Subject: [PMFFML] A Saiyan Tail[Part 26][R.5/DB]
From: Ryoga P Hibiki
Date: 3/31/2001, 2:25 PM

 A Saiyan Tail

 Part 26

 The Spirit of the Dragon


 Ranma floated opposite Herb with a smirk on his face as he stared the
man down. 

 "So, at last I find the man, who destroyed the sacred springs," said
Herb casually as he eyed his opponent for a moment.

 "That place was evil," said Ranma coolly.

 "Indeed it was, but I'm afraid it is important to the memory of my
people," said Herb as he took up a combat stance.

 Ranma merely nodded and took up one of his own in reply. Thunder crashed
in the darkening sky above for a moment. 

 Herb vanished and appeared in front of Ranma, punching the boy in his
face. He gasped in surprise when his fist passed through the boy, without
any resistance.

 "Ha!" cried Ranma as he appeared beside the dragon man and kicked him in
his chest. Herb was thrown back several hundred feet and stopped his
movement in the air.

 "You're strong indeed, I expected nothing less!" cried Herb as he
righted himself and saw the boy floating in front of him calmly. Ranma
was merely waiting for him.

 "You're not strong enough to fight me," said Ranma with his scowl
growing slightly.

 "You haven't seen half of my power yet," snarled Herb viciously.

 "I'm not at full strength either," said Ranma in reply.

 Herb ground his teeth for a moment. "We'll see who is the strongest!" He
put up his hands and blasted a huge beam of energy at Ranma. The boy
didn't even bother to dodge; he merely swatted the blast aside with a
casual wave of his hand.

 "If you don't go all out, you'll lose," said Ranma calmly. 

 "Bastard! I'll show you what power is!" screamed Herb as he shot
forward. His entire body glowed with a golden energy as he shot forward
and slammed into Ranma. The pair locked, both of their aura's flaring for
a moment. 

 Ranma was slowly pushed back by the force of the attack and Herb
grinned. "I am descended from the dragons themselves! You cannot hope to
match my power!"

 "Ha!" cried Ranma as his aura burned a little brighter, his muscles
strained and grew larger, and he pushed Herb back slowly.

 "Damn you!" snarled Herb as he shoved a bit more, locking them in the
air again. 

 Ranma shifted slightly, breaking the contest of strength. Herb was
already in motion when Ranma faced him again. The Dragon man sent a
flurry of attacks at the boy, all of which were blocked or parried
without much effort.

 Finally, Herb stopped and glared at Ranma for a moment. "You're fast."

 "You're a strong fighter too," said Ranma with a nod of acknowledgement.

 "You're the strongest I have ever faced, but my power is superior!" said
Herb as he readied another blast of energy.

 Ranma said nothing and prepared a blast of his own to respond.

 "Dragon's breath!" cried Herb as a golden column of flames erupted from
his hands.

 "Kamehameha!" said Ranma in response. 

 The two beams collided, creating an explosive reaction as they fought
for dominance with each other. A sphere of energy formed where the beams
met at the halfway point between them.

 "Impossible!" screamed Herb as he fought to keep his beam of power up.
"There is no chi energy that I cannot overpower!" He pushed himself
harder and Ranma's beam was pushed back slightly.

 The pigtailed boy grunted with effort as he pushed against the oncoming
wave of power a little harder. "He's stronger than I expected."

 "Your beam will fail! I will be victorious!" snarled Herb as he
increased his power output a little more. Ranma's beam was forced back a
little more, the sphere of power where the two attacks met was coming
dangerously close to overcoming the pigtailed boy.

 "I'm gonna have to go all out," thought Ranma as he pushed his power
level up. The beam was forced back, edging its way towards Herb. 

 "No! It isn't possible!" thought the dragon man as he stopped his beam
and moved aside. The massive wave of energy passed by him a few feet
away. He clenched his fist and growled angrily. "So, you are the one."

 Ranma stood, unable to hear the man as he simply watched and waited for
his next move. "What are you up too?"

 Herb chuckled to himself and called out to Ranma. "You are as strong as
I'd hoped. I knew you would have to be strong, after what you did to the
springs, but this. This surpasses my greatest expectations." He reared
his head back and laughed out loud.

 Ranma shook his head and sighed. "Well?"

 "A moment if you will," said Herb with his smirk fading slightly. "I
have never had the opportunity to use my final attack in such a battle.
Allow me to relish it."

 Ranma frowned. That didn't sound good.

 "True Spirit of the Dragon's Horn!" roared Herb as he put his palm
forward. A huge spike of energy shot forward, larger than the one he had
used on Akane by at least three times.

 "Whoa!" said Ranma as he shot back away, the blast was too strong and he
could not escape. A ball of blue energy formed in his hands as he moved
away, the beam closing faster and faster. "Kamehameha!" He blasted the
beam to the side, deliberately away from the attack.

 "What?" said Herb in shock as Ranma blasted away from his attack from
the force of his energy wave. It sailed by the pigtailed boy, missing him
by a hair's length. "Most impressive," commented Herb with a small nod.

 Ranma was breathing hard and watching the attack sail away into the
distance behind him for a moment. Part of his shirt was burned away, he
huffed and turned to face Herb again. "That was impressive."

 "Thank you, tell me do you know the true meaning of fear now that you
know how you'll die?" Herb chuckled to himself and raised his hands over
his head.

 "Hoooooo!" said Ranma as he cupped his hands at his sides.

 "Prepare for death! A valiant warrior such as yourself deserves such an
honor!" called Herb as the golden power began to form in his hands.

 "Ka...Me..." Ranma focused his energy and waited patiently.

 "Your efforts are in vain! That puny blast will never strike me down!"
roared Herb defiantly.

 "" continued Ranma, he could see that his opponent was almost
ready as well.

 "Taste oblivion! Your loved ones shall meet you in the afterlife!"
snarled Herb bitterly. "True Spirit of the Dragon's Horn!"

 "HAAAA!!!!" snapped Ranma as he let loose his built up power.

 Herb's blast was easily as large as the one before it, but it was still
dwarfed by the awesome power of Ranma's attack. "It can't be!" cried Herb
as he desperately attempted to push through the oncoming wave with his
own blast. It was a vain attempt though, and his projectile was swallowed
up easily. The dragon man crossed his arms in front of his face and grit
his teeth, waiting for the blast to come to him. An instant later he was
swallowed up by Ranma's power.

 Ranma watched as the beam sailed away, his breath ragged and harsh as he
hung in midair for a moment. "Is it over?" He waited and listened to the
silence for a long moment, searching for any sign of his opponent. "No.
Not yet."

 Herb appeared in front of him, his clothes smoking and his body tanned
slightly from the energy. He punched Ranma dead in the face, sending him
plummeting to the ground below. The pigtailed boy managed to halt his
decent just above the ground. Herb landed just beside him and scowled

 "I didn't think it was possible," said the Dragon man angrily. "You are
more powerful than I."

 "Thanks, glad you think so," muttered Ranma as he landed on the ground
and rested for a moment.

 "Fool, this is far from over," said Herb with a vicious looking snarl.
"We aren't done yet."

 "Huh? But you just said..." started Ranma.

 "You are stronger than I am now, but with this..." Herb pulled out a
white object that looked somewhat like an albino candy corn. He crushed
it in his grasp, sending a shower of debris and powder to the ground. "I
will become ten times stronger than I am now."

 "Huh?" said Ranma dumbly. "But, you just broke it..."

 "Heh," chuckled Herb. He bent forward and cried out in pain as something
began to happen to him.

 Ranma rose to his feet, staggering back in shock as an aura of golden
energy surrounded the screaming form of the Musk Prince. "No way!"


 "What do you mean?" said Akane as she stared at Tofu dumbly for a

 "I mean that boy you brought in here, he isn't human," repeated Tofu in
a whispered tone.

 "What is he then?" said Akane as she glanced over the man's shoulder and
peered into the room curiously.

 "I'm not sure, I've never seen anything like him before," said the
doctor with a slight nod.

 Akane sucked in a sharp breath as something came too her. Ryoga's words
on the day he blasted his way into her life. The wish he made, to become
stronger than her fiancee. In order to do that, the dragon made Ryoga
like him. "That means...Ranma..." she swallowed and looked up at Tofu's
face for a moment. He was excited, almost shaking with anticipation.

 "Akane, we have to tell someone, he could be dangerous. We have no idea
what he is, and I'm not sure I can do anything for him."

 "No!" said the girl sharply as she glared at the man for a moment. "He's
human! I know he is!" snapped Akane.

 "Akane, I'm positive he isn't. He's a lot like a man, but he isn't one,"
insisted Tofu.

 Akane began to glow and Tofu finally realized that something was wrong.
She reached up and grabbed him by his collar. "No, you don't seem to be
getting me. That boy in there..."

 "He's human," said Tofu with a slightly numb looking nod. "Akane, why
are you?"

 "Ranma is out fighting someone very strong right now, strong enough to
do this to that thing in there. I don't like Ryoga, but if you tell
anyone about this, then that might lead them to Ranma."

 "You mean...Ranma is?" said the doctor with a slight realization forming
on his face.

 Akane merely nodded in reply and released him.

 "Oh my," said the doctor as he backed away from her in shock.

 "If you say a word about this to anyone," said Akane sharply. She could
feel the guilt building up inside her stomach from treating him this way

 The man chuckled to himself and looked at her with a warm smile on his
face. "Just answer me one question Akane."

 The girl looked up at him in surprise and then moved her eyes to the
floor. She blushed bright red and turned her back on him. "Because I..."

 "What was that?" said Tofu as he looked up and adjusted his glasses. 

 Akane had stopped speaking as well, and was now staring at the door in
horror. "What? Oh no! Ranma!"

 Both of them whirled around in surprise as Ryoga staggered into the
room, he was still clutching his side painfully. "That idiot is going to
get himself killed before I get the chance to do it!" 

 "What are you doing up?" said Tofu as he rushed over to the boy's side.

 "Heh, I've had worse than this scratch before. If you think I'm missing
this fight, you're mistaken," said the boy as he shoved the man aside
with his tail casually.

 "What is this power?" said Akane as she looked over at the boy for a

 "Ranma's opponent is stronger than he seems, but..." Ryoga smirked and
looked over at the girl for a moment. "You'll see." With that said, Ryoga
stepped out of the door and floated into the sky.

 "Wait! You jerk!" snapped Akane as she rushed out behind him. 

 Tofu simply stared at the door as he caught a glimpse of Akane rising
into the air. He shook his head for a moment and sat down at the desk in
the lobby and sighed. "I hope I don't remember all this when I wake up.
This dream is getting too weird."


 Cologne's head snapped up, quickly followed by Lime and Mint. 

 "Hey, what's up?" said Mint as he dropped the rag he was using to clean
the tables off with and moved over too her side.

 "Your master has used the Dragon's Tooth," said Cologne with a heavy
sigh. "Too bad, that boy had such promise."

 "Hey! That means we can go home soon!" said Lime cheerfully.

 "Indeed," agreed Cologne. She frowned, Mousse and Shampoo had left an
hour ago for their training. They probably wouldn't reach the spot until
later that evening. Fortunately, they would be traveling in the opposite
direction of the battle. Herb's power was indeed strong if she could feel
it from this distance.


 "Tendo," said Goku as he stood looking over the wall of the Tendo home
towards the sky.

 "I feel it too," said the man calmly as he walked up beside his old
friend on the back porch of the home.

 "This isn't good," said Goku with a small frown.

 "Should we?" said Soun with a slightly worried frown on his face.

 "No, I think we should be ready though," said Goku as he thought about
it for a moment. "Ranma may need our help later, especially if one of
them gets in the way."

 "Akane?" said Soun in horror.

 "Relax Tendo, it seems like they're just going to watch right now. She
knows better than to charge into one of Ranma's fights. It's the other
one I'm worried about."

 "He has strong Ki," said Soun sagely.

 "Yes, but I can feel he's hurt too," said Goku as he closed his eyes for
a moment.


 Herb continued to scream as Ranma was forced to back away from the
growing sphere of golden energy that surrounded the dragon man. He raised
his hands into the air again and then brought them to his sides abruptly.
In an instant the sphere was gone.

 "You've changed," said Ranma with a small nod.

 "Heh," said Herb as he shifted his position slightly. "You have no
idea." He had indeed transformed, aside from being slightly larger
overall, his scales had also increased in number. The golden plates had
spread across his chest and onto his face, stopping just below his eyes.
His teeth were now sharp points as well, and his fingers ended in
dangerous looking claws. The most dramatic change of all, was the
three-inch long horn that now protruded from his forehead.

 Ranma took up a combat stance and prepared himself once again.

 Herb smiled and looked up at the sky for a moment. "It seems we have

 "What? No!" said Ranma in shock as he turned his gaze upward. Two
familiar figures were streaking towards a nearby mountain.

 "Don't worry, I'll leave them be until we're finished," said the Dragon
man with another evil chuckle. He vanished and appeared in front of
Ranma, slamming his fist into the boy's gut.

 Ranma was thrown into a nearby boulder, his feet dug deep gouges into
the ground as he slid back from the force of the blow. He managed to stop
himself, but he still struck the boulder, creating a small crater in the
surface of the rock. He grit his teeth and growled at Herb angrily for a

 "What's wrong? Lose the will to fight back already?" said Herb calmly as
he strolled forward.

 "This fight, hasn't even started yet," snapped Ranma. 

 Herb's eyes went wide as the boy blasted forward in a surge of power. He
was bent forward as Ranma kicked him in the gut with a hard strike that
threw him into the air, high above the ground. "Argh! That hurt!" He shot
a ball of energy towards the ground that exploded on impact, seeming to
consume Ranma where he stood on the ground. The blast spread out,
evaporating any trees or foliage that had once been present.

 Ranma appeared in the air, just behind his opponent and lashed out with
another kick. Herb had been waiting for him though and shoved an energy
ball into the boy's chest before he connected, sending him flying back
for a moment before he could shove the blast upwards with his hands.

 "Ouch," commented Ranma as he shook off the burning sensation the
maneuver had left on his palms.

 "You don't look worried," said Herb in mild surprise.

 "Why would I be?" said Ranma as he smirked at the prince for a moment
and took up another ready stance.

 "I'm going to kill you, that would worry most people," said Herb in an
amused tone.

 "Well, I'm not most people," said Ranma cheerfully. "Come on, we're just
getting warmed up."


 Akane and Ryoga sat on the side of the mountain on a small cliff. Both
watched the scene playing out before them with most of their attention.
The ignored each other for the most part. Ryoga sat down on a boulder,
carefully nursing his side, while Akane stood on the edge of the cliff
with her arms crossed in front of her chest.

This went on for several moments, Ranma and Herb would flash in and out
of existence and reappear either in locked combat, or opposite one
another in the air.

 "What's he doing?" said Akane angrily.

 "Looks like they're talking," said Ryoga with a small nod.

 "About what? Why doesn't he just beat him now?" said the girl irritably.

 "Maybe he can't?" ventured Ryoga. Herb was putting off massive amounts
of energy, Ranma was only putting out half as much. "Herb is stronger."

 "What?" said Akane, she had felt both powers, but wasn't able to
distinguish the two of them. "Ranma..." she muttered in a slightly
worried tone as she turned back to the battle.


 "What's the matter? Tired already?" snapped Herb as he floated across
from Ranma.

 The pigtailed boy was hanging in the air, his clothes torn to shreds. He
didn't look to badly injured though, and his larger than normal body
still filled out what was left of his shirt. "You're right, you are
stronger than me."

 "Let's end this foolishness then," said Herb with a small smirk.

 "I didn't say you could beat me!" replied Ranma as he appeared in front
of Herb, slamming his fist across the monster's jaw. The Dragon man
reeled for a moment in the air and Ranma appeared behind him, slamming
his knee into the thing's back.

 "Insolent," snarled Herb as he righted himself after sailing upwards a
few hundred feet from the blow.

 Ranma appeared in front of him, with his arms crossed over his chest. A
smug looking grin was plastered on his face.

 Herb roared in anger and attacked, slashing with his claws at an amazing
rate of speed. All he managed to do was shred more cloth off of his
opponent's shirt and pants as Ranma seemed to fade away just as the blows

 "Heh, do you get it yet?" said Ranma coolly.

 "I'll get you!" snarled Herb.

 "I guess I'm gonna have to spell it out for ya then," said Ranma as he
vanished from Herb's view and appeared behind him. 

 "Die!" snarled the beast as he lashed back with his foot. Ranma dodged
easily and floated back a few yards.

 "That body is stronger, but it's also too bulky for you to move like you
used too. You're too slow to hit me now."

 Herb froze in place, shocked horror forming on his features. He looked
down at his hands and snarled. "It can't be."

 "You can't win," said Ranma with his grin widening even more.

 "I will destroy you!" roared Herb as he thrust his hands forward,
blasting a thousand small energy blasts at Ranma. The pigtailed boy moved
between them, a scowl forming on his face as he did so. 

 Herb gasped in shock as the boy appeared in front of him, slamming his
fist into his face. He stumbled back in the air for a moment. "I'm losing
power! This cannot be!" he thought desperately.

 "Give up," said Ranma as he waited for the next attack.

 "Take this!" snapped Herb. He thrust his hands forward and a beam of
gold energy shout out towards Ranma.

 The pigtailed boy shot upwards to avoid the blast, but it turned and
followed him. Ranma was forced to make several sharp turns to avoid the

 Herb smiled as he watched the scene play out while controlling the beam.
Three smaller spheres of energy formed around him. "I have you!"

 Ranma jerked back in surprise as the three balls of power rushed towards
him, moving the same as the energy beam that still chased him. "Damn! Too
many!" His face contorted in alarm as they closed in around him,
effectively boxing him in. He crossed his arms in front of his face and
pulled his legs in. "Take this!" he cried as he opened himself up
suddenly, thrusting out his arms and legs, and sending a blast of power
out in every direction.

 Herb frowned, the three energy balls were deflected away, but Ranma took
most of the beam in his back. Immediately after that, he had vanished

 "Very clever, perhaps I underestimated you," said the dragon man as he
glanced around.

 "Ha!" cried Ranma as he descended from above, slamming his fist into
Herb's face as he came down.

 Herb snorted as he shook the blow off and returned the strike with a
kick. Ranma backed out of range before it connected and vanished again.
"He's trying to whittle away my power." Thought Herb as he realized the
boy's plan. A dark smile formed on his lips as he turned and looked at
the mountain. He raised his palms over his head and started to collect
energy. "Perhaps your friends would like to join us?"

 "No!" cried Ranma as he appeared between Herb and the mountain.

 "Well, how convenient. I can rid myself of you now, if you move, your
friends will die! Isn't that nice?"

 Ranma's eyes went wide as he realized what the man was saying. "Damn."
He glanced back over his shoulder at the mountain and then turned back
towards Herb again. "I've got no choice."


 "What's going on?" said Akane as she looked up at the sky in wonder. Two
bright lights had appeared where Ranma and Herb had once been fighting.
One blue, the other gold.

 "They seem to be about ready to finish this," said Ryoga calmly. 

 Akane froze in place, a look of horror on her face. "Oh no!"

 "What is it?" said Ryoga irritably.

 "Look at where Ranma is!"

 "What of it? I don..." Ryoga trailed off. "Damn, he's right between us
and that bastard!"

 "You think they know we're here?" said Akane nervously.

 "I know they do," growled Ryoga angrily. "Come on, we're leaving." He
pulled at her hand and forced her into the air.

 "Ranma won't know we're gone though!" gasped Akane.

 "It's too late to do anything about that now! It's sink or swim for him,
and I'm not willing to find out what happens to this mountain if he

 "I won't leave him!" snapped Akane as she pulled her hand away.

 "Damn you woman! He'd want you to leave, and there's nothing we can do
to help him right now!" snapped Ryoga as he grabbed her again and pulled
her away.


 "Well, what are you going to do? Die, or save your pathetic friends?"
said Herb as the last of the energy began to form in his hands. 

 "I won't lose!" cried Ranma as the blue light became completely focused
in his hands. "I won't let you hurt them!"

 "So stop me! Super Spirit of the Dragon's Horn!" snarled Herb as he
thrust his hands forward. A blast ten times larger than the one he had
used earlier shot forward towards Ranma and the mountain.

 "Akane!" gasped Ranma fearfully as he thrust his hands forward.

 There was a bright light and everyone for miles around would swear there
were two suns in the sky that day.


 "Saotome!" gasped Soun in shock.

 "Come on son! You can do this!" said Goku as he stood up and looked at
the light on the horizon. 


 "It is over," said Cologne as she hung her head.

 "Wow! Great!" said Mint happily.

 "I knew Lord Herb could do it!" agreed Lime.


 Tofu sighed as his strange dream continued to play out despite repeated
attempts to wake himself up. His hand was completely red from numerous
attempts at pinching himself awake. 

 "Great, now we've been bombed by the Americans again," he said with a
sigh as he looked up at the light in the sky. "This just keeps getting

 "Oh, Hello Dr!" said a familiar voice from behind him.

 "Oh, hi Kasumi," said the man calmly.

 "Oh my! Are you feeling all right?" she said sweetly as she moved over
to his side. She had a bag of groceries in her arm. Tofu noted that they
were mostly phallic vegetables, like cucumbers and carrots.

 "I'm fine, I'm just having a really weird dream is all," said the man
with a small sigh.

 "Oh, that's nice!" said the girl cheerfully. She was almost worried he
wouldn't do something silly for a moment.

 "Say, Kasumi?" 

 "Yes, Doctor?"

 "Since I'm dreaming anyway, would you like to go out tomorrow night? You
know, on a date?"

 Kasumi froze in place and blushed. "I-I'd like that very much."

 "Great, see ya," said the man as he continued his lazy stroll down the

 Kasumi watched him go in silent wonder for a long moment and then smiled
before continuing to go about her way, if a little lighter in step.


 Herb watched as the beam collided with his blast. The explosion of light
was quite spectacular indeed, the only problem was, and it wasn't getting
any dimmer. "What?" he said in shock as he realized something. 

 Over the resounding boom of the explosion, Ranma Saotome was still
screaming. The spike of power mere inches away from his palms. His
clothes were slowly being burned away as he pushed with all his might at
the energy blast.

 "HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" His muscles strained to their limits as he pulled more
and more power into his wave. 

 "It's not possible!" roared Herb as he looked on in horror. 

 "More!" grunted Ranma as he pushed harder, strain evident on every part
of his body. "I gotta give it more!"

 "You fool! You can't fight it!" snarled Herb as he pushed his hands up,
and attempted to mentally shove the spike forward.

 "I won't lose!" screamed Ranma as he finally managed to put everything
he had into the blast. Every last ounce of power that was in his body
shot from his hands at once. The spike slowly began to back away.

 "Nooo!" roared Herb as he still attempted to regain control. It was too
late though. The energy spike slowly moved back, and finally exploded,
engulfing the dragon man in the blast.

 "I did it!" said Ranma as he passed out and fell too the ground.


 "Wake up," said Akane as she looked down at her fiancee for a long time.
"Please wake up."

 Ranma slowly opened his eyes and chuckled for a moment. "Hey," he
managed barely.

 "Oh thank you!" cried Akane as she threw her arms around his neck and
cried into his bare chest. He was back to normal now, and looked like a
normal sixteen-year-old boy once again.

 "Herb?" muttered Ranma as he attempted to sit up.

 "Over there," said Ryoga as he pointed towards the now detransformed
Herb. He was lying on his back in the middle of a crater. It was obvious
he was in worse shape than Ranma. 

 "Hey, you still alive?" said Ranma with a small laugh.

 Herb groaned painfully as he realized that the comment was directed at
him. "I am defeated?" he whispered.

 "Yeah, sorry," said Ranma as he forced himself onto his elbows for a
moment. Akane quickly rested his head across her lap as she glared at the
dragon man angrily.

 "I see," muttered Herb.

 "Give me two years," said Ranma. "I can bring back the springs in two

 "Two years?" said Herb in confusion.

 "The dragonballs can bring back the springs. No problem," said Ranma
with a small chuckle.

 "I have heard of these balls, the summon Sheng Long, the great dragon
god?" said Herb quietly.

 "Yeah, but I can't use them to bring back the springs yet. I have
something else to do first, then you can have back your spring."

 Herb chuckled painfully to himself. "I see," he commented again.

 "That was a great fight, maybe next time we won't have to be enemies?"
said Ranma as he looked up at the sky for a moment.

 "Perhaps, perhaps not," grumbled Herb irritably. "We shall see what fate
brings us."

 "Come on! We've got to get you to the doctor!" cried Akane as she lifted
her fiancee up in her arms.

"Ryoga, do you think you can carry him back?" said Ranma as he stopped
her from taking off just yet.

 The boy looked down at the fallen man for a moment and merely nodded.

 "Great, grab onto Akane's leg so you don't get lost," said Ranma just
before he passed out.


 "So, this dragon man got into a fight with Ranma, and lost?" said Tofu
with his eyebrow arched slightly.

 "Um, yeah," muttered Akane in embarrassment she still had her fiancee in
her grip.

 Ryoga rolled his eyes and put Herb into one of the chairs in the waiting

 "Okay, just put them on the examination tables, and I'll see what I can
do," said the doctor with a heavy sigh.

 "No more late night Ramen," muttered Tofu as the girl did as she was


 Cologne was speechless. "Both powers have been drained completely?" she
muttered in horror. "Could it be they destroyed one another? No, it isn't
possible for the son in law to be that strong!"

 "What?" said Lime and Mint in unison.

 "This cannot be!" said Cologne as she hopped outside the restaurant and
looked up at the sky. "I let him slip through my fingers! I shall never
forgive myself, especially if he was strong enough to take the Lord of
the Musk with him!"

 Lime and Mint were both standing in the doorway, their jaws hanging

 "Lord Herb is gone?" said Mint.

 "So? Now what?" muttered Lime.

 "We've got to find him!" said Mint.

 "Yes child, we should," agreed Cologne. She started to hop in the
direction of the battle.



 Next time: Dream Date?
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