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From: Brian Randall
Date: 2/8/2002, 11:33 AM
To: Brian Welch
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Brian Welch wrote:

--- Brian Randall <> wrote:

   Eversor Iussu Deus

Destroyer at the command of God?  Sounds a lot like
Surt, to me.  ^_^

    Keiichi Morisato: Godslayer.

    Well, keep Vidar's role in mind, and that Vidar was apparently the 
one behind the whole thing.

Keiichi was a student.

Even in the manga he's still working off that last
credit hour, I think.  Poor K1, he'll never graduate!

    Where do you get this stuff? There must be a billion volumes of the 
manga out there I just don't have access to. Which is why I won't write 
this one.

Hmm, this takes place after the movie, but before
where the manga is now? K1 spends most of his time at
Whirlwind these days in the manga, and Chihiro would
have Tamiya and Ootaki's heads if they dumped that
kind of work on K1. Only SHE is allowed to do that!


Patterns and numbers danced before his eyes at
dizzying speeds, 
finally spelling out that the engine's most
immediate death would be to 
make the already dirty filter a little more worn.

Interesting. Belldandy goddess would just ask it what
was wrong (Urd would probably kick it - with the same
result, though). This sounds like it's at a lower
level of communication with Yggdrasil than the
goddesses normally employ.

    Well, I had thought the Lord of Terror used a more basic, but 
independant source.

He jerked himself out of his reverie, raising an
eyebrow and turning 
to regard the girl again. No, woman, truly, simply
girlish in appearance. 

She's president of the motor club now in the manga.
Our little Sora is growing up! ;_;

    Ugh. I shouldn't even have bothered posting this, with as little as 
I know!

Uh, Urd IS the senior maintainer, and Skuld is her
second-in-command. When Urd went to Earth and left
Skuld in Heaven, Skuld was looking after the system
all alone. Has there been some kind of management
shake-up in Heaven?

    Yeah. It's name is Loki.

Someone obviously doesn't want the system fixed any
time soon.

    See above.

I'm not at all sure it would be possible to cut off
power to the goddesses to where they would have to
rely on moonrock bracelets unless the system itself
was completely down.

    I certainly wouldn't know.

were maintained. "Idiots are running the Goddess
Relief Line when they 
could devote more resources to the file system."

That's what you get when you let field techs run your
servers. ^_^

    I only let that happen once.

    'course, I only NEEDED to let that happen once....

You would think Peorth would know better than to be
involved in this, but then it wouldn't be the first
time she bit off more than she could chew. Hubris is
that girl's middle name.

    We'll call that one a lucky guess on my part.

What happened to Chrono, Ere, and Ex?


"We are taking advantage of the situation," she
replied coldly. 
"We're going to take this opportunity to make sure
there's a world to 
exploit in the morning."

Hehe. When it comes time to destroy the world, Hild's
going to get a high price the job and until then
nobody's doing it for free!

    And lucky guess number two. Yea for me.

Interesting concept. Not as far out there as "Fate and
Destiny," though it shares some of its feel with the
more-to-Keiichi-than-meets-the-eye angle.

    Um, thanks. I think.

    Anyway, I think this pretty much ends my sojourn into A!MG 
fanfiction -- I obviously don't have what it takes.

    Still, someone who knows what they're doing can take this idea and 
run with it. Thank you very much for your time in replying!

Brian W.

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