Subject: [FFML] [Ranma/SM] Destiny Prologue
From: arun prabhu
Date: 11/3/2002, 7:16 PM

After a very, very long wait, I'm finally back in
active service. Here's the prologue. And wish you all
a happy diwali. ^_^


Destiny "rewrite"

By Arun""

Prologue "Originally completed on 08/04/2002"

This is a Ranma One-Half - Sailor Moon crossover with
a pinch of Ramayana.


All characters from Ranma One-Half and Sailor Moon
belong to their respective owners. I do not own them.

The Silver Millennium...

	The trees were green and their flowers beautiful. The
air was fresh and the roar of the Ganges audible. The
birds sang and the monkeys made merry. The sky was
blue and the ground, dark and fertile.

	It was sanctimonious and serene.

	Grass grew everywhere on Senbagakadu and on this
particular clearing, as on every other, the grass grew
bountifully, with the lone eight-foot high termite
mound sticking out like an ugly blemish on a sylvan
artist's colorful painting.

	"Raja Chola!"

	It was a man, dressed in tiger skin, who spoke. He
carried a trident of energy in his left hand, a cobra
lay coiled around his neck, and a faint, almost
invisible scar on his right cheek.

	He looked divine.

	His wife stood by his left side. She was dressed in
transparent silk, wore a bracelet of energy not
unsimilar to her husband's trident, a necklace beaded
with Imperial Jade, an earring strung with a diamond
of the first water and a parrot on her right shoulder.

	"Raja Chola," the man repeated again, "thine prayers
wert heard. Thou wert judged against the scales of
infinity and wert not found wanting. Come forth and
receive thine three boons."

	The termite mound glowed golden and cracks appeared
on it. Golden light diffused out of the cracks, which
spread and widened, until the mound disintegrated into

	Out of the crumbled dirt emerged Raja Chola, covered
from head to toe with dust and naught a shred of cloth
on him. His beard was long, and his eyes, cold and

	He walked and his muscles rippled in controlled
symphony, raw power coursing through them. He looked
young, but was ancient.

	He knelt before the two Gods, bowed his head and

	"At long last, O' Great Shiva, You embellish me with
thine presence. I'm truly blessed."

	It was a lie. Shiva had come not because he wanted
to, but because under the terms of The Covenant, he
had to. Raja Chola, as filled with hatred as his heart
was, had attained nirvana.

	Shiva nodded.

	"Sing a song for us," he asked, shooting a glance at
Parvati, his wife, through the corner of his eyes.

	And Raja Chola sang.

	The song lasted long and was beauty given words. The
trees in the forest grew visibly and the animals,
enchanted by Raja Chola's voice, congregated around
him. When it ended, he bowed.

	"Arise! Ask and it shall be granted."

	The words were simple and the environ even more so.
Yet, to Raja Chola's ears, they were music. He had
been waiting for millennia to hear those very words
and he smiled. Vengeance was within reach and very
soon, it would be his.

	"Grant me immortality," he said, in a slightly
condescending tone. There are no compacts between
lions and men, and wolves and lambs have no concord,
after all.[1]

	"Ye know that immortality cannot be bequeathed on one
who is not divine," Shiva replied after a pause.

	Raja Chola nodded.

	"Very well." He took a step forward, arrogantly
daring Shiva to raise his hands against him, for even
if the God wanted to, he could not. The Covenant and
fear of Raja Chola's true power would be enough to
stop all such thoughts as soon as they formed. "May
Death never look at me to my face!"

	Shiva nodded, albeit reluctantly.

	Raja Chola smiled. All he had to do was get the next
two wishes right and the doom of the Gods will be in
his hands to decide at his leisure.

	"May no man, God, Ashura, spirit, or animal be able
to kill me."

	Again, Shiva nodded.

	"May I be crowned king of the Ashuras."

	Shiva looked at his wife and in a rare show of
affection, grasped her hand in his. She applied gentle
pressure on his hands in loving support.

	"Art thou sure about thine wishes, Raja Chola?" he
asked. There was still hope that Raja Chola might not
cross the Rubicon.

	Raja Chola nodded.

	"Very well," Shiva said, "thine three boons, I grant

	As soon as Shiva spoke, Raja Chola was lifted off the
ground. Golden motes of light blossomed around him and
on the center of his forehead, an inverted triangle, a
tattoo of his new station and power, glowed for a
brief moment and vanished. His mouth opened in a
silent scream of ecstasy and the forest came alive,
singing in praise of its new king.

	That night, in the royal palace on the Moon, Serenity
dreamt. It was a dream both beautiful and cruel,
majestic and horrifying, and it portended the terrible
things to come.


	Two years later... Three, since the formation of the
Greater Moon Kingdom...

	"Your Majesty! We are ready."

	'Three simple words,' Serenity thought, 'three simple
words and on them rests the fate of my people... The
Gods are cruel indeed.'

	"I'll be with them shortly," she replied to the
soldier, casting a glance towards the frontline as a
particularly large explosion shook the earth, or
rather, mars.

	Three years had passed since the foundation of the
Greater Moon Kingdom and already, its last days were
upon them. The enemy had appeared at the borders of
her kingdom one day and attacked without warning.
There was no defeating them: Her loyal friend and
advisor, the Queen of Mars, had died trying just that
on the plains of Saturn. And everywhere they went,
they spread death and destruction.

	Now, barely six months later, her kingdom teetered on
the very edge of oblivion, with but a silken strand to
hang on. The only course of action that held any shred
of hope was the spell they were preparing to cast, and
should it fail, the Moon Kingdom would fall and all of
humanity would go down with it.

	She turned away from the death and destruction in
front of her, and made her way unhurriedly to the
casting grounds. On her arrival, the mages parted and
she took her place in the center.

	Slowly, small sparkling and swirling light blue
clouds of magic took shape on the grounds, and united
to form a huge whirlpool of restrained power. Just as
the spell neared completion, one of the mages screamed
in agony. Some of the magic disappeared as he screamed
and Serenity spared a glance in his general direction.

	A six-armed aberration, the enemy's foot soldier,
removed his sickle of obsidian from the mage's upper
torso and the wizard fell dead. Without sparing his
victim a second glance, the enemy turned his attention
to the others, slaughtering his way mercilessly
through their ranks. And everywhere he went, death

	Within seconds, the Lunar and the Mars Royal Guard
rallied and engaged him, but it was already too late.
Too many were dead and the spell could no longer be

	Ear splitting screams shook the very foundations of
reality as the enemy danced the dance of death with
the Guards, and Serenity fell to her knees, weeping.
Hope was lost and everything had been in vain.


	Serenity did not stir.

	"Daughter..." the voice repeated again.

	Serenity looked around. The voice seemed to be coming
from everywhere.


	'There it goes again,' she thought, shaking her head,
as the voice seemed to originate in her mind.

	"Daughter, listen to me!"

	Serenity laughed, bitterly.

	"And now, I'm going insane," she muttered; complained
to herself. "Can things possibly get any worse?"


	"All is not lost," the voice said, finally breaking
the lull in her thoughts.

	Revulsion, hatred and a little of her old self took
form in her mind. If they thought they could defeat
her with little mind games, they were wrong. She was
not going to give up so easily.

	"Name yourself, coward! Who are you?" she screamed,
defiantly, just as another huge explosion in the
background sent large, smoking clods of earth into the
air. The explosion was deafening and her voice even
more so.

	The owner of the voice introduced himself
telepathically in her mind.


	"Trust your heart, daughter. It never lies."


	"You are what you say you are," she stuttered, when
finally, she summoned the courage to speak. To say
that she had blasphemed was putting it lightly.



	"How can I defeat Raja Chola? He is so very


	"Powerful, he is, but all-powerful, he is not. Filled
with hate, he is, but hateful, he is not. Scorned, he
was once, but scornful, he'll never be...

	"Chola is many things, but he is not without
weaknesses. Even now, you can imprison him."

	Serenity weighed her thoughts. Finally, she spoke.

	"Will he escape?"


	"Then, he will come, and kill my family and my people
in the future."


	Serenity sighed, resigning herself to fate.

	"Very well. I'll do what I must do..." she said.

	"What one must do and what one does is seldom the
same... Are you prepared to trod the path your doom
leads you?"

	She nodded without hesitation. Her mind was made up.
If there was even the barest chance of defeating Raja
Chola, she was going to take it no matter what the
cost. No price could be too high for the lives of her

	"Then, all is well."

	Was it approval that she sensed in his voice, she

	"Look into yourself and tell me what you see..."

	Serenity followed his advice and looked. Inside her,
she found a throbbing mass. It was composed of
swirling strands of the purest white tainted with
colors from the entire spectrum. It was...

	"I can see..." she said. Her eyes widened in wonder
and her voice was filled with disbelief. "I can see my


	"Focus on the Ginzuishou and cast the spell," the
voice instructed her.

	She nodded and concentrated, never taking her eyes
off her soul.

	Energy begun to pool through her, around her, and as
she watched, the individual strands ballooned,
sparkling out of existence one by one. It begun at an
unremarkable pace at first, but within moments, it
exploded into scarcely believable proportions.

	The Ginzuishou glowed an angry, indignant shade of
crimson, and a vortex of magic, more powerful than the
one before by several orders of magnitude, arose. The
battlefield shuddered and in the far off distance,
Mount Ares blew off its upper slopes in a blinding
flash, spewing an incandescent mushroom cloud of dust
and smoke into the red Martian sky.

	Finally, the Ginzuishou could contain the magic no
longer and it exploded outwards. There was a flash of
gold and then... Peace.

	"Sleep!" the voice said before completely fading
altogether, "sleep and I will look after you."

	Serenity nodded drunkenly and staggered. She was
dying, she knew, but before that, she had to see the
world she had wrought. She opened her eyes, staggered
a couple of steps and looked around.

	Her eyes and ears took in the sights and sounds, and
she saw that everything was beautiful.

	Finally, she caught sight of her son, who looked
majestic in his armor. He ran towards her at breakneck
speed and she smiled wryly, staggered a couple of
steps towards him, closed her eyes forever and
collapsed on the ground dead.


	And thus, with a few minor changes, I have removed
most of the plot holes in the story.
Mwahahahahahahaha! ^_^;;

	1. For those of you who do not recognize this, it's
by Homer.

Author's notes (Old one):

	This is going to be one long story and it might even
be a year or more before I complete it. I got this
idea while reading Alan Harnum's 'Waters Under Earth',
which is one of he finest pieces of fan fiction
writing you'll find on the net. I thought: why not
take certain aspects of Ramayana (the Indian epic,
literally meaning the story of Rama) and combine it
with a not so usual Ranma and Sailor Moon crossover.
For the record, Ashura, in this story, means Anti-God.

	This story can be found these webs: Lady Cosmos,
Penultimate Ranma Fanfic Index, Getzeye's Fanfic
page(, Yoruko's
Den(, Darkensis Fanfiction
Archives and my web.

	And finally, a big thank you to my pre-readers:
Jakub, Alex, Pete, Yanei, Malikite, Lance Smith, Don
Morales, Chelsea and Joseph. I couldn't have done this
without them. ^_^

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