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"A Healer's Art"




Standard disclaimer:

All hail Takahashi creator of the world's most confusing and most beloved manga, and the copyright holder of Ranma and Co.


Author's note: This is an altaverse fic, so please take all OOC Charactors will 2 grains of salt and call me in the morning. The Timeline for the fic differs from cannon in 2 major aspects. 1.) Ranma and Akane engaged while in College, not in High School. 2.)Their Relationship doesn't improve to the degree it did in the manga or anime. (Updated March, 25, 2001) This is my first time posting to FFML-R and I hope this works, so please forgive any mistakes I make.

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"One, Two, Three, Four. Breathe. One, Two, Three, Four. Breathe..........."

"40 year old male, no history of cardiac compromise, no evident trauma, he was complaining of chest pain, and asked for help with his nitro, he has had about 1.2 mgs and he coded on the way over here."

"Charging paddles.....100 joules..."


"zzzz....shit, powers gone, turn on the emergency generators."


"Sir, they are also off-line ."



"Resume CPR!"


"Excuse me a moment." A new voice seemingly, clearer than the other ER personnel steps forward.

"Saotome! What are you doing in here? "


Unknown to the other personnel, Ranma summons his ki in a rather unusual form, electricity, as he place two hands on the dying man, one over is right pectoral muscle and the other under the man's armpit. ZAp!

The dying man's body spasms violently....

" Saotome! What the hell was that!!!!!"


"Sir! I have pulse! He's come back!"

The power returns revealing a young man with a prominent pigtail sticking out from his hair, smirking as he walks out of the treatment room.

"On second thought, Don't even bother trying to explain Saotome, I don't want to know!"









Deep Quote Presents

A Ranma 1/2 Fanfiction



A Healer's Art




(Updated 3/25/01)




Chapter 1 "The good old days weren't always good."

"Assume formlessness.

By taking a shape, by having a visible plan, you open yourself to attack. Instead of taking a form for your enemy to grasp, keep yourself adaptable and on the move. Accept the fact that nothing is certain and no law is fixed. The best way to protect yourself is to be as fluid and formless as water; never bet on stability or lasting order. Everything changes."

~ Law 48 The 48 Laws of Power. by Robert Greene



"ahhhhhh....." sighed Ranma as he sank down on his futon fully content with his day.

"Just another day in the life of Tokyo General's premiere ER physician!" he remarked with a confident smirk to the empty third floor apartment he had rented since his departure from Nerima.

Resting comfortably on the small couch in the center of the main room, Ranma drifted peacefully into the sleep of remembrance.


4 years ago......


Nerima, Japan..........



Chaos.....Ran........ Ranma Saotome, Nerima's premiere martial artist was having one of those days, which made him really sorry he had even gotten out of bed on this morning.

After the usual boring sparring match with his father, Ranma had looked forward to his daily lessons from Doctor Tofu. Since, Ranma seemed need medical attention more than most, the young doctor had suggested that he learn some basic first aid. To Tofu's surprise, Ranma took to medicine just like he did to martial arts, lightning fast. Today, however was not Ranma's day. He would not make it to Tofu's clinic, at least not for the reasons he planned.


Kuno Tatewaki was first..

"Foul Sorcerer! Show yourself! the noble scion of the Kuno Clan wishes to rid you of your miserable existence!"

Grumbling to himself, Ranma rose to meet the challenge, or more specifically lack of. Unknown to most of the people in Ranma's life; he preferred to helping people rather than hurt them. It gave him a sense of worth and an undeniable feeling of doing something right.

Standing motionless in front of Kuno, Ranma spoke..... "Alright Blue Blunder, let's get this over with. I'd rather not miss breakfast."

"I care not for what you want, Saotome!" Spat the Kuno heir, as he predictably slashed forward with his ever present bokken. "Die foul sorcerer!"

*side step two meter left, counter - standard Kuno ejection strike.*

The blade missed Ranma by exactly a distance of two meters carefully sidestepped by Ranma's battle instincts. Midway through the counter, Ranma's brain caught up with his eyes....

*Ha! he missed me with that stupid blade of his.....Wait a min! Blade!*

"Kuno! you jerk! What the hell are you doing!!!!!"


Tatewaki only smirked now brandishing the Kuno family honor blade. "I am merely vanquishing the demon that is you. The Kuno Family will no longer suffer the grievous dishonor of having you in our way."

*Refresh. New Battle Plan. Disarm crazed katana wielding swordsman*

Tatewaki struck forward with a mighty slashed aimed for Ranma's head.

* That's it! I've had enough of this....*

Stooping low Ranma avoided the blow coming beneath it this time by mere millimeters. Stepping forward, Ranma locked Kuno's forearms and knocked the blade from Kuno's hands. At the same time delivering the necessary force to put one insane kindest into low earth orbit.



"Saotome!!!!!!!!" Was the last sound Ranma heard from Kuno as he flew into the stratosphere.

Breathing a small sigh of relief Ranma took one step back to the Tendo household only to wish he hadn't.

Ryouga was second.

"Ranma Prepare to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

One depleted uranium umbrella later, Ranma was sprawled out at the other end of the Tendo yard.

Recollecting his wits, Ranma looked up to see one enraged Ryouga Hibiki rushing toward him. Instinct took over.

*Battle eminent Reposition standard battle stance......none*

Flipping forward Ranma gripped the umbrella and gracefully landed; awaiting the arrival of Ryouga. Part of him hoping Ryouga would get lost before he got to Ranma.

"Hey P-chan! Long time no see.. now do me a favor and get lost!!!!!"

"Ranma!!!! Don't call me ....."

Not even able to finish his sentence, the surprised Ryouga had a very disgusting breakfast, his own umbrella. Using Ryouga's anger to goad a mistake out of the lost boy, Ranma was able to use Ryouga's own attack against him. Unfortunately, Ryouga fell into the Tendo koi pond.

Needless to say Instant P-chan!

Akane was Third.

1 Akane later.....

Ranma carefully sat down at the breakfast table nursing his bruised body.

"Here baby! Nasty Ranma will leave you alone from now on." Akane said happily to her pet pig. Pausing from feeding him only to shoot a evil glare at Ranma.

*Ow.. that stupid pig... I ought tooo..........*

Not even getting to finish his thought, Ranma unknowning gained the final three people to cause him to snap.

"Ranma-sama!!!! Ohohohohoho! Now I will take you away from the

abuse of all these horrible Tendos!"

*Great, add one insane gymnast and we get a 100% chance for a Fiancee Storm*

"Airen!" "Ranchan!"

*Damn, I'm good!*

"Ranma-sama! Allow me to take you to the sanctity of the Kuno estate away from these vile serving women!"

"Serving-women?!?!" Ukyou and Shampoo cried in unison.

"All right, you poster-child for prozac, I got a spatula with your name on it!"

"Ribbon Girl need lesson in psychological first aid, Amazon style. Is called Shampoo Kill!"

Shampoo's unpoetic Japanese began an all battle royale with Ranma as the prize. Sadly this had become common place in Nerima, However Ranma had enough of being treated as a prize.

Despite the easily predictable nature of his life, Ranma was reaching the boiling point. It was time to fix this car wreck he called his love life. He hated to hurt any of his fiancee's feelings, but he knew of no other way to make them happier than to take away what they were fighting over. Himself. Thinking back to the first aid lessons, he had gotten from Dr. Tofu...

Dr. Tofu's voice sounded in Ranma's mind, "Ranma, In most cases it is better to leave an impaled object in a person wound in order to prevent massive blood loss, however in order for such a wound to heal the object must come out"

*Oh well. Here goes nothing.*


Needless to say, Chaos would be a inadequate explanation of what happened after Ranma had enough. A Moko Takabashi separated the fiancee wrecking squad, and the state of shock due to Ranma lashing out at a girl, especially them.

"All you do is fight, and scream out that I belong to you. I belong to no one. RAN MA Wild Horse!

I am absolutely positively not going to live out my life with this crap everyday! From now on I am a SINGLE Japanese male with NO Engagements to anyone, and as far as you all are concerned I am NEVER GETTING MARRIED!!!. Now get out of my way."

With a small explosion and an unnoticed whisper of Baksai Tenketsu, Ranma was gone in a cloud of dust. After the dust cleared, and beyond the sight range of the broken hearted fiancee squad, a pigtailed martial artist could be seen making his way via roof top into to Tokyo. Unnoticed to anyone was the lone tear that slid down his cheek.

**********Present day***********


"Whoa!" A small sigh escaped Ranma's lips as he realized he no longer was within the prison, he once called home. *Man, I haven't thought about them in a while. Hmm.. almost like I kinda blocked that day out. I guess now I am kinda glad it happened. Other wise, I never would have gotten out of that place...*


7:00 pm....... *Practice*


*Ready position* *Begin*


*Side step left, Right punch, low duck Special Manuever*

"Rising Cold Wind Punch!"

Focusing his Ki and utilizing the calm soul of ice from his battle concentration, Ranma's uppercut sent a wave of freezing air toward his imaginary opponent. Even, at one tenth it's normal power, it caused a small sheet of ice formed on the opposite wall.

*Reposition Range, Opponent position? Opponent dodged. Defense active.*

*Right side upper attack, Block Area, iniate counter*


For the next hour, Ranma flowed through his own intricate melding of styles, that were now only his. None of which belonged to his former sensei, and all of them were just Ranma Saotome School of Martial Arts. Which Ranma had affectionately named A healer's art. A martial art for self defense and the defense of others, an art for which disabling your opponent was the primary tenet, but only so much as to incapacitate him temporarily. For Ranma took his Hippocratic oath very seriously. He would do no harm, but he would not allow harm to come to the innocent he worked so hard everyday to save.


2 hours later.....


"Mmmmm... A hot shower, just the thing after a nice workout." Leaning into the hot stream of water, Ranma allowed his body to relax. With relaxation, came a flood of memories.....

Nerima, Japan

4 Years ago......

Approximately 2 hours after nullifying his engagements.

Dr. Tofu's Clinic



"Doc, I really didn't want it to end this way but, ya know how things were..

My fiancee's were driving me nuts, and I just want to get a hold on my life. The last thing I need is a family.... or a wife. But it is like you said, to be able to have a wound heal, you have to get rid of what caused it. That is me.. As much as I don't wanna admit it. I was causing the girl p..ppain." The despondent look on Ranma's face told even more of the pain he felt than his words did.

"Ranma, I understand your motives, but I don't really believe you were causing those girls any grievous harm. Are you sure? Can running away solve the main problem?" The doctor's question stung at the young man's heart.

"I dunno, doc. But if Akane will smile more, and Ucchan won't have to fight Xian pu....I think that is for the best." Ranma brave words were downplayed as he tried to ignore the moistening of his eyes..

"It is your desicion, and I only have one question. What are you going to now you have ended all the engagements?" Tofu's eyes seem to bore into Ranma's very soul, letting the young man know of the perdicament he was in. Ranma's answer however, was not one Tofu expected.

"Doc, I wanna to go to medical school."

"Med. School? as in become a doctor?" The shock was plainly evident on the doctor's face as he stammered.

"Yeah, I like helping people, and well I can only think of one job that does that all the time, and that's being a doc, like you."

"Ranma, you realize that involves some hard studying and a big commitment on your part."

"Doc, I got it covered. I talk to momma, and she stand behind me, so I know she help me out with all the details and junk."

"Well, Ranma give me sometime, and I will see what I can do for you..."






"A Healer's Art"


DeepQuote <>


Chapter 2 "Journey of 1000 Miles"


"Re-create yourself.

Do not accept the roles society foists on you. Re-create yourself by forging a new identity, one that commands attention and never bores the audience. Be the master of your own image rather than letting others define it for you."

~ Law 24 The 48 Laws of Power. by Robert Greene



Tokyo, Japan

4 years ago...


It was one of the standard apartment buildings that surrounded the Tokyo area. It was not one of the better place to live, but to Ranma, it was beautiful. The apartment itself was small, and had only 3 separate rooms. The main doorway opened to a small kitchen complete with stove, oven and refrigerator, a little bit farther into the apartment was a small main room. The emptiness of the apartment only seem to appease Ranma, as his life had become too full of the craziness which had been his trademark until recently. Fiancees, Curse, and blood feuds over bread and dark magic. To Ranma the emptiness seem to say... "Fill me... Build something...find out for yourself." To Ranma these words were sweeter than any he had ever heard.


However, with all things, there was another side to the emptiness which seem to permeate Ranma and the small apartment. He was alone, for the first time in his life. It was Ranma Saotome... and that was it. A small pang of regret and much denied hurt...stung at Ranma's wounded heart. He quickly brushed it aside and went deeper into his new home. Breaking of from the main room was a small hallway which lead the bathroom, and the bedroom. It was a small room, but it seem to hold Ranma and his possessions easily. Setting his bags in the center of the room, Ranma breathed a sigh, and a name came unbidden to his lips..


There is was again, that slight pain in his heart. The dull ache, that seem to just simply ache from the center of his chest. *Why am I thinking of that tomboy!* Slowly he relaxed as his conditioned response to those words steadied him for a mallet blow. None had come, and Ranma had realized his mistake.

"Ha ha ha!" He chuckled aloud. "She is several hundred miles away from, and I still cringe when I call her a tomboy." The light hearted remark, did not do much to relieve Ranma's mood. However, a knock at the door distracted him for the time being. Upon opening the door, there stood Ranma's Savior. Dr. tofu.

"Well, Ranma How do you like it?" The easy going doctor's grin diminished Ranma's bad mood instantly.

"Doc, it ain't the dojo, but I love it!" The famous Saotome Grin made it's first appearance with those words.

"Great! I thought I would take you out to lunch and we would go over what I have been able to pull of."

Ranma's stomach growled it's answer. Chuckling, the doctor escorted his young protege' toward the nearest source of food. As they walked down the Street, Tofu broke the silence.

"Ok, With the Three years of college you have already completed, I was able to get you into

Tokyo Medical University. You will start classes in about a month. I did not sign you up for any specialization. I thought you would pick that out."

"Great! Thanks, Doc! I owe you lots!"

"Now let me get this straight, I got about 2 years of classes and labs, and then I go to clinicals and start going on rounds with the other docs right?"


"After that I have specialty and that decides where I go from there..."


"Doc sounds like you got everything working just fine, and I can't thank you enough."


***********************Meanwhile, at the Tendo Dojo*************************


"H-h-he's gone? B-b-but..."

Akane played out the last battle over and over again in her mind. He was gone. Ranma was gone, and he was no longer her fiancee. Akane's legs went out from under her as she realized it had been over a month since Ranma had left Nerima. Even now she had to admit, she missed him. Even stranger was the complete aura of sadness which seemed to surround the Tendo home. Akane noticed Kasumi staring at Ranma's place at the table with a half hearted smile as she served dinner.

"So When should we expect that insolent boy of yours back, Saotome-kun?"

"With in a few days, Tendou-kun. Ranma always comes back. Why

wouldn't he this time?"

Genma's calm words did little to soothe the evident pain of the Tendo sisters as all three of them immediately asked to be excused to their rooms.


**************Akane's Room*****************************


Akane sat in her bed with her knees drawn up to her chest,

sobbing uncontrollably. P-chan was doing his best to keep her company,

but he was scant comfort. A puzzled look was clear evident on the piglets face.

*Ranma's gone! But...Akane's Crying! Damn you Ranma! You will pay for this!!*

Ryouga's tirade was interrupted by a soft knock on the door, and Kasumi slowly walked in, and surprisingly, her own tear filled face mirrored Akane's exactly. Sitting quietly beside the sobbing girl, Kasumi reached out and gather her into a tight embrace.

"How are you doing, little sister?"

Akane just buried her head in her sister's shoulder as her sobs slowly began to decrease.

"Do you miss Ranma?"

"I do NOT miss that baka hentai!"

"Well, I do."

Silence....So silent a pin drop would sound like an explosion.



"How could miss a jerk like Ranma?!?! He insults me all the

time, and makes fun of me, and won't eat my cooking! Doesn't he care

about how I feel! He's just a Jerk!"

"That jerk Akane, saved you from, Xian pu, and stayed with you in spite of being engaged to all those other women."

"So! All he does is go and see all the other girls, and not pay any

attention at all to me, and he does so many things that make me angry,


"Now, Akane, That not true and you know!" Clear disapproval could be seen on the Eldest Tendo daughter's face. That jerk as you say, did everything he could to help you when you were in trouble, no matter what it was! That jerk helped us stay fed! You know as well as I do he did not have to put up with Nabiki's schemes! And you know what He TALKED to me every night. Nothing important just sat and talked to me! YOU don't even do that. He helped with the dishes at night, and always tried to help me. and ...I I... MISS HIM. " Her anger spent...Kasumi grabbed Akane into a tight hug and began to sob herself.

"I'm sorry...I'm so sorry little sister. I'm just upset. I didn't mean to yell at you. I'm sorry."

This time bother sisters found comfort in each other.....



*************************Nabiki's Room**************************


Distinct. Sweet.. Warm..... Alcohol.... Sake..... The smell seems to float around the dark room like a breeze in a wheat field. A lone figure sits a modest desk, the only light coming from a computer screen displaying a spreadsheet database. A half empty bottle of Sake sits next to the keyboard as Nabiki Tendo stares at the computer screen, only passing to look at the photo in her hands.


*Saotome....You idiot....Why couldn't you just open your eyes!*

<Gulp> Despite ingesting a good bit of the alcohol, it still burns the back of Nabiki's throat as it slides into her stomach. The burn however, doesn't cause the tears to come to her eyes. Pear human tears from the Ice Queen of Furikan High, no one would ever believe it possible.




The tears are just the beginning as the Ice begins to melt. Lowering her head, Nabiki's sobs join her sisters in mourning the departure of Ranma Saotome. The lone computer monitor flickers as it displays.


RANMA SAOTOME: Outstanding Debt. 15,000 yen.

Debt Erased (02/21/96) NT.






**************************Tendo Dojo****************************



"Saotome, The boy has not returned! We must get him back!"

"I know Tendo. I know!!!!"


"Saotome the future of anything goes depends on it!"


"I've got it!!!!"

Almost immediately, Genma looks around and begins to whisper frantically into Soun's ear.

His Excitement is clearly evident on his face.

"Perfect, Saotome!!!"



It's Soun and Genma's Operation Ranma Return!!!!!"


End Chapter 2


A Healer's Art

By DeepQuote <>

Chapter 3 "Where have the good men gone?"
"...." Words
*...* Thoughts

<Panda Sign>

Ranma's Saotome's first taste of Medical School was rather unexciting. It was a large room reminiscent of a large movie theater, with a large white board at the from of the room, with seats facing it on an incline. Ranma had heard several of the other students refer to it as "The Pit." Sitting there amongst the students, Ranma enjoyed his anonymity. He was quite happy that no one there had heard of the great Ranma Saotome. It allowed him to simply watch and observe his fellow classmates, instead of being the one who was watched.

Biomedical Ethics was the class that Ranma was waiting in. Using his time wisely, Ranma readied his notebooks and other materials. Closer and closer the time for the class drew. However, there was still no sign of the errant professor, and Ranma began to hear complaints among his classmates. Ranging from guesses on the professor IQ to statements about leaving in another 5 minutes. Satisfied with his current setting, Ranma's eye once again began to wander the room. Out of all the nameless faces of his classmates, Ranma's eyes were drawn to a brown haired gaijin sitting directly in the center of the room.

Peering closer at the man, Ranma observed the man's face to be a mask of cool control behind the mustache and goatee he presently wore. The whole time, the professor seemed to be mimicking Ranma as he too looked around the classroom observing the occupants. Intrigued by this seemingly common trait, Ranma continued to watch the man.

Soon the whole class was just about to leave, when they all noticed the man who had been sitting in the middle of the classroom, walking to the front after placing his bag on the professors desk. With a slightly raised voice, he silenced the room as he said.

"It is exactly 8:30. Class is now in session."

The silence was deafening, as embarrassed students realized the professor had been there the whole time.

"I would like to welcome you to Biomedical Ethics." The professor continued addressing the class. "In other words, Welcome to hell and I am your professor."

Silence would have been an understatement until a group of students from the back bolted out of their chairs and ran out of the room. The remaining students just stared at the professor.

"Ahem!" He started by clearing his throat. "Now that we have been begun allow me to introduce myself. I am Dr. Alexander, and I currently teach here at the university as well as take on a few shifts as a ER physician at the local hospital. As for all of you, please let me know your name when you give an answer to the questions I will pose to you during class. Hopefully it will not take me long to learn your names. Now to the important part. Why was I sitting among you, posing as a student? Anyone know?"

A small trembling hand that belonged to a young woman sitting in the back was slowly raised.

"Yes, young lady... and please tell me your name before you answer."

"I am Noriko Tanaka, and I think that you were sitting among us to hear what we were saying about you."

A grin split the professor's face as he replied. "Nice try, but no. Anyone else? "

"Ranma Saotome, Sensei. While sitting among us, you were watching and observing gaining information about your students."

"Correct, Mr. Saotome. I spent my entire time here simply watching and observing, slowly gathering and deducing information about all of you. Let me ask you another question. Was my actions the actions of an ethical person?"

From the back a hand raised, this time from a young man surrounded by several girls batting their eyelashes at him, with coy looks on their faces.

"Go ahead." The professor said motioning to the student.

"Your actions were unethical, sir. It was a deception plain and simple. By playing the role of the student you go in our defenses and invaded our privacy."

The young mans voice was cool as ice, and was clearly hiding barely repressed anger.

"And you are?" The professor inquired, unaffected by the glare being sent to him by the professor.

"Akira Hyabusa"

"Does anyone here disagree with Mr. Hyabusa?"

The room seeming grew restless as no one saw fit to argue with the angry man in the back. Ranma grew irritated at the cowardly lack of action and raised his hand.

"Ah, Mr. Saotome."

"I think several people would be glad to know that the only doctor in the room noticed certain things. For example, the young lady with asthma in the front row, The man in the back whose stomach is hurting him, the guys sitting on the side, who are hungover, not to mention, the young ladies in the back who happen to think you are cute, Alexander-sensei."

A light chuckle escapes the professors lips as he states, "Very good Mr. Saotome."

Ranma allowed himself a small smirk as his comment caused a flurry of reactions from his fellow students. Leaning back in his chair, Ranma allowed himself to relax his thoughts wondering from the now heated discussion in class. * I always was the start of things.....hehehe...Just like back in Nerima...* Ranma sighed heavily, as his thoughts turned back to those he left in Nerima.


The Tendo Dojo


"Acchoo!" "Oh my! Someone must be thinking about me!" Kasumi explained as her otherwise unexplained sneeze interrupted her daily chores. The Tendo family laundry was the last thing on her list of things to do, and Kasumi seemed very upset at that fact. *The laundry loads used to be some much bigger...they have been so small since....* Kasumi's thoughts were stopped suddenly as a bright red Chinese shirt was being automatically folded. *Ranma* Clear tears trace the smooth contours of the eldest Tendo daughters face. *Ranma.....I...I .. miss him...I never knew how much he meant to me....* The river of tears grew and intensity as Kasumi's memory would not let her forget the man, her heart called for.




A few weeks before Ranma's "Departure".....




"Over, here Ranma-kun. I'm in the kitchen."

Briskly walking in with his own brand of graceful walk, Ranma's female form sauntered into the Tendo kitchen seeking the eldest Tendo daughter.

"So is there anything I can help ya wit today?" Ranma asked politely, his good mood plainly written on his face.

Kasumi stands serenely in the kitchen, her apron splattered with some otherwise unknown substance. AKA Akane's cooking. Her downcast expression was completely evident to Ranma as he saw though the soot marks covering her face.

"Akane tried to cook again, didn't she?"

"Ranma no it was....<sigh> Yes, Ranma she did. I just got finish cleaning it up, and SHE DIDN'T EVEN HELP ME!!!!"

Composing herself quickly, she spoke once more. "I'm sorry, Ranma-kun. I did not mean to yell at you."

"Don't worry Kasumi, I understand. Are you SURE there isn't anything I can help you with?" Ranma flashed her a good natured smile, his mind bound and determined to cheer Kasumi up. A flash of regret seems to cross Kasumi's face as she replies. "No Ranma, I'm afraid all the chores are done, I am just working on dinner."


"Oh..ah So no magical princes have kidnapped Akane?"

"No Ranma, she is upstairs."

"Are you sure her cooking is dead?"

"Yes I am.

"So you need help beating the stain out of a shirt?"

Ranma's lopsided grin proved more amusing to Kasumi than his attempting at humor, she let loose a small giggle.

"Ack! laughter from Kasumi! She must be sick!"

Moving with his infamous speed, Ranma quickly seats Kasumi down proceeding to check her temperature with the back of his hand, feeling for her pulse, and looking deep into her eyes. Ranma's antics were not in vain as Kasumi's short giggles became full blown laughed as Ranma continued with his "Tofu-like" Examination of his patient. Even his naming of the vegetables was getting to her.

"Ranma....ok...ok...<giggle> you win! You can help cut the vegetables for dinner!"

"Cut up my sammy-chan! I'd never...."Ranma could no longer contain his own laughter as he joined Kasumi in laughter. Grinning a little more, both of them proceeded to get lost in the peaceful routine of making dinner. Ranma stood close to the counter as his hands began to blur and the infamous, Katchu Tenshin Amiguriken was turned into a salad shooter. Kasumi on the other side of the kitchen carefully measured small specific amounts from her spice covered, as she read the recipe from a well worn recipe book in front of her.

Halfway through the meal preparation, Ranma turned from the cutting board as said..

"Kasumi.." Tugging at his pigtail nervously, as she turned to address him, Ranma stood there rigid as a board.

"Yes, Ranma Kun?"

"Well, I was taking lessons from Doc Tofu today, and well he said something that got me thinking. He said that most people have someone to take care of them, and in times that they don't they have to depend on themselves. That way when is there turn to take care of someone they can.... "


"That's very true Ranma, Ono-sensei is a very smart man."

"well, I was wonderin, since ya take of me, and pops and Akane, and biki and your dad. Who takes care of you?"




"I....I....I do Ranma. Just like you said, I have to take care of myself."

Ranma Saotome has been called many things in his life time, but he was not a fool. Pain, pure unadulterated pain was behind Kasumi's beautiful eyes. Instinct guiding him into unfamiliar territory namely, comforting a woman. Ranma spoke.


"Kasumi, promise me something. Promise me that you will go to school with me an Akane. We are all growing up and I know you need to too!."

"Ranma, I can't I have to....."

"No you don't! I understand what the Doc said now. You got to be yourself Kasumi. You got to take care of you, and then maybe you can help us again... please Kasumi...Promise me..."

"Okay Ranma...I will.......*




*****************Ucchan's Okonomiyaki*****************


Normally at this time of day, The Ucchan was bustling with the smell of hot okonomiyaki, and hungry customers, but was different the restaurant was empty. The Grill was still clean, the floor shone with the fresh wax placed on them the night before. Not a single soul could be scene within. Above the restaurant, a small lamp burned brightly, balls of paper surrounding it as they cast eerily shaped shadows on the wall.

Sitting at a desk against on wall of the room, sat Ukyou Kuonji. Her face folded into a tight grimace, as her tongue poked out one side. Soft grunts of effort came from her mouth, as the pen flew across the page before her. Her writing was slow and measured, her whole body was tense with the simple effort of writing one letter. Around her sat numerous pages of paper, smeared ink evident upon all of them.....

Ukyou's Battle spatula rested along a side wall with a small bag containing most of her belongings. The once decorated room now sat bare as she sat methodically writing her letter. Beside the weapon and backpack sat an unsigned marriage certificate between one Ranma Saotome and Ukyou Kuonji along side it was Ukyou's hanko, and a Kuonji Clan tanto.

*********************Tendo Family Attic****************


Slam! Bam! Creak!

Scrape! Crash!


Dusty boxes fell, Dust mites took to the air, and the Tendo attic generally became a mess. The cause of all this.. was one Tendo Nabiki frantically searching for something hidden within the attic. Sweat glistened from her forehead, as the clothes she wore showed evidence of her presence in the attic for the last several hours.

"A ha! I found it! finally!"

Cough Cough

Clutched in Nabiki's hands was a tightly wrapped bundle carefully wrapped in dust-covered brown material. Grasping the side string, Nabiki slung the bundle over her shoulder and immediatlely began to make her way out of the attic. No sooner than Nabiki's feet hit the ground did she begin to ride her bike at speeds that would even rival shampoo's best. As Nabiki Raced across town on her bike, the bundle stayed on her shoulder, slapping lightly on her back,



Finally reaching her destination, she knocked on the door and awaited the door to be answered. A older lady dressed in an elegant kimono with copper haired answered the door.

"Nabiki-chan so good to see you!"

"Konban wa, Auntie Saotome."

********************Back at the university***************

"Class Dismissed"

With a unsaid amount of relief the class began to depart. As the rooms begins to empty of students, Ranma slowly gathers his books, placing them carefully into his bag. While readying for his departure, Ranma hears..

"Mr. Saotome, Stay a moment."

"Yes sir."

"I just wanted to tell you, I was impressed with the way you handled yourself today. Keep up the good work, and one day you may be as observant as me."

"Well, sensei. I was trying to be nice and not embarrass the two sleeping students, and the one that is pregnant, and also I didn't want to embarrass you with the fact that I cant tell you had eggs for breakfast."

"Not bad saotome...not bad."

"Thank you sensei, I have to be going now."

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