Subject: [FFML] [Spam][Research Help] Any info on fanfiction.
From: Mike L Nguyen
Date: 2/3/2002, 3:22 PM

Hi guys!  Mike here.

I'm doing a info speech for speech class, and the topic is fanfiction.
I would like some help on this topic.
Don't worry, credits are in the works cited page.

I would like webpages dealing with info on fanfiction.

These are the info I'm searching for:

What is fanfiction?  (Your opinions, as we ALL know what fanfiction is)
When did fanfiction start?
What are types of fanfiction?
Where to get and read fanfiction?

This is an OFF topic.  I don't want to spam the list.
Thank you VERY much for yer help.
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