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I just finished a large rewrite of the first chapter. It's a lot longer and I've 
tried to explain a few more things. I'd aprisiate any and all help with this.

My [small] website is at:
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A pair of Saotomes:

     He awoke suddenly, someone was with him. He looked around
and saw Genma was gone. Sitting up, Ranma saw someone in the
chair by the desk. The room was dark so Ranma couldn't make out
the person.
     "Good evening Ranma." The person stated with a male voice.
     "Who are you?" Ranma asked
     "That is not important, I'm here to give you something."
     "If it's a challenge, you can.."
     "It's not a challenge," the man interrupted, "It's a gift,
of sorts."
     "A gift? 'of sorts?'" Ranma was confused, "What the hell are
you talking about?"
     "You did something for me, I owe you. This will pay you back
for your favor."
     "I didn't do anything for you, I don't even know who you
     The man chuckled a little, "Really, you haven't done
anything have you? What about Saffron."
     Ranma shuddered, he did not want to remember that. He killed
in cold blood that day, his darkest hour. "What does that have to
do with anything."
     "Well, before you beat some sense into him, he was trying to
take control of the council."
     "The council?"
     "A group of 'gifted' individuals that controls a majority of
the magical and technological power in the world. They mainly
monitor this paradigm and keep the random disaster from
destroying us all."
     "Paradigm? What the hell is that."
     "It's just a term we use to describe this reality."
     "Oh." Ranma said, with a little glaze in his eyes. "Right,
paradigm." Ranma was still munching on this little tid bit. Of
course his brain muscle couldn't handle the strain and he just
decided it was best not think about it.
     "You still with me?"
     Ranma blinked his eye and shook his head to clear it. "Yeah,
I think."
     "Anyway, Saffron tried to take control. He almost did. When
you killed him we took back control."
     "But Saffron lives." Ranma looked down. 
     "Even though Saffron lives, the situation has changed. He is
still in his younger stage and easier to control. He no longer
lives for conquest, he just act like a child. The time it takes
him to mature into a teen, out influence and teachings will
change how he will behave. It has been decided to let him have
fun and just live, without the constrictions his other childhood
     "So what did I do?"
     "You gave us a chance to put right a wrong done to him by
the council. Hopefully he won't try to kill all of us."     
     "Okay that's fine and dandy, but what's with 'the gift'?"
     "I can cure you of your curse. The Kami's have allowed for
me to do it."
     "Really!?" Ranma jumped to his feet thinking, {Finally, I
can be rid of my girl side.}
     "But, it's not the cure your thinking of."
     Ranma stopped his victory dance and looked at him {Not
again!!} "What do you mean by that?"
     "You will be split in two, a male and female Ranma. Your
earlier memories will stay the same but you will not share
anything new. In essence you will have a new sister. One that is
16 and have been living your life and is now stuck a girl."
     "That doesn't sound like a good idea, my other side will
still think it's a guy."
     "That's why it has to be your choice."
     {A cure! Finally, I can be rid of that body, but is it worth
it? Forcing a guy to be a girl for the rest of his, I mean her
life? I can't do that to someone. I don't want to put another
person through that hell.}
     "Need help?"
     Ranma looked up, "Huh?"
     "I said, need help?" The man asked again.
     "I just can't force any guy, even a copy of me, to be stuck
as a girl."
     "Ah, you really are different. Always thinking of others,
trying to do the 'right' thing all the time. I'm amazed your
still like that."
     "What do you mean by that?"
     "Don't get me wrong, your view is valid, but just think
about it. Ryoga, Mu tsu, Xian pu, and even your father would do
anything to cure themselves. You hesitate, wondering if it is the
right thing to do, not wanting to put another person 'through
hell'. I believe that what Ryoga keeps blaming you of."
     "Well, that what I am. Besides, Ryoga's an idiot."
     "Yes, he does lack quite a bit of brains. Brains? Wait a
second, [pause] Of course!" The man exclaimed, jumping up.
     "I can't believe I didn't see it!" he yelled.
     "What are you talking about?"
     The man turned and exclaimed, "A mind block!"
     "A what?" 
     "I can block your copies memories and we can restore them
when she's accepted that she's a girl."
     "Wouldn't she lose everything else?"
     "Well, I could block just the memories and try and let her
keep her knowledge of everything."
     "Like the art and her family."
     "Exactly, we'll set it up so that, to her, you're her
brother, and that you are going to fulfill your Father's
     "What are you.." Ranma asked before he got it. "I am not
marrying that tomboy!"
     "I'm not saying you are. It's not my problem."
     "Good." Ranma crossed his arms across his chest.
     "So are you going to accept my gift?"
     "I don't know!" Ranma snapped.
     "How about we ask your mother for help."
     {I'll need help to pull this off.} Ranma looked up "Sure."

An Anime Junky Confederation production:
                           A Pair of Saotomes
                              By:Dev Hunt 

     One scene change latter and both Ranma and the man stood
outside Nodoka's room. Ranma looked in and saw his parents
sleeping away the night.
     "Before you ask, Genma won't wake up unless you want him
to." The man stated.
     Ranma pulled his head back into the hall. "How'd ya know?"
     "I'm really good at seeing the obvious."
     After a short pause, the man asked, "Are you going in?"
     Ranma glared at the man before turning and creeping past the
     "I'll be waiting out here." The man said, a little bit
louder than nessasary.
     Ranma crept up to the bed and gently nudged Nodoka. "Mom,"
He softly spoke, "I need to talk to you." He nudged her again.
"Come on mom, this is important."
     Necessary slowly opened her eyes, "What is it Ranma?"
     "We need to talk."
     Nodoka sat up and moved over, "Sit down Ranma." Ranma sat on
the offered spot, "Now what do you need at this time of night?"
     "I have a cure for my curse."
     Nodoka sat there for a moment, "Go on."
     "I'm not sure how, but the cure will create a female me."
     "You mean a copy?" Nodoka asked
     "Yea, something like that."
     "So what's the problem?"
     "It won't have any memories. I don't want to put a guy
through that. We'll just have to change the copy into a girl,
both mind and body."
     "So you need my help?"
     "Yea... and a plan. I can't think of one."
     Nodoka looked at her son. {He really is a manly man, always
looking after others, even a copy of him. Now if only he could
give me some grandchildren.} "How about we wait a day. Your out
of school for two more weeks, right?" Ranma nodded, "Good, we'll
go over back home and separate you there. Your copy will live
with me while I help her construct her personality. We'll just
say she was hurt training and is suffering from amnesia."
     Ranma thought this through, {This could work. Besides, I
could use a break from the craziness of the Dojo. Two weeks in
Juuban should do the trick.} "All right, that sounds good." Ranma
said standing up. "Thanks mom."
     "You're welcome son." Nodoka gave Ranma a hug and kiss
goodnight. "Now go to bed, we'll go to my house tomorrow."
     Ranma walked to the door "Goodnight mom."
     "Goodnight son." Nodoka laid back down.
     Ranma left and Nodoka went back to sleep. Ranma turned to
the man, "We'll do it tomorrow, at mom's house."
     "Very well, I will meet with you tomorrow."
     "By the way, what's your name?"
     "Arram Verali, I'm not from around here." Arram stepped into
the shadows and disappeared.
     Ranma walked back to his room, thinking. {One day till I'm
cured. [pause] Finally free.} He smiled at this, {No more curse,
no more fear of cold water, and best of all I won't get hit on by
boys.} He silently walked up the stairs, and passed Akane's room.
{Akane, she'll finally be engaged to a 'whole' man. Not some sex
changing pervert.} Ranma stopped when his mind finally hit
something. {Should I tell Akane what I'm doing, or should I just
     The unused part of Ranma's brain, the part called 'better
judgment', started firing. Slow at first and then more quickly
as it got the hang of what it's doing. It got the support of
Ranma's self preservation, honor, and that far away part we like
to call love interest. They all proceeded to gang up on Ranma's
judgment center and forced the idea down it's throat.
     This took place in a few seconds of real time before Ranma
decide. {I should tell her, but when?}
     Unfortunately, Ranma's better judgment got tired and decided
to take a break. This caused Ranma's mind to go blank. This
allowed Ranma's procrastination center to take control and give
Ranma an idea.
     {I'll tell her tomorrow.}
     After Ranma's procrastination center backed off, his mind
was finally register a message from the body.
     Ranma yawned.
     His mind got the message and then decided to go get some
rest. His motor functions kicked in and Ranma walked back to bed.
     He got under the covers and went to sleep.

The Next Day:

     Ranma woke up being thrown out the window. Any other person
would be angry, but this is Ranma. His father has waken him up
like this every day for the past year, so Ranma didn't mind.
Still, that didn't mean he would go easy on Genma.
     They fought in the usual vigor, with Genma eventually
landing in the koi pond just before breakfast was called. By the
time Genma returned to his human form, breakfast was half done.
he mumbled something about an insolent whelp before sitting down
beside his wife.
     After breakfast, Nodoka talked to Ranma while Kasumi cleaned
up, Nabiki left for a business meeting, and Soun and Genma played
shogi. Nodoka and Ranma formulated a plan for Ranma to leave
without anyone following him. Nodoka would get Ranma out of the
house to talk with Akane, Nodoka would leave on 'family
business', and Ranma would meet his mother in Juban. It was a
good plan.
     Akane was reading a magazine in the living room as Ranma sat
down nearby with a manga. He couldn't focus on the comic and
thought about how to talk to Akane.__I know, thinking is
dangerous to Ranma's health__. Still, he needed to talk to Akane.
He hasn't insulted her yet today so she should be in a good mood.
     He cleared his throat and decided to go for it. "Umm,
     Akane looked up from her magazine, "Yes Ranma."
     "Can I talk to you about something?"
     Akane was wondering what was bothering Ranma, he hasn't
insulted her today. Not that she wanted him to mind you, but
something was up. "What about?"
     "It's sorta private, I don't want pops to overhear." Ranma
said silently.
     Nodoka entered the room. "Exuse me Ranma, but I was
wondering if you could run an errand for me."
     {Good, everything is going according to plan.} Ranma thought.
"What is it?"
     "Kasumi needs a few things from the market. Here's a list
and some money." She pulled out a piece of paper with a few items
written on it and a envelope.
     Ranma stood up and took the list and envelope. "Sure thing
mom." He started to leave.
     "Why don't you take Akane with you." Nodoka said, "It's a
sunny day and she shouldn't be lazing around the house."
     "Sure thing mom," He turned to Akane, "Coming?" He asked as
he stretched out his hand.
     After a moment of thought, she took the offered hand. "Sure."
She stood and followed Ranma out. "Just don't try anything you
     Nodoka stood there watching them go with tears going down
her face. {My son is so manly. I'll have grandchildren to spoil
in no time.}

     After getting away from the house Akane asked. "So what did
you want to talk to me about?"
     "Akane, I don't know how to put this another way but," He
paused for a moment, collecting his courage, "I'm leaving here for
a little while. I have a few things to do but it's really
important to me."
     Akane's mind got to the 'I'm leaving' part before going into
shock. She didn't hear the rest. Part of her mind was screaming
to knock Ranma into his next life, but it as a small part. The
rest of her mind was thrown into turmoil. {Ranma leave? I...I
know we have some problems but he's just going to leave? I have
to make sure} "Yo..You...Your leaving?" Akane asked with tears
that would not stop.
     "Sorry Akane, but yea... I'm leaving."
     That almost threw Akane into a breakdown. She tried to stay
in control, she needed to know one thing. {I have to know if he
loves me before he leaves.} "Don't..[sniffle] you..[sob] love me?
[cry]" She was loosing it.
     {Love? Where did that come from, I'm only going to be gone
for a week or two.} "Akane, what.."
     "Answer the question." Akane cut him off, {He's not dodging
it this time. I'll know, even if it kills me.} "Please Ranma, I
have to know."
     Ranma thought for a second, before answering. He didn't
answer right away, but he tried to a few times. He finally got
was able to quietly say, "I don't know."
     That pissed Akane off, {He's tying to evade the question
again!} "What do you mean you don't know!" Akane practically
yelled, "You either love me or you don't!"
     Ranma was getting annoyed, here he was trying to be nice and
Akane was falling apart on him. He didn't understand what was
wrong with Akane. Unfortunately, he fell back into his 'arguing
mode'. "What I mean I don't know, I mean I DON'T KNOW!"
     "How can you not know? Don't you know what love is?"
     "It just so happens that I DON'T you kawaikune!!"
     "I've been on the road most of my life! I was never anywhere
long enough to see what love was!"
     "What about when you got here?"
     "Come on Akane, even you can't be that dumb. The only people
I've seen in love are people who need therapy. Dr. Tofu, Mousse,
Senzenin, Kuno, Kodachi, those insane princes, random martial
artists that always fight me.."
     "Didn't that baka of a father ever tell you?"
     "The walking tub if lard? You have got to be kidding me
Akane. His life was eating, sleeping, and martial arts."
     "Why didn't you ever ask anyone?"
     "Who's to ask? Everyone around here is a loon! The only
people in love around here either want to marry me, kill me, or
turns into an idiot whenever their love is around. How am I
suppose to trust what they say."
     "I'm here, why don't you ask me?"
     "You? The only time you ever fell in love was with Dr. Tofu,
and even then it was only a childhood crush."
     "That's not true Ranma."
     "Really?" He asked, not believing her. "Then who is it?"
     Akane looked away from Ranma and didn't answer at once, she
wasn't sure if she should. He was leaving but she didn't want him
to go.
     A battle raged inside Akane's mind. One side wanted to tell
him (do), the other didn't(don't). Do attacked with a vicious
'You love him'. Don't killed the advance with a 'He's a jerk'
followed by a 'He doesn't deserve you'. Do pushed back with a
'he's cute'. Don't tried the daring 'He leads the other girls
on' charge, a fatal mistake. Do swept in from either side with
'You may not find someone else' and 'Ranma will leave if you do
not tell him'. These two forces slaughtered the Don't side and
won the battle.
     "You." She very quietly said. To quiet for Ranma to hear.
     "What was that Akane? I didn't hear you." 
     "I said," Akane turned her now tear streaked face to Ranma
and advanced on him, "that, I love," She was right in his face,
     "It's true Ranma, I..I..I love you." She fell to her knees
and started crying. "I don't want you to leave me."
     "Jeeze Akane," Ranma kneeled in front of Akane, "it's not
like I'll be gone forever."
     "(sniff) You..You won't?" Akane looked up, "You mean you'll
be back?"
     Ranma started wiping away the tears from her face. "Of
course I will. I'll only be gone two weeks."
     "Yes, Really." Ranma stood up, "Come on Akane, let's go do
that errand." He reached out his hand for Akane to take.
     Akane took the hand and stood up, and the pair walked off


     Ranma and Akane have gone to the market and has gotten the
things Kasumi needed. The each have a plastic bag and are walking
     Akane has been wondering why Ranma was leaving. She knew he
was coming back, but what is he going to do? She wanted a chance
to ask but there hasn't been any, until now. {It's either now,
or never.} she told herself. "Ranma," she started, "Why are you
     Ranma looked over to Akane, "I can't tell you right now."
     "Why Ranma?"
     "Someone might overhear us, I don't want this to spread
around." He suddenly grabbed Akane and pulled her into an ally.
He covered Akane's mouth before she could yell at him. "Whisper
Akane." He commanded.
     "You pervert," Akane whispered annoyed. "I told you not to
try anything."
     "If you want to know what's going on, you have to calm
down." Ranma whispered back.
     Akane willed herself to behave, she wanted to know what was
going on. She just stood there as he whispered into her ear.
     "I'm going to cure my curse."
     Akane wiped her head around to face Ranma. "Really? You
found a c.."
     "Shhhh, you don't know if anyone's listening."
     "Where are you going?"
     "I can't tell you that." Seeing the angry look from Akane he
quickly added. "I don't want to be followed."
     "How are you going to leave?"
     "I'm just going to disappear. I'm planning to leave after
lunch. No leads, no clues. I haven't written any of this down and
don't worry, I have a few people that will tell me if anything
goes wrong here."
     "You just don't want Nabiki to sell the information."
     "Anything else I should know?"
     "Not really, I'm just need to get away from the craziness of
Nerima for a little while and this is my best chance to do it."
     "Okay." Akane moved out of the alley and continued walking
home. "Come on Ranma, Kasumi needs these groceries."
     Ranma went after her and amazingly, no one saw any of this.
It was like everyone decided to find a way around that peticular

Back at the Tendos:

     *ring* *ring*
     "I'll get it!" Kasumi called walking over to the phone. She
picked it up. "Hello?" She asked sweetly.
     "Hello, is a Nodoka Saotome there?" asked the person on the
other line.
     "Yes, I'll go get her." Kasumi placed the phone down and
went to tell Nodoka. She found her in the kitchen where she was
helping with lunch. "Nodoka, the phone is for you."
     "Thank you Kasumi dear. Could you please finish with the
sandwiches." She went to the phone and picked it up. 
     Kasumi finished cutting the sandwiches and was placing them
on the tray when Nodoka came back in. Nodoka took of her apron.
"That was a friend of mine. He's the President of a company my
family owns. A few problem have come up and I'll be gone for a
week or two. I hope that's no problem for you."
     "Don't worry Auntie, I'll be fine. Will you be able to stay
for lunch?"
     "No, I really must be there as soon as possible. Don't
worry, if anything important happens I'll call you." Nodoka went
and got the family sword and her coat. "When Ranma gets home 
tell him not to worry, Goodbye Kasumi."
     "Goodbye Auntie." Kasumi went back in and finished lunch.
About 10 minutes latter, Ranma and Akane returned. She told them
that Nodoka had to rush off and not to worry about her.
     Lunch was soon served and eaten. Genma and Soun went onto
the porch to play a game of shogi, Kasumi and Akane cleaned up,
and Ranma went out to the Dojo.
     When Akane was done, she went out to the Dojo to see if
Ranma was still around. She wasn't really surprised to find it
empty. She was surprised that there was a note with her name on
it. She picked it up and went up to her room.

The note said:
Dear Akane,
     I love you too and I'll be back, I promise.
          Love- Ranma.

     "Oh Ranma, Come back to me soon." Akane said with teary

In Juban:

     Ranma was walking along a sidewalk. He was only a few blocks
away from his mothers place and he knew no one was following him.
He knew he would be at his mothers place soon.
     That was when a silly looking Yoma raced by, laughing at the
top of it's lungs. "Ha ha ha, come and get me you sailor-wimps!!"
The strange thing about this was the fact that running after the
Yoma was five young girls in sailor suits with very short skirts.
     "Come back here you evil creature!" One of them yelled as
they sped past Ranma, down the street.
     Ranma watched as chase continued down the street and around
the corner, out of sight. "Well I'll be." Ranma said to himself,
"A Yoma in the middle of Tokyo, I don't think things could get
any stranger."
     Just as the words left his mouth, a young couple walked by
in the opposite direction. It was a cute schoolgirl dragging
somesort of were-beast behind her. "Don't worry dear, the doctor
is going to tell us if I'm pregnant." The were-beast looking
depressed, became even more depressed. 
     "Then, after all of that," The girl said cutely, "I'll
introduce you to my parents! Now, won't that be fun?" The beast
suddenly winced and had the classic 'oh shit' look.
     Ranma watched as they turned around a corner. "I guess I was
wrong." He shrugged and continued on his way to his mothers house.

     When he reached his mother's he knocked on the door and was
greeted by Nodoka. He went in and was shown his room. It was
small, with a western style bed, a medium size closet, a dresser,
and a desk. The room was relatively bare of anything personal.
Before Ranma could ask, the doorbell rang.
     At the door, was a man in a black robe and cape. His name
was Arram, the mage that was going to 'cure' Ranma. He was
welcomed in and they all sat down around the living room table
with some tea.
     "So are you ready?" Arram asked.
     "I noticed that we don't have anything for my 'sister'."
Ranma pointed out. "I just noticed that 'her' room is completely
empty, she's going to need some clothes won't she?"
     "I have thought of that." Arram replied, "The plan is, we're
going to go shopping for her. I will age the clothes so they
don't seem new, and get used accessories. That will make it seem
that she does have a life."
     "But no one will know her around here."
     "Then we'll just have to say she's just got back from a long
trip. Like an exchange program, or something." Nodoka suggested.
     "How about we take care of one thing at a time. First, we're
going to need to go get a few things." Arram then splashed Ranma
with a nearby glass of water. "You'll be our model Ranma."
     "Great," Ranma grumbled, "It looks like we're going on a.."
     "SHOPING SPREE!" Nodoka exclaimed. "It'll be just like old
times, won't it Ranma?"
     The only response was Ranma with his face in his hands and a
long groan.

A long while latter:

     Ranma was sitting at the table waiting for dinner. She was
in a cute green skirt with a nice blue blouse. She had a few
rings on her fingers and a small gold chain around her neck. She
just spent the entire day shopping for her 'sister'. 5 hours of
trying on an endless supply of skirts, blouses, shirts, pants,
dresses, and even (shudder) underwear.
     Arram disappeared during this time and when he returned. He
had a bag of souvenirs from America, China, and Australia. A pair
of well used suitcases appeared, thanks again to Arram and
everything was packed into them. They then stopped while Nodoka
made dinner. Arram and Ranma discussed plans.
     After Dinner, they would unpack some of the things from the
suitcase. Ranma chose then to get back into his regular clothes. 
It was decided that Ranko would be a good name for Ranma's new 
     After dinner was done, Ranma and Nodoka went to work in
Ranko's new room. Arram said he would be back in an hour, he had
a few loose ends to tie up. After Ranko's room was done, mother
and son went down to the living room. Ranma decided to fill
Nodoka in on the plans for Ranko, and he told her about his life.
She only knew bits and pieces of Ranma's childhood and she wanted
to hear more.
     In the middle of the story of how Ranma was engaged for a
fish, a bowl of rice, and two pickles, Arram returned.
     "So is everything set?" Ranma asked.
     "Almost." Arram took out a large evelope. "I had to get
these." He opened it and placed the contents on the table. They
were photos of Ranko. Many were of her in other countries, and
most looked old. It was baby pictures.
     Ranma looked at one of himself and Ranko wresting when they
were 4. "How did you get these?" Ranma asked, looking at one when
Nodoka had both Ranma and Ranko in her arms.
     "It took some doing, and a lot of magic." He pointed out a
few legal documents. "Here's a birth certificate, passport, and
all the documents of her exchange program."
     Nodoka flipped through them. "This all looks very real."
     "It is. I had to do a little dimensional travel but I got
them. This will help, believe me."
     Ranma looked at a few more pictures before asking, "So when
are we going to split the curse?"
     "It'll take about a half hour to prepare, do you want to get
started?" Arram pointed to the pictures, "You can look at these
while I get started."
     For the next hour, Ranma and Nodoka looked through pictures.
There was a notebook that gave details to the pictures. Ranko
grew up with Nodoka until she was 10. Then, she started learning
abroad. She joined a bunch of student exchange programs. She spent 2
years in Australia and 4 in America. Ranko just returned to Japan
to finish her education. She had a year of High school to prepare
her for collage, then she would go Collage.
     By the time they went through all the photos, Arram was done
with his preparations. He has drawn a diagram on the ground in
the back yard. The diagram was a pentagram inside a circle. It
had a few strange runes and was glowing blue. A small fire was
just outside the circle.
     "You ready Ranma?"
     Ranma nodded and was led into the circle. He stood with his
back to the center and his feet on two of the five points. He was
a little nervous standing in a glowing circle, but this will rid
him of his curse.
     "Do the spell, I'm ready."
     Arram took a purplish leaf of some plant and threw it onto
the small fire. It ignited into a black flame and continued to
burn. He then started to chant in a strange language.
     As he spoke, a column of blue energy exploded upwards. It
went up ten feet before stopping. The now pillar of light grew
brighter when Arram started another verse. Ranma faded from view
as the energies increased. When Arram said the last word, a disc
of green energy appeared above the pillar. It lowered, absorbing
the energy.
     When it lowered enough, it revealed Ranma standing back to
back with his girl side. The disc reached the circle and
disappeared, along with the circle and the fire.
     Now, where once was one, now stood two. One guy, one girl,
both the same yet different. A pair of Saotomes.

End of Chapter 1