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"Children of the night, Child of the day."
by DeepQuote <>
Disclaimer: Dracula and Ranma dont belong to me.
A What if? fanfic.
"Children of the night..... What beautiful music they make."
- Dracula
Prologue "An Invitation."

Is everything in life really that simple?
What about gray? Can something be evil, but do good?
Yin and Yang... Is there anything in-between?

Picture if you will a simply room without walls, and without future, and most importantly without light. In this room waits something special, something gray, and someone who wants very much to meet you. So please come in. Make yourself comfortable, and He will be here shortly.......
Out of the darkness, without a sound steps an immaculately dress man, standing in front of you with a white dress suit on. Cleanly pressed and without a mark on his person, he calmly steps toward you without a word. Dressed in a white sport coat with a black shirt, his legs walk toward you with the simplest of struts. His face is split into a warm smile as his mustache and goatee become evident in the light that has accompanied him to this dark room.

"Good Evening." He greets with a warm southern accent, his eyes twinkling with unused mischief.
"I am Deep Quote, and I am here to deliver an invitation to you. However, this invitation is unlike any you have ever been given before. It comes with a price,
And no I don't want your soul, but if you really want to sell that I could make a few calls. My proposition concerns a young Akane Tendo and the key to her heart, and her hatred. "
Flashing you a good natured smile he begins to pace the room, his eyes never leaving yours as he continues to make the offer.
"As many people have so politely pointed out that the heart of Ms. Tendo belongs to one Ranma Saotome. No matter what sordid adventures young Saotome is forced to endure. Whether he is a angel, or a cyborg, even a girl. He still belongs to Akane, as she belongs to him. This my dear friend is at the center of my invitation to you."
"I invite you down a path of unanswered questions, and questions better left that way, down a path of love, hate, light and dark, and where nothing is what it appears to be. Before I continue.. let me pose this question to you.
Can Akane Tendo face her greatest enemy, the thing which gave birth to her hate, and the man she loves all at one?"

"Now we all know young Akane dislikes boys and that her hatred started with she lost her mother. However, that is all we know. There are vague reference, there are various theories on Mrs. Tendo's death. None of which have been proven. We do know that Akane's hatred comes from that event, but what if her hate was for something tangible, something supernatural?"
Deep Quote's lips form a thin smile as he carefully watches your reaction.
"I invite you to view a world in which Akane Tendo was not the only Tendo to attract the attention of royalty. Mrs. Tendo did as well, unfortunately for her it was the prince of the undead, the son of the dragon, Dracula. Mrs. Tendo died as a result of being fed on by Dracula. Although, Dracula did however make one mistake, he did not detect Akane watching her mothers final hours."
"In the mists of time, Akane's rage has become more unfocussed, but when a deal with the devil himself, by one Genma Saotome comes to pass. Akane will have to face her past, her hatred, her enemy, and the man she loves. Still sticking with the same answer to my question? Do you want to know the answer? "

His glasses flashing in the rooms dim light, Deep Quote turns his back on you as he walk a few feet from you, and once again begins to speak.
"Interested are you? Good. However, this information does not come without a price. Simply put it will take some action on your part, before you are allowed to peruse this timeline. At the end of our meeting there will be a reply button before you. USE IT. You will only be allowed to peruse this time line if I get at least 30+ respones. However, I will allow for some difficulty, if you do not see that button before you simply contact me via your computer. 
I can be reached at

Only after I have a "captive" audience will I unleash the timeline.

"Has my words been in vain? Not convinced? Not interested. Fine.
Allow me to give you a small taste of things to come, in order to awake your bloodlust."

"Children of the Night, Child of Day"
Teaser...Songfic kinda sorta....
"Down with the sickness." Copyright Disturbed 2000
Black screen......
Fade in on night sky. A fast upbeat rock tune seems to surround you.

The full moon over Nerima, as we have an unobstructed view of the roof tops.
The silence is pierced as a voice on the edge of madness begins to speak to you.
<Can you Feel that?>
<Ah shit!"
Leaping from rooftop to rooftop, we search for our prey. Flying along the night sky like a gentle breeze beneath the pale moon. There he is. speediing up we find him standing still, on a Christian church, no less. The tall dark figure of a pigtailed man stands on the roof wordlessly watching the moon, not even bothering to acknowledge our presence. The blood red Chinese shirt along with the draw string pants offer little warmth on this cold night, as Ranma Saotome stands there motionlessly.
<oh! WaAA ah ah ah>
Upon closer inspection of Ranma, it is plan to see his battle aura tinged with a dark light flaring around him, as the power of the dark comes to him. A flash of dark power and our prey is gone.
<oh waaa ah ah ah>
Cold evil laughter fills the night sky seeming to mock us from every direction. Suddenly from the corner our eye we see him streaking toward some unknown point like the devil he is.
His rough voice fills the night air as we hear him scream towards the laughter.
"Come out and show yourself bat boy! I'll kill you for what ya done to me, and mostly for what ya did to Akane's momma! "
<Ugh Ugh>
<Ugh Ugh>
<Ugh Ugh>

Slowly we drift elsewhere, our motion now beyond our control. Inside, we are inside. It appears to be a traditional Japanese house. Wait! What was that. Spinning around, a beautiful young woman sits at the window before us. She too seems to be fascinated by the full moon tongiht. Clutched tightly at her chest, is a small black piglet. A look of pure pleasure upon its face.

<Drowning deep in my sea of lonely>

In a flash we are elsewhere, standing high above the Tendo training hall, as Ranma stands guard watching the distant horizon for... something or someone.
<Broken your servant I hear.>

Ba bump...Ba bump... a human heart beat... warmth blood, the smell of food.
a look of hunger crosses Ranma's face. Snarling, Ranma fights at his very nature, as the hunger unleashes it's talon inside of Ranma's soul. Stoically, he faces the hunger, the bloodlust swelling within him as every moment passes.
<Will you give into me?>
Longing begins to cross Ranma's face as he silently forces the bloodlust back. Blood tears stream down his pale face, all while he stares at the bedroom of Akane. With a soft rustle of wind, he is gone, running once again at inhuman speeds on the rooftops.
<It seems what is left of my human side is slowly changing me.>
<Will you give into me?>
Stopping his hurried pace, Ranma stands before a small pool of water, with a smirk beginning to peek out, he remembers landing there many a time, courtesy of Akane air. Shaking his head, he wonders *What I wouldn't give to have just one more day like that....*
From our vantage point, It is clearly seen that Ranma has no shadow....
<Looking at my reflection, when suddenly it changes..... Violently it changes!>
Noticing once again his lack of reflection, Ranma realizes that he will never have those carefree days again. Letting off a terrified scream of pain and anguish, the dark power once again heeds Ranma's call. Ranma's gray eyes glow with bloodred energy as he slowly begins to levitate off of the ground....
<Now there is no turning back, Now that you've woken up the demon.....  me.>
<Get down with the sickness, Come one get down with the sickness>
<Get down with the sickness, Come one get down with the sickness>
<Get down with the sickness, Come one get down with the sickness>
Gone is the present, only small images now are given to you, snippets of what is, what maybe, and what the path may contain.
Ranma clutching Akane tightly to his chest, a small trail of moisture can be seen on his shirt, his own face marred with blood tears..
<I can see inside of you, The Sickness is rising,>
Standing enraged, his clothing in tatters, a bloody unidentified corpses at Ranma's feet. He lets loose a horrifying battle cry as heads toward an unseen enemy
<Don't Deny What you feel.>
<Will you give into me?>

A lone figure standing in a grave yard, wet black hair covering the face, as the person weeps and wails in front of a lone tombstone, it's engraving unclear to your sight.
<It seems all that was good has died and is decaying in my.>
<Will you give into me?>
A large indiscriminate explosion rocking Nerima, Terror evident on all of the residents faces, as absolute terror and chaos run in Nerima.
<Now the world is a scary place, now that you've woken up the demon in me.>

<Get down with the sickness, Come one get down with the sickness>
<Get down with the sickness, Come one get down with the sickness>
<Get down with the sickness, Come one get down with the sickness>

Ranma and Akane, staring at each other from across a lone street. uncertainty on both of their faces....

<And when I dream............>

Don't forget my offer dear reader, If you truly think this path bears following, you must pay the price. The reply button should be around somewhere, if not....
Until we meet again....

wah hahahah ha ha ha ha haa.........


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