{down :}; they're both very good.  But limiting your choices to 
okonomiyaki or Chinese...?"

     "It's no {matter : problem}.  Those things are ridiculously easy to locate
and eliminate," Chikage lightly smiles, crossing her arms.

     "Even more, what of the morale of those observers in Tomobiki?"
Miree muses.  "After all, the chances are very good that most of 
their relatives back on the {Homeworld : homeworld} are dead.  How have they been
taking all of this?"

     Still, even now, he had to be careful.  The tragic news of the
Cataclysm had smashed morale among almost all the Holy City's 
observers right to the sub-strata.  Fungi's relatives, as far as he 
could tell, were alright; he wasn't from Phentax Two but one of the
colony worlds.  None of them had been on the {Homeworld : homeworld} when the 
Cataclysm struck.  The same was true with those other observers
hailing from the colonies, regardless of personal viewpoints.
Fungi wasn't the only one who just paid lip-service to the Church.
As for those who DID hail from the {Homeworld : homeworld}...!

     He sighs, tapping controls on his machine.  While he did grieve
for his co-workers' terrible loss, the fact that there now existed
a dangerous power vacuum in the Union had to be kept VERY prominently
in mind.  As communications between Earth and Phentax Two were being
restored, news flowing from the {Homeworld : homeworld} wasn't good.  Emergency
councils were being established in all the provinces as the sheer
scale of the Cataclysm began to sink in.  Without direction from the
Church, those believers in the colonies, not to mention the 
Niphentaxian Fleet, were without any sort of firm spiritual guide.
Even more, the heretics from the old churches, all of whom survived
the Cataclysm unscathed, were hard at work undermining the Lumites'
authority.  Civil war in the Union was a clear possibility.

     "However, after {reading : hearing} that, Fungi sealed the audio file of 
that conversation.  From what I could divine, no one will be able to
get into that file and retrieve the information within," Chikage

     "She is," he whispers, slipping a comforting arm around her.  
Akane stiffens, then finds herself relaxing as Shinshi draws her 
close.  "She is, Akane-chan.  There's no getting away from that now,
{sis : Sis}..."


     He shushes her.  "No, {sis : Sis}.  You can't deny this anymore.  If you
keep on doing that, you'll only hurt yourself.  Let it go..."

     Nabiki sighs.  "Like it or not, {sis : Sis}, you screwed up BIG TIME 
when you started throwing insults Ataru-kun's way," she crosses
her arms.  "Sakuya-chan says that if we want to feel at home in 
Welcome House, YOU..." she points to Akane, "...will have to 
apologize to Ataru-kun for what you tried to accuse him of tonight
AND vow, now and forever more, that you'll do NOTHING to interfere
with his relationship with Ranma-chan!"

     Nabiki's knuckles rap lightly on Akane's forehead to silence
her.  "Uh-uh, {sis : Sis}!" the former holds up a warning finger.  "Not THIS
time!  And yes, they've got every right in the world to demand that,
you know!!" she points at Akane's heart.  "Remember, they're the ones
who invited us to come live with them at Welcome House!  If they can
do something like that out of the blue, they can RESCIND it just as 
quickly, Akane-chan!"

     "Sorry, {sis : Sis}," Nabiki shakes her head.  "Take it or leave it."

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