Subject: [FFML] Re: [spamfic][A!MG] Let the Music Play
From: "DB Sommer" <>
Date: 2/11/2002, 11:31 AM
To: "Chan Wei Lik" <>
CC: <>

Chan Wei Lik wrote:

Cute, real cute.

That's all it was meant to be.

I created a miniature radio that would play Broadway hits twenty-four
hours a day and implanted it in my skull.

Try implanted it into her EAR. She wouldn't be able to hear it unless it
was hooked up to her auditory system.

Well, it's hooked up to her ear on the skull side. How about that? :)

The figure that entered wore a white hockey mask and wielded a running
chainsaw as though it had all the weight of a ball of yarn.

Why would Keiichi or anyone else in the temple have a chainsaw in the

It's been there since Mara tried to animate the local flora into attacking
the temple back in volumes 98? How about Sayako's been making a nuisence of
herself to the point Urd's been threatening to make it come after her?

Haven't got the faintest idea. We'll settle for plot contrivance and leave
it at that. :)

Don't worry! There's only eleven more songs to go! Once they're
finished, she'll go back to normal!

Why not just stop the radio? She WANTS him to run for it?

Wouldn't be anywhere near as silly if she did something sensible like that.

Thanks for the comments. With the recent resurgence in A!MG stuff, you've
been pretty busy of late. It's good to be busy, though.

D.B. Sommer

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