Subject: [FFML] Re: Editorial Comment Re: Prelude to Federation (2041-2078)
From: Adrian Tymes
Date: 2/26/2002, 10:20 PM

C. Richard Davies wrote:

What was definitely known was that thirty-seven men, women and children perished
in that single night of fire.[10] And in the opinion of this historian, all else
concerning the episode, when considered in light of that fact, becomes trivia.

Unfortunately, in my haste to present my progenitor's historical overview as it
was originally written in 2401-3, I have inadvertantly left in one of his more
glaring mistakes. The number should be thirty-seven *million*.

I am mortified to have left this one in.

[Sorry, couldn't resist.  ^_^;]

"You know, of course, they'll never believe we did it."

"What?"  Nene snapped her monitor's power button off.  "'Acquired' so
many nuclear weapons, taking them away the armies of the world, *just*
before they were going to use them?  Honestly, Mackie, I thought you had
more faith in your wife."

"..."  Mackie winced at his slip.

"Don't worry."  Nene pecked him on his cheek.  "I'll forgive you, if you
can find some good way to dispose of them.  Without letting anyone

"Yeah."  He sighed.  "Even with all our efforts, thirty six people died.
Most of 'em good men, women, and children...*most* of 'em. Except for
the madman 'President' who had the best and brightest of our age as his
personal servants."

"Thirty seven, actually.  Utena was still in there."

Mackie winced again.  "How bad do you think the press will take it?"

"I had a look at tomorrow's headlines.  Tragedy all around.  Even the
historians..."  Nene shook her head.  "Do you think we're leaving too
many hints of conspiracy here?  I mean, thirty seven deaths is bad, but
'Tragedy Of The Century'...*that's* pushing it.  As is the fact that
they had the stories all but written before the launch."

"Let's just hope they never find out who did it."

"Oh, Mackie.  They haven't found us yet, have they?"

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