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Hey, this is just another story I've started recently. Unlike most of my
other idea, I'm actually continuing this now... just very slowly.  ^_^
Please send me sme C&C to help with it, since all I have written at the
moment is this prologue and chapter 1 (which will be posted soon).

Disclaimer time: Rumiko Takahashi, Shogagukan, Kitty and Viz Communications
own Ranma 1/2. Kosuke Fujishima, Dark Horse Comics and Studio Proteus own
Oh! My Goddess (Ah! Megami-sama).

I'm not using pre-readers for this one, but I'd like to thank the guys at
the Delphi FanFic Forum for their help; especially Rakhal and Lufio. And
Rak? Your index kicks ass!  ^_^


The Belle-ken


"Hello, Ranma."

"H-Hiya, Bell! Nice weather we're having, right?" the pigtailed god asked,
laughing nervously.

"Oh, Ranma, you're so silly!" Belldandy, goddess first class, said with a
smile. "The weather is always the same around here!"

"You'd like some tea? Coming right up!" Ranma announced obliviously, walking
towards his kitchen, only to bump into a plant. "Oh, did I hit you,
Belldandy? I'm sorry."

Ranma then proceeded to pick the plant that he'd knocked down accidentally
from the floor.

"Belldandy? Are you on a diet? You look so thin..."

Giggling at the pigtailed god's antics, the Norn of the Present sat on the
couch in his living room, waiting for Ranma to come to his senses...


"Man, it happened again, didn't it?" Ranma asked sadly, slipping listlessly
down the wall he'd been leaning on, and landing on the floor.

"Everything would've been alright if you'd just taken the potion I gave you
earlier!" Urd replied, scowling at him. 'Honestly! To go to pieces around
her every time like that...'

"I did take the blasted potion!" Ranma yelled, before letting his face drop
into his hands. "It didn't help. Nothing ever helps. Bell thinks I'm a

Sighing, Urd rose from the couch she'd been lying on, and walked over to the
pigtailed god, patting him on the shoulder.

"You're wrong, Ranma. Belldandy likes you very much..."

"As a friend, right?"

When Urd failed to reply, Ranma sighed deeply.

"Just as a friend."

"If you want to be something more, you have to let her know that," Urd
admonished him.

"Gee, thanks for reminding me," Ranma replied bitterly.

"I'm sorry, Ranma. You know I'd like to help you...  I've tried my best, but
it doesn't seem enough. Maybe Skuld..."

"Nah, I don't want to bother the kid with this. Besides, I'm pretty sure she
hates me."

Crossing her fingers behind her back, the self-proclaimed Goddess of Love
said, "No she doesn't, Ranma."

He merely smirked in response.

"You'll get probation again for lying like that, you know?"

The Norn of the Past matched his smirk, raising Ranma's head with one hand
until his eyes met hers.

"It'd be worth it to cheer you up again."

"Aww, you're just a big softie at heart," Ranma cooed, eliciting a chuckle
from the bronze-skinned goddess.

"Tell anyone about this and I'll call the vengeance of Heavens upon you!"
she mock threatened, tugging on his pigtail.

Tickling her suddenly, Ranma caused Urd to release his pigtail as she fell
on the floor laughing. Rising and offering her a helping hand, Ranma's mind
was set. Not all was lost, and he'd have another chance to win Belldandy's


"Hello, you've reached the Goddess Help Line. Please wait patiently and

Keiichi muttered an apology for dialing the wrong number, and put the
telephone's handle back, hoping that the call wouldn't cost him any money.
It sure sounded like a psychic hotline, and they usually charged a bundle
per minute. He was going to try dialing another number, when a voice greeted

It took Keiichi a couple of seconds to realize that the voice came from
behind him, and even less than that to bolt to the other side of the room in
panic, once he saw that it belonged to a beautiful young woman that was
coming out of a mirror.

"Excuse me," the brown-haired woman said politely. "May I enter your room?"

Keiichi remained in shock for most of the consultation with the goddess -
Belldandy, as she called herself. Had he been thinking clearly, he might've
avoided making a very fateful wish that bound the visiting goddess to become
his girlfriend.

When Keiichi was thrown out of the dorms with most of his meager belongings,
he silently wished that he could've thought a bit before speaking...

Keiichi's wish was mirrored by another; a god, to be exact. A very furious
and jealous god, who was barely restrained from going down to Earth and
strangling the life out of the short, but kind, mortal. Thor and a couple of
lesser gods were severely thrashed in the brawl before the raven-haired God
of Time and Patron of Orchids was stopped.

Subsequently, the pigtailed god was restricted to Asgard except during
official capacity. In other words, Ranma couldn't go down to Earth and beat
up the poor sap that made one unfortunate wish before thinking. The only
other person that he could blame was Kami-sama, but no one was crazy enough
to openly defy him.

This solution, albeit temporarily, was considered acceptable to most deities
involved... except one. When Ranma was finally able to reign in his temper,
he realized that the edict also prevented him from seeing Her.


"C'mon, Peorth! Please?"

"No, and that is final, Ranma," the goddess said coldly, trying her best to
ignore him.

Getting down on his knees, Ranma grabbed her hands and looked up into her
eyes, appearing as miserable as he could.

"Please, big sister. I won't get in trouble, I promise! All I want to do..."

"Is see Belldandy, right?" Peorth said tiredly, sighing. Despite outwardly
projecting calmness and control, her mind was in a turmoil. She knew how it
was to be in love, and how difficult it must've been on her brother to be
kept away from the kind-natured Norn, but what he was asking went against
the rules.

"I'm sorry, little brother, but..." she started saying, her voice wavering

"I won't take no for an answer," Ranma flatly said, cutting her off.
Standing up, he directed a listless gaze at the Goddess of Moments. "Peorth,
without Belldandy my life has no purpose. I didn't want to put you in this
position, and so I tried to call in any favors I had in this place. You are
my last stop."

Cupping her left cheek in his hand, he added softly, "To see her again, if
only for a passing moment..." Ranma closed his eyes. "For that, I'll do
anything that you ask of me. Please, don't let me down, sister."

Peorth's defenses crumbled, and she sighed in defeat.

"Very well, Ranma. I'll let you fill in at my Goddess Relief Office." Seeing
the ecstatic look on his face, she added quickly. "There are a few things
you will have to do."


"Fistly, this is a _Goddess_ Relief Office, Ranma. You'll have to receive a
secondary - female - form for the duration of the interview, until the
moment the wish had been fulfilled. The system simply won't accept you as a
temp otherwise."

"You mean I'll be shifting from my real form to a female one and back until
I return here?" Ranma asked to clear things up for him.

"I suppose," Peorth replied, before smirking. "It appears you'll have to
embrace your inner self after all, Ranma."

The pigtailed god groaned, and tried his best to ignore his sister's

"All right, this isn't a problem. What next?"

"Don't alienate the mortal you're assigned to. Remember, satisfied clients
are our motto!"

"Whatever; not a problem. Next?"

"You'll be recalled five minutes after the wish had been granted," Peorth
said, locking her eyes with Ranma's own. "You know where that temple is
located. Teleport there, say hi, and report back here. Don't even think
about doing something to the mortal."

"Don't worry, sis. I won't hurt anyone. It's just, that when I first heard
the news, I..."

"You don't have to explain, Ranma. I'd say 'been there, done that', but that
expression seems hollow here."

Ranma nodded mutely, lowering his eyes to the ground.

"Hey, cheer up, little brother! After all, you're going to see Belldandy."


The teenage girl with the long, raven hair, threw the phone on the ground in
frustration. It had to be the fiftieth number she'd dialed... and the
fiftieth wrong number that she'd gotten. Was she under some curse?!

"Hello," a soft voice greeted from behind her. "My name is..."

The visitor's name remained a mystery, as the remains of the phone were
hurtled at him at incredible speed, impacting on a translucent barrier a few
centimeters away from his body. The girl ignored that, as she picked up a
heavy barbell, preparing to throw it at the peeping tom... and found herself
sitting on a couch in the living room. The stranger was sitting on the
ground opposite of her, smiling slightly, albeit the smile appeared to be
forced. The giant barbell was nowhere in sight.

"What did you do to me, you... you... Pervert!" the girl accused, jumping to
her feet and raising the living room table above her head.

Blinking, she found herself seated on the couch yet again, the table
standing in the corner of the room.

"Umm, could you let me introduce myself before you try to cave my head in?"
the stranger asked, straining to keep the smile on his face. Not waiting for
an answer, he continued, "My name is Ranma, God First Class, First Category,

He concluded the introduction by handing his speechless client a business

"Akane Tendo, you have been deemed worthy of a wish. Your gentle nature..."
Ranma coughed a few times, thinking that it was perhaps one of those inner
things Belldandy always used to talk about. "Anyway, your good traits made
you eligible for receiving a wish, and I'm here to grant it."

"Why me?" Akane asked, still in shock.

"You were the closest... err, I mean, the best candidate out of those I
could choose from. Yeah, that's it!"

Ranma hated lying, but keeping the client happy and satisfied was one of the
requirements, after all. He promised his sister that he'd follow all of them
to the letter.

"Alright," the girl said dubiously, getting back to her senses. Something
wasn't right here. How could she know he wasn't a pervert? Even if he really
was a god, who was to say that gods weren't perverted? After all, didn't
they all sleep with their parents, and...

"Umm, no," Ranma replied, blushing. "I think you need to lay off the
mythology a bit. It's a collection of legends, nothing more."

"You read my mind!" Akane accused, her temper flaring. "You pervert!"

A girl's private thoughts were sacred, and he'd just entered her head
without her permission! He was obviously a pervert, and of the worst kind!
Ignoring the god's pathetic explanation attempts, she jumped off the couch,
picking it up and shouting, "I wish your biggest nightmare happened to you!"

Ranma was preparing to momentarily stop time again and seat the girl back on
the couch before she attacked him, feeling immensely grateful that he didn't
have to spend his entire life with her, when his danger sense flared up.
Hearing the wish, he tried to freeze time before it was too late, but the
Yggdrasil overrode his powers, letting the wish be worded.

The symbols on Ranma's face flared, and his body rose from the ground,
sending an immense beam of pure light to the Heavens. When the light show
and the mini hurricane accompanying the wish-granting process ended, the
pigtailed god's body crumpled to the floor in a heap.

The couch hit him a split second later.


"Owie," Ranma moaned, opening his eyes. He was lying on the ground, with a
blanket covering most of his body.

Blinking a few times, Ranma tried to sit up, only to fall back with a groan.
He hurt all over, almost as if someone had thoroughly beat him up while he'd
been unconscious.

That's right, he was unconscious!

And that was because he'd been knocked out before he could recover from the
massive drain that resulted from granting that wish...

That wish...

"Oh no!" Ranma shouted, bolting upright. Ignoring the pain, he looked around
for a phone, and finally made a cellular one appear when he couldn't spot
any in the room. Hurriedly pressing one of the numbers on the speed dial,
Ranma waited impatiently while his call was being processed by the system.

"Peorth!" he all but shouted, when the call finally got through.

"Sorry, Ranma, but she's not here at the moment," a familiar voice answered

"Urd? What are you doing there?" the pigtailed god asked confusedly.

"Umm... I don't know how to put this, Ranma... but your sister has been
temporarily relocated. If you ask me, that whole punishment thing is

"Peorth... punished? What are you talking about?"

Urd sighed, before answering, "You've been out of it for a while, huh? Your
wish had been processed and accepted by the system. And since you didn't try
to contest it within the first twenty-four hours, it became permanent."

"I've been out a whole day?!" Ranma yelled into the phone.

"I'm afraid that is true," a young woman answered his question.

Slowly turning around to face the source of the voice, Ranma told Urd that
he'd call her later.

"Excuse me, but who are you?" he asked, biting on his lower lip. That

"My name is Kasumi Tendo. I believe you've already met my younger sister,
Akane," the brown-haired woman said apologetically.

Ranma involuntarily winced, recalling his unsuccessful interview.

"I'm sorry for her actions," Kasumi said quickly, seeing his expression.
"Please forgive Akane. She's been having very bad luck at school...
especially with boys."

"So? How does this apply here?" Ranma asked confusedly. "I'm a god!"

"Modest, aren't you?" a short-haired girl quipped, walking over to him. "You
sure look like one, though."

"That's because I am one," Ranma replied, handing her a business card. "Read
it and check for yourself if you want to, Nabiki Tendo."

"So, you know my name," she commented, raising an eyebrow.

"It was in the file," Ranma said off-handedly. "Akane Tendo is supposed to
live with her father and her two sisters, and since I've already met Kasumi,

Nabiki shrugged nonchalantly.

"So, you're a god. Can you prove it?"

Ranma shrugged as well, producing an orchid out of thin air and making it
float over to the eldest Tendo sister.

"Would you like one as well, Nabiki?"

"I didn't realize we were on first name basis already," the middle Tendo
daughter said amusedly, looking down at the business card in her hands. "You
sure work fast... Ranma."

"I don't believe in formalities," Ranma deadpanned, standing up. "Besides,
we'll be spending a lot of time together from now on."

"Oh, really? And why is that?" Kasumi asked, smiling sweetly.

Closing his eyes for a moment to clear his mind from the fog that threatened
to cover it, Ranma explained with a sigh, "You see, Akane made a very
careless wish..."


Ranma lay on his futon in the guest room, thinking about the day's events.
Nabiki was skeptical, until he demonstrated his ability to stop time.
Whether it was what really convinced her, or when he went for broke and
triggered a transformation to his female self and grew beautiful, white
wings, he wasn't really sure. At least, once the two Tendo sisters regained
consciousness, they didn't question his origin or powers. And a thorough
explanation of the Ultimate Force and what going against it might do was
immediately followed by an invitation to use their guest room for as long as
he'd like.

All in all, things happened better than one might expect in a situation like

Once he was alone again, Ranma called Urd again and she filled him on what
he'd missed during the past day. Peorth's superiors didn't like that she
bent the rules for her brother, and she had to man the switchboard as
punishment. It was done mainly to humiliate her, but Ranma felt guilty
nonetheless for letting that happen to his sister.

Apparently, the wish had become permanent in the meanwhile. Urd suggested
that if he were to get Akane Tendo renounce the contract, there were certain
things that could be done. Between Skuld and a few deities that still owed
him favors, Ranma had a pretty good chance to get back to Asgard...

He chose to stay on Earth. Filing away the option Urd offered him, Ranma
made a conscious decision to accept his contract.

If he went back home, his previous limitations would apply on him again. And
this time, no one would risk their neck to help him visit the mortal world.
Not that those cowards helped him before, but the chances now were simply

At least, he could be near Belldandy now.

Both of them were bound to their contracts, but that didn't change the fact
that Ranma was now as close to her as he could possibly be, under the

He figured that Urd understood that, and decided not to press the issue.
Ranma mentally thanked her for that.

Turning over on his futon, Ranma tried to get some sleep, and tuned the
happy singing of the Tendo patriarch. Apparently, the man had misunderstood
him and now believed Ranma and Akane to be engaged.

Ranma sighed, magically blocking all outside noise and closing his eyes.
Despite everything that happened to him, it was still worth it.


End of Prologue.

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