Subject: [FFML] Re: Yet another story idea...
From: Benjamin Goldberg
Date: 11/2/2002, 12:45 AM
To: Sebastian Palm

Sebastian Palm wrote:


Ick. The story idea bug bit me again. It itches.

I would point out that this *probably* ought to be on the fanfiction
idea mailing list, rather than the ffml.  That said, I'm responding here
anyway, 'cause i feel like it :)

Ranma comes to the Masaki shrine a complete wreck, his confidence shot
to hell and back. Yosho takes him in, and lets the rest of the Tenchi
crew know that he's got a seriously messed up guest who needs to be
alone for a while, and that Ryo-Oh-Ki must not come near the shrine
under any circumstances.

Ryo-ok-ki doesn't really look very catlike -- perhaps she would only be
forbidden from miya-ing in Ranma's presence?

Now, the trouble is that I can't put everything together just right.
The only thing I can imagine that would total Ranma would be Akane
dying late in the series, or _maybe_ Genma getting his fool ass

Ranma's mother dying?

Ranma accidentally killing someone, or a group of people?  Not in
someone's defence, but due to an accident, or worse, due to a
misjudgement on Ranma's part.  Or while in the neko-ken.

Or a series of events which seem to Ranma like everyone's against him.

As an example:  We've seen, in fanfic for Ranma and other stories, where
people set up a surprise party (usually for a birthday), and the
recipient begins to think that everyone's against him right up to
discovering the party...  Suppose that the party preparations start a
couple weeks early, and instead of giving away the surprise, each person
who accidentally hurts Ranma emotionally (due to trying to keep the
party a secret) says to him/herself, "I'll just apologize to Ranma when
we throw him his part."  And just before the party *would* have taken
place, Ranma decides that *everyone* hates him, and that he's had it,
and leaves town.

Neither really fits my purpose, though - the thought I had was for the
Tenchi-tachi to patch his mind together again, Ryoko and Ayeka
teaching him that women aren't weak,

Oh, he knows that women aren't weak, he's seen a number of examples to
the contrary.  Unless you're thinking of Ranma pre-Joketsuzoku.

and Katsuhito fixing the neko-ken once and for all.

How?  Considering that his method of curing Ryoko's insanity was to lock
her in a cave for 700 years, I'm not so sure that Ranma would be very

If I use the first, there'll be no need to teach Ranma of
women, and if I use the second, I can't have a Genma-bashing fest.

Hmm, perhaps having something bad happen between Jusenkyo and
Joketsuzoku?  (After Jusenkyo, so he's cursed, and before Shampoo, so he
doesn't know women can be strong).

And why would Genma being dead prevent you from having a Genma-bashing
fest?  :)

(The original thought was that Ranma ditched panda-man after getting
thrown out by Akane in chapter 1, but that wouldn't be enough, I
Unless you perform major surgery to Ranma's personality.)

For him to arive at the Masaki shrine in a wreck, his personality has to
already have taken a beating.

Now that I think of it, doing it the "Evil Amazons" way could be kind
of interesting - Ranma killed Shampoo after she killed Genma, and
blames himself for hesitating in the first place -- thus the "wreck"

That could work.

Cologne and company is out to get him, and she knows Yosho...

Give an explanation -- *why* would she know Yosho?

Thus, we get rid of a whole slew of Ranma regulars, most of them
fairly boring...

Some, but not all.  After all, until they meet and make up, Ukyo is
actively hunting Ranma.  Tendo Soun, will, eventually, try and track
down his best friend and his best friend's son, too.  Nodoka, too, for
that matter.

Unless it's pre-jr-high, Ryouga's also tracking Ranma.  Presumably,
he'll *eventually* find him.

Hinako was called in to Furinkan to deal with the delinquents -- if Kuno
were the only Marial Artist there, she's unlikely to become a teacher
there -- instead, she'll likely get called in to whereever Ranma ends up
going to school.

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